Wednesday, February 29, 2012


S   t    r   e   t   c   h   i   n   g    myself.

I want to try knew things.
I do.
I want to grow and climb and connect too.
I do not want stagnancy to set up camp in my soul.
Yet, I don't want to lose just exactly who I am in the process of this self discovery.

Just the other day, Kenny and I were talking about our life and where we are in its seasons.

There was a silence for a brief moment, and then he said, "You know, according to our age, we are about halfway through this life thing."

And, his words were affirmation that my challenge for this year and every month for that matter is good and worthy of my time and my writings.

For those of you just boarding this self-improvement plan, go here to read all about it.  And then, go here to catch up with this cause from last month. There.  Now you're all set.

Here we go:

This outfit is where I have chosen to document my   s  t   r   e   t   c   h.

It is so on the fence of what I consider cute or fun.  But, I went with it because who ever died from one iffy outfit?  Chances, cats.  I'll take'em.

  • gray suede booties with a 2 1/2 inch heel!
  • EEK!
  • My sister-in-law, Melissa, totally surprised me with these as a gift.  Truly, it made my whole week the day she brought these over to the house.
  • Booties are totally edgy to me; I've been wanting a rockstar pair for awhile now.
  • I like these in particular because they stomp out that "middle aged mama of 2 syndrome" one can sorta get in.  You know you're there when all you own for shoes are the Clarks mules and you choose to get all crazy one day and purchase the brick red pair to "kick it up a notch". Well, there you have it.  You're sick with the syndrome, sister.  
  • My plans are to wear these with skinny jeans, leggings, even bare legged when warmer weather hits and I decide to shave my legs with a maxi dress.  Promise I won't get too crazy. {gRiN}
  • Ann Taylor brand
  • $2.99 Goodwill
  • It's mauve.  That's right.  Muave.  Go on, say it with me.  NEVER a color found on my color wheel, but I'm trying new things, remember?  
  • It actually has raw edges to it about 3/4ths of the way down.  It's kinda hard to see that in the picture.
  • Oh, the length is so tricky.  I feel all stereotypical teacher-esque in it, but never fear, the booties totally kicked that vibe to the curb if you ask me.
  • Color Blocking----again, a new style concept learned from Melissa, the sister-in-law.  It's where you take a popular trendy color and use that as your focal point in your outfit.  I chose mauve.  That's right.  Mauve.  Go on, say it with me.
  • Denim is back, peeps.
  • Yes, denim.  The verdict is still out if stone washed denim is to become all the rage.  I started easy here with a classic denim tone.
  • This shirt is made by Arizona brand which possibly is from either Goody's or JC Penney.  
  • $1.50
  • Goodwill
  • Love that it has the safari type shoulders with the button over straps.
  • $2.99 
  • Goodwill
  • duck canvas khaki
  • It has a very smart short color that I love. The collar is almost Members Only-ish.
  • I wore this jacket in our 2010 Christmas card picture with jeans, a charcoal gray turtle neck and my cowboy boots.
  • FREE
  • Came from the same lady who was giving her junk jewelry away I talked about in January's rap session.
  • I was the ohsolucky recipient.
  • One is a neon pink crystal rock-like geode with a gold feather adhering it to the gold chain
  • The other is a different shaped geode and khaki in color.
  • They are different lengths.
  • Mixing lengths and more than one necklace is the thing to do if your hip like J.Lo.
  • Mixing metals tones in your jewelry?  Well, that makes you so cool, your're like J. Lo's sister.
  • A total gift from my Aunt Sharon {read about her here} when I was 12.  
  • Yep, I saved it.
  • It was ultra cool then.
  • Guess what?
  • It's cool now again!
  • 10K gold
  • name cuff
  • Holla if you hear me, dawg.
  • 3 days dirty
  • straight unbrushed and out of a slept in ponytail
  • No, these pictures were taken at the end of my day.  
  • Yes, that's right. I didn't brush my hair all day.

Total financial investment in outfit: $7.50

And now for even more good stuff...

The second month of twenty twelve has centered around the word {be}.

My mission:

{to stretch and to stay}

I wanted to stretch out and physically be there for someone who needed me. 

And then, once there, I wanted to stay connected right to where they were, ignoring all preconceived notions of me in the process.  I wanted to listen, and help in anyway I could.

{to stretch and to stay}

I wanted to be cognizant of my body and when it screamed for REST.

I wanted to be the wife that laughed more with her husband and that let him know how important he is to me in my everydays.

I wanted to be the mama that giggled over goofy boy jokes. Yes, sometimes even potty ones.  Ewww.

I wanted to be the writer my heart has a passion for.

I wanted to be the family of 4 that played together. 

I wanted to be the designer that believed she was talented and hard working.

I wanted to be the Christ follower who wasn't afraid to cry and clap in worshipping the Lord during church when my heart longed to.

I wanted to be the reader who gets lost in novels grand.

I wanted to be the teacher that followed her students' lead when it came to learning.

I wanted to be the 35 almost 36 year old that tried new fashion looks.

And, I wanted to be all of these without losing just who I am at the heart of the process.
My status:

4 out of 5 stars.

My memories:

God works in glorious ways. He does.  I was able to be there for not one, but 4 very dear ones this month.

And, I was the one who was blessed.

These four encounters were rich and deep and felt just right.  My heart listened, my hands held, and my hope was headed right where I heard them to be. These experiences reminded me to never underestimate the power of giving of yourself. Most often, this giving ends up a beautiful blessing to you.

I went to bed early a time or two.  Maybe even a few.  Heeding to the unwind of energy makes for that more of a productive tomorrow.  I am trying to learn this lesson for good.  Nobody hold their breathe though, you hear me?

Flirting with Kenny is so much fun. 

I really need to work on washing my hair and even more so, getting to the salon in a timely manner for those YOOGLY roots of mine. Nah, they're not noticeable at all.

Basketball 2 v 2 matches are at least once every other week.  Casey hates it when he and I lose to his Daddy and older brother.

I am so much more ready to hear God's word when I give him my true praise in whatever form that comes during worship time.

I have grey suede booties!!!

Um, I suck at reading.  It's not that I don't like to do it, it's just that I can't be still for that long.  I'm gonna work on it.  Nobody hold their breathe though, you hear me?

February 2012

Bring it, March, 

.mac :)

Happy Birthday, Mallory Alaine!

At 11:09 PM on Tuesday, February 28th, a new life entered into our family.  Uncle Kenny and Aunt Meg received a precious new niece and Eli & Casey, a new cousin.

My brother, Adam, and sister-in-law, Kim, welcomed their second daughter, Mallory Alaine into the world.
And now, Mollye Addison has a little sister.  Wow.

Like a twisting winding trail so has Mallory's birth story been.

Part of the joy I find in this space here is that I choose to make it one of celebration and documentation.

Because I want to remember the middles of our lives as family.

Last week, Mollye made an impromptu trip to visit us if you will remember here.  Kim's complications with Previa had become severe placing her on complete bed rest at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

We loved having Mollye at our camp all last week and were happy to do whatever was needed to show love and support.

While MAC was here, well, she and I did some designing.  Together, we selected fabrics for matching Big Sister/Little Sister outfits.

This is the part where I ADORE having a niece to share the joy of all things girly with!

Once all done with making, Mollye and I had a photo session.  The weather was too cold for an outside shoot, but I do declare that little miss had no problem working the camera.

I asked her to think about her little sister, Mallory, and this is what I got:
Is she not more precious than you can stand at a mere 3 years old!  

She wanted a skirt that would do a lot of swirling and would be fluffy.  Those were her words to be exact.  So, my magic hands drummed her up this outstanding piece.

I so enjoy the eclectic mix of fabric full in color.  There are seven tiers in this ruffle skirt.

With Mallory's due date not until the 2nd week of April, yet with the seriousness of Kim's condition, I opted to create a coordinating pair of preemie sized pants for Mollye's little sis.
I asked Mollye to completely design her k.Mac Twins hairbows all by herself.  She had free reign in all of Aunt Meg's yummy button jars, goodie canisters and ribbon baskets. I quite possibly levitated while watching her make her selections.

Yes, those are feathers.  And, totally fabulous if you ask me.
Check out the complete togetherness of the sisters' ensemble.
In choosing the bohemian type look to this ruffle skirt it leaves me with so many new avenues to create outfits for Mollye.  I have at least 7 different ideas for yummy appliqued tanks and tees accentuating each of the different fabrics on ruffle display.
Can this girl get any cuter?
Oh, I think she just did!
This was the face she made when I asked her how she felt about her little sister.  She reached for Miss Mallory's little pants and looked at me with this angel face.
It's hard to believe she IS the big sis now.
I can remember not knowing how I would love both of my boys when Casey face arrived.  I could hardly even wrap my mind around the love I could have for one more when I so soundly knew all the way to the tips of my toes how much I loved Eli Garrett.  I think every mama has these feelings when the second life-to-love arrives.

And arrived, she has!  Mallory Alaine Casey is here.  All 4 pounds 14 ounces of her.  At 17.5 inches long, Mallory owns the last official day of February as hers.  My whole heart aches to see this tiny sweetheart working so hard to live.  My brother reports to me that she is a feisty one and a mover too.  Kim can't believe how long her toes are.  I can hardly wait to rub her soft skin and meet the face that so many of my prayers have been said for.
Kim Casey is a complete rockstar.  She went into an emergency c-section all alone AND late in the night.  Adam contacted me just as soon as he got the news and with quickness made his way to his wife's side.
At 2:27 AM,  I received the most precious news.
My heart wept as my mind had prayers on CAP LOCK thanking Him for this wonderful birth, early and all.

Mollye Addison is ready.
She will be an amazing big sister.  

She is excited.
And, so silly about it.
To share the rest of her life with her little sister.

Aren't we all?!

Happy Birthday, Mallory Alaine!

Aunt Meg :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

A Sweet Onion Flirt

After church on Sunday, my husband and I shared this bag of Funyuns on the car ride home from the grocery.

We held hands too.

And, he surprised me with the newest flavor of Starburst as a treat.

Who needs diamonds and fancy trips?

I would much rather have onion breath and small squares of yummy goodness.

And, holding hands in the car.

.mac :)

p.s.  The green Starburst was our favorite.  Orange?  Notsomuch.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Story

Silver sun rays trimmed in gold cascaded down from above.  And it was if they knew something I didn't.    Like an outsider peeking in, my time became theirs.  My structure and academic prowess died right then and there.  And, I became the student.  I watched the glorious light of heaven put into words a story that so needed to be told.

I knew, without a doubt, she was present.

A teacher I am and always will be.  Yet, my absence from the formal classroom is teaching me more than I could ever know about learning.  I am convicted of the rhythmic melody that time, space, curiosity and creative play yields.  Leaving my lead to the little ones is the magnificent component I am learning to do more and more.

It is trinkets of days like these.  These days, these poignant days, that profoundly affect my stance on arguments such as  quality vs. quantity, formal vs. informal not to mention, monitored vs. motivated.

From morning's rise, my mind was abounding with its heavy cross-offs and get-dones.  My normal routine of 2 was now 3 for just a little while as she was here for an impromptu visit while Kim focused on Mallory and her rapidly changing birth story.

Up and attem and all teeth brushed, we began our time inside with computers and story time were mesmerized and enticed by the magnificent day peeking into our window panes.

Brilliantly and  unbelievably before I knew it, we were all inhabiting the front porch taking in the warmth and welcoming the morning.  Befuddled and well aware of our offtrackedness, I found myself a seat in the nearby rocking chair.  I sat and rocked.  I kept telling myself that time was slipping by and designated allotment for school was no where near punctual.

But those silver rays soaked into my soul, and it was all I could do to snag my camera fast and return to this very rocking spot.

Casey, the witty man of our house, was all smiles and silly as he lay barelegged bouncing his feet back and forth with joy.

Eli, our eldest, immediately began de-robing from pants to shorts right there on the spot as if the light rays were asking for more of him.

And, Mollye's hair, like golden corn silks, danced with delight for time with the sun in this simple setting.
The warmth brought a surreal peace over me.  I, too, found my socks off and my feet bare.  My senses heightened and seemed to trump my anxiousness of tardy teaching.

And, then it happened.
Learning commenced.

The parentally dreaded in-and-out of the house began.

In for blocks.
Out for set up.
In for books.
Out for reading.
In for toys.
Out for role play.

Without any prompting, school had begun.
Their way.
In their time.
In their place.

Mollye sorted and stacked and counted at 3 years old.

Casey climbed in mama's lap to read his new book.
Just one of the many books he can read all by himself at a freshly turned 5.
One part was so hilariously funny, he just had to share with his cousin.
Then, quick to get back to mama's lap to read on. I listened to my youngest read words from his mouth in growing confidence as I stroked and squeezed his bare feet.  I will never forget the squishy of his soles in my hands and the smell of his soft locks as my head rested on his.

And Mr. Eli?
This boy amazes me.
So very intrigued by his chapter book, I found him reading just like so.

I cannot tell you how inspiring this sight is to see as not only the teacher, but more importantly, the mama to this 1st grader.

I was captured in their story.  A character within their script I simply was grateful to memorize my lines and document my part.

Leaders of tomorrow and learners everyday, I was reminded of the magnificence in mindful motivation.  I was taken aback by the beauty of the day simple and still.

Of the smiles and laughter, the sharing and energy spent out for good.

The stories told and the character development put to life with all things pretend.

And, as our day followed up on the inside, I continued to play my role of student.  

Fairies were found in kitchen cabinets.
Princesses were rescued from plastic teethed dragons.
The force was used for good.
And robbers were put behind bars for once and for all.

On this day, this poignant day, my heart was overrun with a resounding joy in all these 3 had taught me, the student. For this was the day I listened intently to their story.

And I knew, without a doubtshe was present.

Silver sun rays trimmed in gold cascaded down from above, 

.mac :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Um, yeah.

The above pictured are scattered scenes in & about our home.

You can only imagine the double takes when my eyes cast glance-like views on empty stages of play like the one you see here.

Boba Fett's helmet
Blaster Gun
Mini-Sleeping Beauty Doll

And, for all those quite certain the ruffles and bows are in full effect, may I interest you in what really is going down?

Mollye is becoming, oh, how shall I say it?

She be thuggin'.

Go on and press the play button on Bone Thugs n Harmony Thuggish Ruggish Bone right about now.

You can pretend Mollye is Shatasha Williams gettin' hers in the chorus.

{For those new readers not familiar with Mollye, meet her here.}

Big Daddy Easy-E is pimpin' a vintage Vol boggin clockin' dollars.
Word'em up, Cali.  Casey-trisac ain't got nothin' but love for you, G.

Yeah, we be eatin' our snack outside on nothin' but cee-to-the-crete.


Cause we're hard like that.  

Yes, life with a little girl and bookend brothers brings brand new meaning to what one would call creative play.

Go on, Shatasha.

Do you thang, girl.

.mac :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012


This is a painting Eli did of a church in his Sunday School class when he was just 3 years old.  

The moment his little 3 year old hands placed this painting into mine and said, "Look, Mama.  My church."  was monumentally profound for me.

His church.

I continue to marvel at Eli's color selections for this piece since that very day.  Enticingly, his work speaks to me.  It sends me a message clear and strong.  I find peace each time that my eyes fix upon it.  

Its saturated hues of peacock, muddled coral and atniqued brown settle into my heart.  Its color intensifies, peaks, and sends out shockwave strokes from steeple to steps.

I often wonder what my 3 year old Eli meant when he left the roof's corner unshaded and  the left side steps likewise.

Staring into this church, I get lost.  

The intense collection of colors all mingled together as if holding hands.
Movements up and down like streaked rays or sturdy columns.
And then, empty edges.

I adore the idea of church being just this:  all colors mingled together holding hands, sturdy columns and rays too.  Sending up.  Pouring out.  Holding on. From steeple to steps.

Perhaps the empty corners are to remind us that no matter what it is and no matter where you are, there is always room.  That a seat is always saved for you:: just you..  A hand is always ready to join yours right where you are in your walk.  Better yet, a place is always reserved with your name in God's house.

"Look, Mama.  My church."  Eli said.

Monumentally profound indeed.

About 2 years ago, I adhered this painting to a canvas I painted and framed it.  
Since then, it has hung in our home.

It serves as a reminder that no matter what happens in this life, the richness of God's love can saturate one's soul.  

And, there is room.  
Always room.

.mac :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A New Routine

Finding the folds of a new home is very much a process.  It's that gettingtoknowyou in the creaks of floors and closings of doors. Officially packed you find yourself unofficially unpacked and a clean palette of memories awaits the new house key's brush set.

We are doing just that in our Dumplin Valley space.  The regular motions of boyhood are becoming tucked into this place we now call home. Toys have their spots formal, scattered and favorited too.   And, the boys have become smitten with fixtures fresh from their Hillcrest hideaway.

The kitchen island is where you will find them oh, about 3-4 times a day.  Side by side, busily discussing  their way through the next chapter of Star Wars, NASCAR or Superhero play.  They color intensely in their Star Wars coloring books.  Selecting just the right shades for light sabers and Hans Solo's belt, I love to listen to them call out battle series asking just who would win in that particular dual.  Each immediately knows their champion of choice and is, by no means, afraid to defend the reasons behind their hero's proverbial victory.

Perhaps my favorite is that they choose to camp at the island while dinner making commences.  Music plays and my mind rests on their conversations and the series of my day.

And, there are even times when Kenny makes popcorn, quick-bake cookies or, on this particular occasion, brownies after dinner.  Within our new walls, I sit back and delight in mindfully documenting these goings-ons.

Our two close and here.
Our place here and now.
A new routine for this family of 4.  Island time in the kitchen.  It is my hope that 10 years from now you'll find all 4 of us in this very spot.

.mac :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Secret Rhythm Keepers

Friends like these are few and far between.
I am so fortunate to have this sweet soul.
She centers me.
She understands me.
She never lets me go.
I can only hope to be more like her.
Friends are our secret rhythm keepers.

For those keeping and being kept, 

.mac :)

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