Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my today

How was yours?

.mac :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

~turned up~

Your mouth just turns up quick-like when the mail lady drops this off on your door step.

And then when you open that cutey-cute box, well, it happens again.

And again.
And again.

Turned up.
Curled up.
Chompers are out in full force when you get a box stuffed full of the essentials for relaxing and pressing the gas pedal of girlyness down for a bit.

And the icing on top?

It was from a friend that I have never met but totally love! Ruby Red Slippers has a blog that I really enjoy following. Lions, and Tigers, and Boys Oh My is, without a doubt, one of my favorites.

Chalk it up to her raising boys like me, being a SAHM like me, enjoying decor and design like me, being an educator like me, I don't know. Let's just say I feel at home reading her.

She is one of my blog blessings as I like to call them. Kinda like this sweet friend too. Our paths have never physically or officially crossed, but I can say that my life feels richer just having their words around to read. Their comments left and words posted are sometimes just exactly the right inspiration or laugh that I need.

Ruby Red just had a super fab giveaway in which I was one of the winners.

Crazy, I know.

The Cranberry Bubble Bath is beyond yummy.

The People magazines were devoured cover to cover by me sitting next to my mother-in-law with feet propped up and wine in hand on her back deck. The boys were nearby pummeling one another in the back yard in a game of 1 v 1 football action. {Larro, their grandfather, was the referee}

Coffee was delish.

The CD is perfectly laid back and easy.

I still have the nail polish and novel to dive into and I will.
I am trying to obstain from the kid-in-the-candy-store inside of me who wants to "eat it all at once"

Pampering takes time, ladies.
So do friendships.
Even when you've never met.

Thanks, Ruby~

.mac :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm aging.
My eyes show my miles of laughter and tears.

I'm changing.
Skin loosening; pigment popping and fading.

I'm listening.
To the telltale cracks of basketball court pounding in my knees.

I'm contemplating.
The best I give; the best I have; the best of others outside of me.

I'm caught up.
In what the future holds for my boys, our family, my k.Mac.


I'm here.
Reflecting on it all.



Life is that list of words that have no akinness to the other.
Like blended families these words stick out like sore thumbs.
Yet side by side somehow make it all work.

That's reflection.

The bitter.
The sweet.
The lost.
The love.
The happy.
The sorrow.
The mistakes.
The more of you.

My miles of laughter and tears.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dapper Diaper

These days it's all about the mama.

And shouldn't it be?

I mean the mama is the one who predominantly changes the soaks and soils. She's the one who lugs around her sweet bundle the most and has the diaper bag over HER shoulder, in the bottom of the stroller, propped just so in the grocery basket she is pushing.

So I like this new trend of diaper bags for little boys looking extra specially cute for the mama who loves their little guy so. A client of mine chose k.Mac's ever popular Hipster (here, here, and here for more Hipster lOvE) for her custom diaper bag. Our Hipster features 6 interior pockets as well as 6 exterior pockets. 12 pockets suited her just fine as she will be using this diaper bag for her 2 year old twin girls as well as her little mister on the way!
She opted for a zipper closure to ensure safe keeping for all 3 of her little ones necessities.
All interior pockets are pieced with 2 fabrics to provide a nice contrast to the eye when diving in to grab the wipes, diapers, bottle, burp, etc.!

This client also ordered a small zippered carry case to house medicines, thermometer, and an Epi pen. Keeping the harmful things out of reach and in one place was important to her.

And lastly, she came back for k.Mac's matching Pretty Ditty tri-fold wallet with matching checkbook cover. {see side bar for Pretty Ditty details}. Can you find her match?

Dapper diaper bags. I like'em.

I love to design and create. With each new custom order I take on, I enjoy thinking of the client and her interests. I like to think of the little tee-tiny diapers that will find their way into this bag made by my hands. I envision the smile on the face of the one receiving one of my designs as a baby gift, Christmas gift, or birthday gift. With each run of stitches I make, my heart and mind is occupied with the client. It's a nice place to be; wrapped up in someone else's happy future for just a bit. I gain so much inspiration from each client that crosses my path.

And the best part of all is this bag is a one-of-a-kind unique.

Just like relationship the mama and little one will form.

And you just can't beat unique.

How do I know? Well, I am unique x 2 with Eli and Casey face!

.mac :)

Friday, September 18, 2009


Ties look great with a nice crisp oxford all tucked in the waistline, don't you think? Or who can resist a little guy like Lincoln with his hip untucked look.

Tucked in is what we have been with our little visitor since Tuesday evening. Tucked in with our B's (blankets are called this at our home), our cousins, and uncle for night time snuggles before bedtime. Tucked into days upon days of a steady streamline of pitter-patters on our roof leaving creativity at an all time high indoors.

Tucked in with Mollye. Blocks, books, "bawls" (Mollye's word for balls), and mEoWs at the sharpest pitch you can say it. The boys have loved her here. Uncle Kenny too. Aunt Meghan probably most of all.

Whether it be collared shirts with the perfect tie, bed quilts wrapped around you snuggled up with the ones you hold dear, or the love you have tucked in your heart for the the littles ones around you, tucked is a good thing.

Kinda like these conestants all tucked in waiting on a winner.

And I wonder how our winner will choose to wear his shirt with his matching k.Mac tie?

I can bet anyway he chooses he will be ultra hip, totally cute, and completely unique compliments of k.Mac. Contact me at meghan@kmaccreations.com to start your design session on this great little prize!

Thank you to all who entered. I appreciate new followers whom which I can visit and learn more about their place in this life through their written words. I appreciate all of your responses as to what makes a birthday special too. Birthdays each and every year are a one-of-a-kind in decoration, guests, and a new round at another 365 set.

And it is with a special place in my heart I wish k. of k.Mac a happy belated birthday. Her bash last year was outstanding. I can only imagine how her country breakfast dinner treated her this year!

Lastly, a special thank you to Kacey from Chronicles of a Mommy for featuring my work. I consider it a prviliege to have been a small part of the BIG bash happening tomorrow for the twins!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

I do hope you find time to find yourself tucked some place happy!

.mac :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Future "Present"

I see these in her future.

Cause these are in my pReSeNt!


Oh, by the way, she's here.

.mac :)

p.s. Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway here as it ends tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tongue Tied

That's what Kacey from Chronicles of a Mommy and I have been. Tongue tied in cyberland. We have done nothing but bond over projects for her twins, photography dreams, and fashion. I can't tell you the amount of late night emails this girl and I have exchanged over shoes, girls.

This is exactly why I love blogging. I have never met Kacey. Only talked with her once on the phone to be exact, and I feel like through our words written and my help designing for the twins, we have a friendship. Just the simple comments she leaves on my blog, make me smile, perk up my day, and at times have me rollin' in the floor laughing. Blogging is a good thing.

Kacey had a problem awhile back. She found a wonderful dress for Ruby Jane that needed something. She wasn't sure what, but definitely something. So she called out for help on her blog.

One simple comment later, and she and I were in full blown tongue tied design sessions for the twins birthday party!
And gladly, k.Mac whisked Kacey off her SAHM feet and came to the rescue. Her twins, Lincoln and Ruby Jane, will celebrate their 2nd year of life this Thursday. On the hunt to plan the perfect party, Kacey inquired about k.Mac services. She wanted her twinkies to look outstanding for their Owl themed birthday party.
For Miss Ruby Jane we added a brown ribbon bow to her pink Ralph Lauren seersucker dress and finished it off with a beautiful monogram in chocolate to match. Now that. That's something. Just look at this cutie pie!

There's crinoline under that skirt. This picture makes me anxiously await the twirl I can only imagine she's about to do.
Then there's Mr. Lincoln. Debonair doesn't fully cut it for this guy at a mere almost 2, wouldn't you agree? Kacey wanted a trendy look for her little man. She opted for a k.Mac handmade tie complete with a masculine monogram to suit this guy up for the BIG 2!

Our child sized ties come in any fabrics you choose with over 60 fonts to select from. Lincoln is ready set to dive into some hooty-hoot cake come Thursday.

And these 2 are on their way. On their way to their next year of life. Loved up beyond measure, side by side along with their big brother, Ryder, they are completely fearless in living life to its maxim.

And so is their mama. The photos of the twins in this post is just the start of her big dreams. She is currently gearing up to begin her journey into photography. It is her passion; her heart's desire. As you can see, she is quickly skilled with the click of the camera. I look forward to watching her business unfold and find the success it is destined for.

And me? Well, I'm happy as punch to be able to have been a part of the twin's birthday celebration, for a new found blog friend who is guaranteed to keep this mama here hip to the game in fashion, and for the opportunity to give something away!

Yes, sisters.
You heard correctly.
In honor of the twins turning 2, I am giving away Lincoln's tie!

No, not HIS actual tie, but a replica of his with any monogram you wish on the front in your choice of color threading.

How do you enter?
  1. Leave me a comment on this post letting me know who this tie will be for should you be the lucky winner. Will it be for your son, a nephew, a cousin, a grandson, a Christmas gift?
  2. And don't forget to tell me one more thing: What's your favorite part about birthdays?

Want to be entered 3 times instead of 1?

No problem. Just follow my blog and consider it done!

I will announce a winner Friday, 9/18.

Tie sizes range from 3 months to 12 years.

Now go find someone new today in blog land to get tongue tied with!
You never know who is just a click or comment away from a connection that could last forever!

.mac :)
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