Monday, March 22, 2010

Clouds and Colors

In 34 years would I have ever imagined being this blessed.
I had not even a clue.

To stay a child forever, I am with these 2 by my side.
God's black and white sketches for my life ...
Unfold as vibrant hues of warmth and happiness upon MY mantle.
My first kiss as Mrs. Kenny Cobble.
The vase that was my mom's.
Books as gifts from my best friend.
A coral wall just for me.
Buttercups picked by my boys.
A family healthy and together.

Last year, I was given the best gift ever. Yes, my Eli melted my heart on so many levels. His interpretation of his family will always be etched in my mind on my 33rd year.

And at church this Sunday, he interpreted us again one year older...
(gotta love the "ELI" written with train wheels)
Eli: "Mom, I picked this one because it looks like you and your eyes sparkle like stars when you smile."

Eli: "This is me and Case. We're good bros, aren't we, mom?"
Eli: "And here's dad. He has some gray in his hair and wears that ring that says he's yours forever."

And then being one year older, he was asked to draw his family too...
If you think for one second this is not going to be put in a frame in our home you.are.dead.wrong.
Upon closer examination of this work of art, I got tickled at each character's points of emphasis.

Me with my hair balled on top of my head and quite endowed up top, I must say.
Kenny with a belly.
Casey with red lips.
Eli with a long neck.

I just had to inquire more about these features.

Me: "E-man, tell me more about each of us in your drawing."
Eli: (looking intently at his picture) "Awwww, man, mom. I messed up! I forgot to draw Casey a neck. Everyone else has one, but I forgot his. He is just so short, it made me forget!"

Apparently, my bosom and Kenny's gut are necks after all.
Lucky Kenny.
And, I guess my birthday wish was but an interpretation in Eli's drawing of me.
Oh well, a girl can dream...

Casey, at 3 years old, drew us too.
Casey: "See me and Eli side by side, mama? We are playing together. You and daddy are watching us cause you guys are the big bosses in charge."
(I'm guessing Kenny and I are in the big block figures on the left. We are the militant parentals, you know.)

And so being born has awarded me heapfuls of blessings and more for which I am grateful.

The little mores, you ask?

Like my favorite coffee cup heaped full of whipped cream this morning...
And hoards of my favorite donuts to gobble...
The impatience of warmer weather for my favorite flowers to grow...
Bright Lights Big Color on my fingers and toes...A new spring handbag with vintage coral taffeta that was my mom's in queue...
And surprise words from my dad that have pressed in against my heart...
And like the rainbow I captured with the boys yesterday evening...
Through the clouds and rain, you can always find bursts of color...
34 years today...

"Mom, I am doing my best to make my Meghan statement."

Thank you God for all the clouds and colors.
.mac :)


Nicole said...

Meg, what a gift to have from your dad on this special day! I woke up thinking about you...sending you the biggest hug and hoping you have a spectacular day with your boys!! I love Eli's vision of his family...what a treasure and great for the memory box. Hope you are able to live out each moment today... LOVE YOU!!

April said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, sweet friend! What a blessing you are...and what a life of blessings you live! This post brought tears to my eyes because it's filled with lots of love and memories! Hope your day is everything you've dreamed of...and MORE! Big hugs!♥

2 Little Irish Boys said...

I am seriously speechless after this moving post.
I will just say, "Happy Birthday, to a glorious woman!"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday MAC attack! Beautiful words. So much love your way! Christy

Mama Jamz said...

Happy Birthday! Your commentary on your sweet boy's drawing brought tears to my eyes, too. What a treasure. And your dad's letter is so sweet. I was just able to skim it, though; it felt so intimate. I will try to go back and read it later - it just felt like he was talking to you and I was eavesdropping. He's such a great dad and I know that he (and your mom) are so very proud of you.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Happy birthday Miss Mac!!!
Your dads letter had me crying!!! and I am NOT pms-ing-so beautiful.
And YOU! Miss Mac-I want a signed copy of your first book. I KNOW there will be one-there better be!
Love the stick figures...Definately framable! I have mine framed from my now seven year old-and it is the most precious piece of art here!
God Bless you as you are 34!!! This will be a GREAT year!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! What a sweet treasure your dads letter is! And Casey and Eli's drawings put a smile on my face <3

TateandLily'sMom said...

Love, love, love the drawings! I have one on my desk now and daddy has a 3rd leg??? We're still working through that one. You are loved and appreciated for your specialness. Hope you had a great day!

abmosley said...

Happy (late) birthday Meghan! Didn't you just love Peter Pan!? You are so very blessed and you bless others with your beautiful words. You are such an amazing inspiration. ;-)

shannon said...

Happy Late Birthday!!!! I am taking a study break and I love reading your blogs:) This one made me cry!!! Your dad is amazing and you and your family are so very blessed to have each other. And the rainbow, I know she is still there with you every step of the way. Thank you for sharing your heart and for being an amazing women and role model. Happy birthday again and I hope that it was the perfect un-perfect day!!!!!

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