Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I feel as though there is a tugging necessity.
A need o' mine, if you will.
To expel out all that is within.
I do this quite often in my journal.
It is quite entertaining to re-visit and re-read.

bullet |ˈboŏlit|noun
Printing a small solid circle printed just before a line of type, such as an item in a list, to emphasize it.
* I aDoRe these colors by Crayola. I feel as if adore is even an understatement. Each day in journal time with the boys, I am like a hungry lion searching for his prey of Tumbleweed and Cadet Blue in our crayon basket. I would just like to say "gu-gah" here.* These colors are so NOT my color palette of choice. I mean, come on, avid readers. Need I remind you I am akin to her.* These hues are breathtakingly calm to me. They are tone setters in my world of shades. I even have the boys on the Tumbleweed/Cadet Blue bandwagon now. * They blend immensely wonderful with colors that pop like rockstar raspberry (Yes, I concocted that name up all by myself. Thank me later, Crayola) as well as colors like Dandelion (which is the formal name for the typical colored grabbed for one Caucasian child's skin tone).* Seriously, Dandelion? Come on, Crayola. I'll send you my addy and no worries, I can totally work from home.* I am teaching the boys the art of side shave coloring. Again, gu-gah. There is nothing better than watching a 5 and 3 year old peel paper off a tube colored wax faster than they can eat a marshmallow. * Back in my days of paid teaching, one of the first covert operations I had was to seek out the absolute best illustrators in my class. You know, the ones who understood the concept of space. These were the kids that knew the difference between coloring and illustrating. What's that? Yes, there is a difference. To me, coloring is what you see that is empty and needs to be filled in. Illustrating, on the other hand, is seeing what is not there, but could be taking into account the senses and secrets to tapping into them. Yes, natural born illustrators inherently know that blending colors is more realistic and that... GASP, one can, in fact, throw in a swirl on top of a straight line stroke for added gusto. Hook, line, and sinker. Immediately, and I do mean, righttheverymoment I had them pegged, I would move them to sit with the lower level scribblers and the one-fourthers. (one-fourthers being the kiddos that used just 1/4th of the page for their illustrations).* Yes, I am okay with peeling the entire paper off of the crayon.* I usually like to make my own color names up for each color anyway. * Broken crayons don't bother me either.* I gifted myself a box of oil pastels about 3 months ago. The most fun I have had with them is watching the boys play with raw color and their investigations on how impressionably soft these color sticks are.* I DO NOT enjoy the permanent stains on clothing these oil pastels produce.* So, most often the boys use these in their boxer briefs. I stayed clothed rest assured.* I dream of using this medium in some Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods one day.* The picture above will be used again in at least 2-3 other posts I project. It has so many metaphorical meanings to me. * Whilst on the topic of colors, my nails are in definite deprivation of color. For like, the last 2 months. Sheesh. Gotta get on that.* I am in search of my perfect Fall signature color in clothing. * Yes, I choose a signature color to accentuate every season. It's a fun little game me and my noggin like to play together.* I am torn between a deep sea foam blue-green or raspberry. My hope is to infuse a mustard hue with either. I also like the idea of navy thrown in with either of my choices.* The older I get, the less I like the color black. Like, I don't want to wear it at all. Weird, huh? * I am so jazzed about the leaves changing color. I love the melon ones trimmed in gold with apple green tips. * I'm ready for a new haircolor. I have been funky with my brown & blonde, but I'm heavily considering a deep auburn brown solid these days. * %&*$, my gray hairs. 34 is the age I will mark on my calendar for the commencement of gray on my scalp. Prickly little stout suckers too.* I have this secret craving to paint a ceiling and 3 other rooms in my home.* Shhh. Kenny doesn't know that yet.
Ahhh, expel.Expend.EXPENT!
(once again, on the DL with that last ramble there as well. Kenny is a high school English teacher.)
.mac :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


contain |kənˈtān|verb [ trans. ]1 have or hold (someone or something) within : coffee cans that once contained a full pound of made up of (a number of things);
Contained is my oxymoron.

I am so but yet not in the least.

Unleashed is my enthusiasm.
My giddiness.
My glee and goofs.

In texts.
First impressions too.

I slop & slush my innerds only looking back to consider blushing a time or two.

It's me.
God's child.
Meghan Alicia.
But then prolific thoughts seap out hidden away in attic spaces.
You said what?
You meant that.

You think you can, do you?
Do you really find rest in your now?
Your very best, really?

I toss in and out of my very presence.
Sucker punching my instincts and scolding my self-doubt.

I grieve my heritage.
Longing for a more optimistic revelry.
A place where Meghan Alicia is quite enough.

Long lived are the ones that breathed before me.

Thus, my existence documented.
My name written.
The ink fresh smeared from a southpaw swipe.

I live.
I am.
I work to lessen that juxtaposition.
Where credence one ups corruption one last and final time.

And smiling settles my soul.
As I am His.
And, I am me.

In more ways than one.

.mac :)

(source here for visual aids. I adore these!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


This summer we took our annual beach trip as a family. Luckily, some of our best friends were beaching it too that week. We arranged a day of beach time together. Tyler coaches with Kenny. Sarah is one of my most favorite people and 1 of 3 in our infamous Goodwill Hunting trio. And Garyn? Well, he is one of the boys' big buds and member of the Batstreet Boys.

Humidity high and feverishly excessive on our mid-morning sandy pad, I noted the family of 3 heading out into the water for some together time.

Scrambling with a fumble pop, I removed the lens cap from my camera hoping for some framers. And no matter which angle I attempted, I COULD NOT crop my eldest son out of the view finder.
Wishful to remain the incognito photographer in stealth mode, I was apprehensive to just blurt out "Get outta the way, Eli!"

I kept trying. Contorting myself in all sorts of Twister-esque positions, I was failing at removing this 4th figure from my looksee glass view.

White flag waving, I submit to the elements. CAP LOCKED humidity and the surplus figure are victorious.

I throw my hands up and join the three FOUR in the shallow waves.

"I was trying to get a family picture of you three without you knowing, but Eli and this humidity would have none of it!" I confessed.
And 3 months later, God reveals His vision on that June morning.

His humidity was signifigant; it was not yet time for Tyler and Sarah's lens to twist into focus.

And Eli?
Well, there was a reason I couldn't crop him out of my view finder.

hindsight |ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt|noununderstanding of a situation or event only after it has happened or developed

The Rich family are no longer meant to be a family of three.
Their story is miraculously moving, Read about it here.

God works in the details.
He is there even before you know it.

Look back and see.

Congratulations, Tyler, Sarah, and Garyn!

.mac :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


absence |ˈabsəns|nounthe state of being away from a place or personan occasion or period of being away from a place or person
Impromptu feels so nice.It's that place where freedom and frenzy duke it out.It's merriment to my very core.Quick shuttered thoughts followed furiously by whispers of doubt.Skipped rhythms.Hustled hurries.{eeks} rotates just a bit.As routines grumble & cuss under their breath, exploration exudes from your body.Exfoliation of same ole-same ole commences.Scattered meets settled as if for the very first time.And I get goosebumps as they shake hands.
Away.Procured my spirit.Enticed my senses.Hushed and happied my heart.Undefined a teacher's circumspection.Illuminated the tan line on my left ring finger.
Jagged seashells are the perfect writing utensil too.
.mac :)

Monday, September 20, 2010


My mind holds moments by bundles.
Gathered and measured, I segment.
Attempt to proportion.
But pockets of sequential snippets become but a blur when I am certainly focused.
I am relentless in task mastery.
Forbidden to be set free until possibility meets potential.
And when it does, I dream of ways to do it all over again.

extension |ikˈsten sh ən|noun1 a part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it; a continuation
My work above {k.Mac's Curtsy handbag} is but an extension to say the least.
{7.5 hours in fabrication and construction}{using an out-of-town client's fabric for the design}{finding this particular fabric's happy match to coordinate}{adding 2 zippered closures per client's request}
And this client's words to me regarding the finished product:
Oh my goodness!! I love it! It's so cute, I could cry! Thanks so much!
ChandraMorrison, TN
Well, they turned the corners of my grinner right up and propelled me into yet another extension...
A BREAK.A chance to relax and enjoy.A time to re-group for my next custom design orders.And a chance to love on and let loose for a little bit.
Thus, this wordy flirt I have but commenced with month number nine, well let the extension begin. By my records, I owe a week-in-full.
And I will pay up.
Just you wait and see.
.mac :)
{k.Mac's Curtsy handbag comes in small, medium, and large. Shown above in size small. The Curtsy handbag comes with 4 interior pockets, 2 exterior frontal pockets and the option for an exterior back slip pocket. Additional closures as well as monogrammed bow options are all chosen and decided upon during customer's deisgn session.}

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bobbin and Me.

At 11:59 EST, I am making my daily post by the skin of my teeth.

laborious |ləˈbôrēəs|adjective(esp. of a task, process, or journey) requiring considerable effort and time
Loose threads cloak my body.Deadlines.Double dutch with work and home.underthesameroof
Nite, .mac :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Speaks

2 games of soccer for 2 boys, Their first.Mama and Daddy on the sidelines, just.for.them.
A lunch at one of our favorite places.Peanuts and bagged fries.
A daddy home for a day.A mama tidying up the house.Chores.Bills.
An inspiration.Sneakers laced.6 miles run.
Alas, feet up.Wine poured.Husband by my side.
relax |riˈlaks|verbmake or become less tense or anxious : [ intrans. ] he relaxed and smiled confidently | [as adj. ] ( relaxing) a relaxing vacation.[ intrans. ] rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious : the team relaxes with a lot of skiing.
Jack, the cat, knows best.
.mac :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I heart this.

shine | sh īn|verb ( past shone | sh ōn|or shined )1 [ intrans. ] (of the sun or another source of light) give out a brightlight : the sun shone through the window.glow or be bright with reflected light [often as adj. ] ( shining) figurative be brilliant or excellent atsomething
I sutmbled upon this quote today here.
And if I do nothing more in my life than this quote, I will be a wonderfully happy soul.
This is my mantra.
What's yours?
.mac :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Sizes

I could make for her forever.
I really could.
Thinking of her makes the corners of my mouth sore from all that smiling I do.
With every shift in season, I delight in having little pretties like these ready for that sweet niece of mine.

Made from my hands.
For her.
And much like my 6th grade hairdos, I am adventurous in my Mollye sewing.
Trying new twists on designs and color schemes.
And Mollye makes all my stitches look flawless...
These outfits were just a portion of her {mollyemade} Spring Wardrobe for 2010. I fell in love with the versatility of this smock-pantaloons look, I just couldn't stop at one.
I was certain to make matching bloomers for both outfits so that Mollye could have a shorter sundress type smock with matching bloomers and then also sport the pantaloon capris for a completely new look with the smock top.
Can I just pelt out an "eeeeek"for handcut personalization with this lapel pin...
We all know accessories can make or break an outfit...
And well, I went one louder with an additional Easter egg shirt to wear with those pink pantaloons. I mean the more outfits the merrier, right? You may remember the introduction to this sweet little outfit you see here.
time |tīm|noun1 the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole
It's that time again.And I haven't even shared with you all of her Spring goodies from Aunt Meg.In fact, none of her Summer handmade lovies either.
But, that's what time does.It pays no heed to documentation; it scoffs at consistency too.It moves.Stretches us all.It takes niece's size seven feetsies and poofs them into size nines in just 3 short months.In one way or another... just look back and you"ll see the marks.
Two sizes.Yes, it's time.
For SIZE 9 shoe shopping.And, I think the corners of my mouth are starting to tingle just a tee-tiny bit.

Aunt Meg :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


pretend |priˈtend|verb1 [with clause or infinitive ] speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not : I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep | she turned the pages and pretended to read.engage in a game or fantasy that involves supposing something that is not the case to be so : children pretending to be grownups.[ trans. ] give the appearance of feeling or possessing (an emotion or quality); simulate
One of my absolute favorite words.Where focus is fuzzy and foerver is right here and now.Dreams being delivered.Right before my very eyes.
.mac :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


(Labor Day 2010)
Peering through Dogwoods,I find you.
And it seems as if before the lens is even focused, I am certain of what's inside the frame.
I snap swiftly and quietly only to hustle over and join in.
The sun sparkles its farewell summer heat.
A breeze intermittently whispers Fall is Coming.
With clocks hidden and socks damp with sweat, our family plays.

A catch-n-throw combo
A do-se-do every so often to switch up boys.
2 v. 2
3 v. 1 too

Giggles and belly flops are all around.
Loud and silly
The grass blades dance.
It feels good to hear daddy's laughter uncontrolled.

"Gettum, mama. Tackle daddy!"

And zig-zag I do try.
Flirting like the sparsely speckled leaves on the ground.

Two lads do too.
Long lofty passes
Lobs and straightliners
Angle runs & sidewinder sneaks.
The game is family.

The goal line is together.
And all of this is epiphanic to my very core as squint that one eye to peer in.


sanctify |ˈsa ng (k)təˌfī|verb ( -fies, -fied) [ trans. ]set apart as or declare holy; consecrate : a small Christian shrine was built to sanctify the site.(often be sanctified) make legitimate or binding by religious sanction : they see their love sanctified by the sacrament of from sin; purify.(often be sanctified) figurative give the appearance of being right or good; legitimize
Labor is marriage.
Labor is giving birth to 2 boys.
It's loving and learning.
It's holding on and helping up.
It's gutting it out and growing.
It's teaching and talking.
It's providing and patience.
It's remembering and reevaluating.
It's worth it.

And I am certain of this each time I look inside the frame.

.mac :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Overdue Fines

It was a Wednesday evening.
The calendar had been calling our names.
Your library books are overdue.

Giddy with glee, I stayed taskful all day anxiously waiting to remit payment.

Sprite-like, I sprinkled the finishing touches on my today and dashed my kiddos to their semi-permanent holding area until daddy would be home.

The coins in my pocket jangled loosely.

Just before removing myself completely from my hub, an idea burst like bubble gum popping

And I acted on it in the most...

spontaneous |spänˈtānēəs|adjectiveperformed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus
I grabbed a jar, 2 trusty Bics, and strips of paper I had on hand.Peace out.MEET.
6:30 couldn't get here fast enough.
A little change in my pocket.Our library books were long overdue.
3 hours came and went in a blink of an eye.My dinner table guests?
One dear lifelong friend.An obsessively ridiculous amount of homemade egg rolls piping hot.A glass of cabernet savignon for me.Make that 2 glasses.A jar filled to the brim with questions to ask one another, dreams to recite & share, topics of fashion to comment on too.Plus, one wonderful waitress who chose to play along.
Pockets turned inside out as fines were forked over; my cup of friendship overflowed.I was restored.We met.
And the jar?We didn't finish.Strips of paper are still sitting pretty awaiting a 2 finger plucking.
And I am scrounging underneath car seats and in between couch cushions anxiously awaiting my next overdue notice in the mail.
.mac :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

s c a t t e r e d

Life is gently a state of mind if you ask me.
A presence.
An immediateness to exist.
It's hard choices & clutter at times, no doubt.
But, I refuse to linger in those cobwebs too long.
I may tangle and trip a time or two and then a time or two again...
But there's just an ache in me.
In all of us.
To inhale the richness of the scattered moments.

My scattered moments today...

The shiny apple I crunched.
The vitality in this morning's church service.
The crisp touch of fall on my skin as I ran before my house was up.
The jubilance I felt teaching today's Sunday School lesson.
The xylophone, drums, maracas spreading God's message to those 4th graders.
The bareness of my boys' backs running about our house.
The percolating prickles of root beer down my throat.
Saturation of summer saying goodbye.
Music and my mind twirling.
A rumbling sewing machine.
Henri Matisse is becoming my hero the more and more I read about him. His philosophy of color is one that speaks so fluently to my soul.

He impressed that finding the "essential character" in a subject was to move past seeing the world in it's actual state, but rather feeling it with their eyes.

And, I just love this.

Take technical and toss it.
feel & act
Present yourself in color to the next moment.
Forge past the yesterday and able yourself for now.

-scattered moments-

That's all we got.

verb |ˈsa ch əˌrāt| [ trans. ] (usu. be saturated)cause (something) to become thoroughly soaked with liquid so that no more can be absorbed
No matter how you look at it, that's all we got.

-scattered moments-

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.
-Henri Matisse

.mac :)

p.s. Sign compliments of k.Mac's Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods. Custom design done for one of my favorite clients who sees flowers all the time.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I don't have a tattoo.
But if I ever do sponteously ink, it may just have to be the word "goodwill".

Above is just one of the 4 pairs of shoes purchased today at the infamous Goodwill 1/2 Off Weekend sales.

Mmmm, rasberry is gonna feel so fine on this mama come fall. They're totally squishy too.

Shoes are from here. Best I can guess, these were around $70.00 retail compared to the 300 pennies I shelled out for them today.

Yes, "goodwill".

It is a word that just fits right snug around my heartline.
It's compound, and well, I am a huge fan of the compound word.
There's nothing better than getting 2 of something in one package.
Kinda like how I feel about this sweet face above. I get the honor of having her mama as one of my best friends and the joys of baby cheeks & cuddle loves too from Miss McKenzie Grace. A 2 for 1 deal that you can't beat.


goodwill |ˌgoŏdˈwil| (also good will)noun1 friendly, helpful, or cooperative feelings or attitude : the plan is dependent on goodwill between the two sides | [as adj. ] a goodwill gesture.
is just exactly what I get from my monthly shopping experiences at this fine establishment.
2 friends teamed up with me.Sharing and laughing.Hunting.Together and teasing.
Creating happy moments with these girls...
(new fall boots for $3.25 bought today)

well, it just knocks me off my feet.

.mac :)

Friday, September 3, 2010


An orangey crush,
plip plopped & hopped,

A vibrant and quite joyous way of spending $5.00 if you ask me.

Bursting with flavor, I eat them.
And my nose is so abundantly full.
I loosen my happy to its next belt notch and just smile.

For what?
For nothing.
And those are the bestest of kinds.

Yes, bestest.
For when beauty & budget marry, made up words are a must.

For me.

frugal |ˈfroōgəl|adjectivesparing or economical with regard to money or food.simple and plain and costing little : a frugal meal.

Life's pleasures will always find their way into my buggy.Be careful not to let frugality starve you of the simple joys.
There's always another notch.That's the bestest part.
.mac :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


A hair follicle frenzy,
Summiting from side-to-side,
A pony tail's roller coaster ride.

Kick-to-the beat pounding,
My feet?
My beat?
Oh, yes.

Massive numbers.
iPods and watches.
"This run's for my daughter fighting cancer" signs pinned ahead of me.
I run faster.

Faster, because I CAN.
Faster, because I AM.

Fumes rumble inside my insides deep.
Decadent primal inertia flickers.

And I...

ignite |igˈnīt|verbcatch fire or cause to catch fire : [ intrans.
Neither sweat nor exhasution can fumigate my soul.I am present.Focused.Salt-N-Peppa's "Push It" Maino's "All the Above"Eminem's "Loose Yourself"
...."And the beat goes on, dadoom, dadoom, dadda..."
All of my yesterday's become my now.Gettum, feet.Legs lengthy, I stretch.Breathes holy and rhythmic.
Find me, finish line. Find me.
Ready or not, here I come.
.mac :)
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