Monday, December 31, 2012


12 months of movement.  Movement for a better me. I find it only fitting that I took the last month of 2012 to dive head first into the absolute indulgence of making the most of my minutes and my mindset for my December.  

I have written about my search for rhythm in 2012 for the past 11 months.  I've done my best to be honest & real.  I realize this narrative collection is for me.  I fully own my thoughts and my words along with my cheap thrill finds too.  So, why have I chosen to make these collections publicly present for anyone to view?  Because I wanted my mission to have a heftier accountability to the better who I am trying to be.  And, with this pursuit of the accountable, I had a tiny hope that perhaps someone else out there may connect with my struggles and my strengths.  Rhythm seeking is not for the faint of heart.  So, if you are in the renovating of the soul business be it big or be it little, this homegirl is right here with you for better or worse.  

Allow me a chance for any new readers to catch up on my year of rhythm:  


Base Layer Undershirt:
  • Banana Republic
  • navy & white stripes
  • $1.99
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • I am becoming a huge fan of a striped base layer undershirt.  
  • It provides beau coups of texture.
  • It also haas you teetering on popping the top for some Tylenol to combat the cross eyes from starring too long.

  • $1.50 
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • It's a peasant slight bubble length
  • LOVE the print and color palette
  • It has a dainty shoestring tie at the neckline.
  • I'm gonna rock it with capri leggings sans undershirt in the spring.
  • This shirt would look killer on a pregnant woman about 8 months along.
  • I'll keep that in mind should I successfully convince my spouse that an odd number of offspring is not of the devil.

  • $.10 
  • 1/2 of Goodwill
  • I love a good scarf.
  • I think every outfit deserves one in someway or another.
  • I will forever be in favor of the above argument.
  • I realize that some may glance at my ensemble and immediately think of PeeWee's Playhouse.
  • Ahh, the beauty of fashion.  You can do whatever the hell you want.
  • Ladies that wear moo-moos and, likewise, high school girls that wear pajama pants to Wal-Mart hold this same thought, mind you.
  • Ahh, the beauty of fashion.

  • Skinny jeans
  • Seven brand
  • $7.99  clearance
  • T. J. Maxx
  • I wore them in this post
  • I like the skinny jean look with heels way more than I do with flats.
  • A homeschooling mama with an at home business has little opportunity to a whole heckuva lot of heel wearing, you know?

  • There is a BIG GUY upstairs that loves me.
  • $1.00
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • navy & white polka dot flats
  • They have a little navy patent leather strip across the toe.
  • A navy polka dot flat is like the staple black heel in my closet.
  • Options are limitless.
  • Mama likey.

  • Wore them in this post last month.
  • Handmade is awesome.
  • Enough said.


Aqua rings:
  • FREE!  Giveaway from a friend of mine cleaning out her jewelry box.  

Aqua cuff:

I wore this piece in this post.  
It is official.
It is my signature jewelry piece.
Read the link above to know what I'm talking about.

  • Fresh washed.
  • HOLLA.
  • Pinned back with a tiny clip half back.

Total Outfit Investment:  $19.58

December 2012

My personal word of growth for December was indulge.

My mission:

* work hard
* be detailed
* read
* take on something big
* keep it real
* relish in the little 

My status:

* * * .5 
3.5 out of 5 stars

My memories:

work hard:  My business is me.  My business was big this month.  I worked until the 19th.  I busted my bottom end no doubt.  I developed a plan.  I kept focused.  I put in work, son.  It was intense.  I feel like next year I will do a few things differently, but overall, I am so pleased with the products I created and with the customer satisfaction.  

be detailed:  I folded laundry late at night in the middle of the floor instead of letting it sit for 3 days solid.  I cleaned out the dang refrigerator when I didn't want to.  I lie in bed talking with my boys when I had so much else to get done.  I began planning for the new year's school regimen as well as business plan.  I stayed on top of the those little things that make a big difference in the flow of a day, moreover a family.  I wasn't rock solid awesome at all of it, but I gave good effort at the in between.

read:  This goal did not begin until the 19th.  I am reading.  My very first book of 2012.  I am quite embarrassed to admit this, but I gotta be true.  One book a month was my goal.  I failed.  But, hey?  I'm half way through a great book and looking forward to 2013 as a reading year for me.  I just gotta be still more.   Yeah right.

take on something big:  I completed my 4th nursery of my career this month. Feel free to view the finished product here.  I made it in just 6 days.  Nursery design is a big project.  Drapes, pillow, b.blanket, bumper pad, bed skirt and tie backs too.  I loved every second of the work.  It felt good to make something so beautiful.  

keep it real:  If I was sad, I let myself be.  If a commercial made me cry, I let it.  If I was frustrated, I said it.  I am working more and more at trying less to fit into the "prilly prilly princess" that just makes everything better by hushing or contorting my emotional self to please others.  This month I was who I was.  It felt good be spot on with me.  It was hard too.  I know there is a graceful balance in emotions and actions.  I'm hopeful to keep plugging in to being who I am when I am and for the right reasons too.

relish in the little:  I laughed at silly.  I paid attention to the sprinkling of pretzel sticks and 2 minute fudge boils.  I thought through quality gifting and not overspending.  I slept in to make up for late nights.  I used my favorite fabric softener and I even had a couple mini-dates with my man. Heck, I even pinned on Pinterest.   And, to top it off, I went for a 6 mile run today and just last night had sushi with one of my great friends. Sometimes it's those littles that make the monotonous big not so heavy.

12 months. Checkity-check-check.  Rhythm has found me.  I have embraced its ebbs & flows. And, much like my mixture of wicked patterns and color sets in this last ensemble of 2012, I have indulged in the art of improvement.   I have come to a place where my peace, moreover, my place in this life is better when growth and reflection are accounted for and present.  Status quo and sidling through isn't enough for me.  I graciously thank this rhythmical 2012 and each pair of eyes that have taken a looksee peek at just what I've been up to.  I look forward with a happy hope at the next 365 I am blessed with.  Peace out, 2012.  2013, I got your number.

Homegirl is ready,

.mac :)

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry & Magical

Christmas is for our hearts.  It's that joyous hiatus from hurry that settles with us for a time.  The pause is there to remind us of just why we are here.  As I spend my time documenting this day in our family's history, I can't help but look back at the way my very own Christmas has changed from little girl until now.  My steadfast & sturdy memories of 12/25 have weaved a tapestry with many colored threads of different.  And, this variety show of holiday celebration only makes sense.  For time and space change.  People do too.  They come and go from your life right along with the magic & wonder of a child's heart.  Maturity leaves a new kind of Christmas at your doorstep.  Likewise, does marriage.  And, the role of parent places you smack dab in the middle of your makings of what magic looks like for your own.  
If you're not careful you can tinsel out with the traditions of typical just for to-doing's sake.  Traditions are tricky you know.  They are so very sought after yet, if not careful, can be the sponge that soaks the spirit of what makes Christmas so special.  I'm glad that Kenny and I, along with our families, have worked to keep Christmas simple and given our best to honor the sincerity of the season.
Once the boys came along, we made it a point to see both sides of the family {which can be a carnival ride in itself as each of our families are scattered and separated for many different reasons}.  But, Christmas Day was ours.  This day was set aside for jammies and toy untangling.  It was our day to rest in the joy of Jesus and the happiness of each other.  The boys were amped to say the least to put out Santa's key on our front door, don't you think?
Christmas Eve was spent attending our church service and then maxing out in the moments of wide open home. Kenny was deejay.  The boys were off the chain playing and super excited for Santa.  And, I was completely content with reading not one Santa story.  I danced to the tunes that filled our home, drank wine and watched on as the boys made the most out of pretend.  At one point, they were shirtless in "muddy army trenches" fighting the Chinese.  Not kidding.  
Reindeer food, carrots, a sampling of our baked goodies and a good ole mug of cow's best was set out for Mr. Claus.  Eli felt compelled to leave Santa just one more note even though he had already sent him a detailed 2 page letter back in early December.  
Our morning began at 7:30 AM.  The boys' elf, George, had made his trip back to the North Pole with Santa, but was kind enough to leave behind a note.  
Kenny was just as excited as the boys were to see what all Santa had left.  This is one of my favorite images captured from the morning's festivities.  The security and contentment this photograph leaves my heart with is more precious than gold.
It was an artillery kinda Christmas for the boys.  Their number one requests were a SWAT team and Marine Combat dress up kit.  These kits came complete with leg holsters, grenades, knives, goggles, pistols and safety helmets with pseudo radio headsets.  
Eli received his very first "official" gun from Santa as well.  A Marine AirSoft gun to be exact. I love the look on his face as he is showing me just exactly what this is.
A Navy Seal boat and Marine boat were unloaded from Santa's sack as well.  These boats came with all of the cool doo-dad accessories that only heighten real life play.
Cool Dads try out the toys you know.  
Santa did work on the delish plate left for him.  Knocked back a cold one and stuffed his reindeer with the antler goody goodness too.
Our Christmas Day didn't stray too far from what you see in this final image above.  Seventy umpteen bajillion Nerf bullets found their way into any corner or house crevice they could.  Bed blankets were used as barracks for reloading.  I took off for a 3 mile run to break free from the testosterone temple for just a bit.  Kenny implemented his mad culinary skills to produce our Christmas dinner's main dish:  fried chicken. I accompanied him to complete the plate with mashed potatoes, rolls, a colorful salad and corn.  Great friends stopped in that evening for a surprise visit too.  Our merry was most magical.  I am thankful for the slowness of our day celebrating the birth of our Savior and the simplicity of family together.  As time and space will inevitably change for our family of 4, I won't forget the merry & magical of this year's 12/25. Tucked into my heart's treasure trove, it most certainly is.  Seventy umpteen bajillion Nerf bullets & all.

.mac :)

{week 18: my 2 in 52}

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I find the title of this post funny.  In many ways, I am right real baked once the k.Mac holiday making is complete.  This Christmas season has left me wonderfully blessed with business, but equally blitzed beyond the studio doors.
{my favorite cook books given to me by Kenny and my brother, Adam}

I took a personal timeout the day after the last k.Mac package shipped out.  I did this with intentions of baking with the boys in preparation for Christmas's arrival.  Goodies really are kinda nice to have around when Santa comes, you know?
And, what ended up happening?  I baked.  The boys would mingle in & out of the kitchen for taste tests and a few dough drops on baking stones.  They would roll & coat and then they were off.  Christmas music played all day in our home.  I worked at a happy pace with a sweet peace surrounding me as if my kitchen was anxiously awaiting my arrival home.
{candy cane fudge}

I concocted the above creation.  Candy Cane Fudge we like to call it.  Next year's batch will have a tiny tweaking to ensure a secured & prolonged softness in texture.  Its taste is nothing short of divine if I do say so myself.
Each family member requested a baked goody from Mama's kitchen.  Eli's request:  traditional and rich.  From scratch chocolate chip cookies.  The recipe I use is found in the cook book my brother gave me for Christmas in 2000.  
I made 2 batches as the quantity yielded is not nearly enough when living with 3 boys a tad shy of what one would call adequate.  These morsels are highly coveted in our home.  How about yours?
Next up was one of Kenny's requests.  Crock Pot Candy  Easy as pie too.  I couldn't believe how nice it was just to dump, time, stir and then glop onto wax paper.  
This was the first of our goodies to expire in our home too.  Can you say goner?  I knew that you could.
Kenny's 2nd request was lemon cookies.  Again, these are so simple to make.  I love those go-to recipes that are easy and equally delicious.  This recipe is from the Betty Crocker cook book Kenny gave to me one Christmas before we had kids.  Like, when was that?
Ahh, peanut butter fudge.  Say no more, huh?  I used this recipe only with creamy peanut butter.  Easy. Melt in your mouth yummy.  There ain't much by way of peanut butter that I don't approve of.
My goody of choice was white chocolate pretzel sticks with sprinkles.  I opted to die the almond bark green for more of a festive flair.  You know me and color by now, don't you?
The Face opted for white chocolate covered pretzels straight no chaser.  These are never pretty if I'm making them.  But, they taste glorious regardless of their curb side appeal.
Tradition, in our home, is to use the hand baked goodies to give to our neighbors and loved ones nearby as Christmas gifts.  We did just that.  Brown bags were filled with tiny wrappings of homemade goodness from our home and delivered to theirs.
Twine twirls were the finishing touches to these gifts.  We gave these goodies along with our family Christmas card & letter to our neighbors beside us and across from us.  Eli also gave this gift to his horseback riding teacher, Mrs. Beeler.  Additionally, a hit-n-run drive by drop off was successfully accomplished to Mom-Mom and Larro's house.  Papaw and Nana along with Kevin & Tash as well as Sydnie were also recipients of the brown bagged happiness.  My Dad-daddy and Aunt Sharon were also gifted some goody love on our trip down to see them on the 23rd.  In all, 9 bags were dispersed from the heart of my kitchen.  

I love the simplicity and methodical-ness of making homemade goods.  It's tradition.  It's time invested in creating something from your home, moreover, your heart. It was magic to my soul watching dropfuls of dough fall only to rise and taste tests time & again tried from my little men running amok around me.  The music and the memory of this day was just one of the precious gifts I was given this Christmas.

.mac :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


diligence 1 |ˈdiləjəns|
careful and persistent work or effort.

My hands have been steady and streamlined this month.  My heart had to beef up its typical artsy/creative/feely status to a more structured "task mastery"mode. Being left handed, this was a bit of a challenge for the ole ticker.  Getting things done.  Every day accomplishments do happen in my camp, but not without intermissions of bliss of getting lost in creativity.  My husband will be the first to shout from the mountain tops about my love to be into a little bit of everything all at once.  He loves this about me.  I know he does.  

For those just joining me here in this space, I feel you need the 11th month formal introduction to catch up.  My word for 2012 is rhythm.  I have been seeking it in myself and around me.  Read here to know just a little more behind the scenes if you will.  Each month I have given myself goals and attempted to creatively report on my status using my passion for good deal finding.  Feel free to take a gander back if you want:

To be diligent, one can't really dilly dally {insert my sad face here}.  So, let's get right to it, peeps.

Ensemble statistics:

  • $1.99 
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • Bought in 2012.
  • Wore it in this post.
  • It's sleeveless.  This is perfect as it allows for spring/summer wear, but then gives you the option to "sweater up" in the fall/winter months without the bulky sleeve excess underneath.
  • I am totally digging this rose "Hi, I just may or may not have a ceramic duck with a country blue bow around its neck sitting in my curio cabinet from the late 1980's" look.
  • It has a tiered ruffled neckline!  See below.

  • The fabric is this weird silky/cotton combo.  
  • If I think about its texture too much, I get a metal-like taste in my mouth.  
  • For the sake of the ruffle, I choose to rise above this issue.

  • $1.99
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • Bought in 2009.
  • Banana Republic brand
  • This sweater makes me crazy happy.  
  • It is this muddled gray hue. It's place on the color wheel makes it super great to wear with so many colors.  It can sometimes even pose for an ivory shade if you look at it long enough.
  • The tiny cable knit details in this sweater are divine.  So divine, they make my mouth water.  
  • The weight of this sweater is heaven.  It is so snuggly soft.  It kinda makes me feel like one of the Victoria Secret models when they wear their angel wings.  
  • I really should do stand up.
  • I am putting this next sentence in cap locks.  IT HAS GRAY RHINESTONES FOR BUTTONS.  These buttons look like they belong in some Mamaw's jewelry box.  They look sophisticated.  No Claire's Boutique BOGO with these CZ's.

  • $.25 
  • 1/2 off Goodwill
  • Bought in 2010
  • Please take the time to read here to find out about how she came to be mine.
  • Heck, the videos may even inspire you to go find your own cheap thrills.
  • This belt is so.freakin.awesome.  
  • It has tiny multi-colored paint drops all over it.
  • I feel a little more connected with my inner hippy each time I wear it.
  • That's a very good thing considering I came home from my Colorado hospital birth in a VW bus wearing my turquoise baby bracelet.  Not.kidding.  

  • Gap brand
  • $2.99
  • Goodwill 1/2 off weekend
  • These pants are light weight and real smooth like rayon, but they're not rayon at all.
  • They have a flair to the bottom.
  • They're kinda like a tweed with multi-colored oatmeal specs throughout.
  • They fit perfectly.  You know those pants you own that have that great fit every time you put them on?  That's these for me.

  • $3.25 
  • Goodwill 1/2 off weekend
  • Bought in 2010.
  • You can go here to read more about the day I met them and asked them to be mine forever.
  • I actually almost came to blows with a lady over these bad daddys.  
  • Ahem, I found them first.
  • They look like they are Coach, but they're totally not.
  • People think they are though.
  • These boots are just "out there" enough that I either get lots of compliments when I wear them or crazy stares like "Just what the hell does she have on her feet?"
  • Either way, I'm good.

  • 2 days dirty
  • I slept with it in a clip the night before.
  • That morning I wet my bangs in attempts to tame their "individuality" shall we call it?
  • The raspy waves are the end result of the clip from the night's slumber.
  • 7 cow licks can work to your advantage in many ways when it comes to volume.

  • I'm wearing my signature piece on one hand. I talked about this decision here.
  • On the other hand, I'm wearing the bracelet you see above.
  • This bracelet was a gift from my mother-in-law, Carlene.
  • For the past 2 years, we have started a tradition of going to Mountain Makins', a local craft festival, together.  
  • This bracelet is a great memory of my time with her there.
  • It's made by a local artist.  
  • Carmalitta Freeman Dixson has an Etsy store for anyone interested in her designs.

  • I heart these earrings so very much.
  • I bought them in 2009 from Raquel Castillo, a fabulous designer.
  • She has an Etsy store as well.
  • I am the proud owner of not 1, but 3 pair of earrings crafted by her.
  • I have given away here designs as gifts 3 times as well.
  • I think that's what I love best about being an artist.  I love the way creating original pieces makes me feel.  That feeling transcends into the purchasing of original pieces as well.  I feel beautiful when I wear things I connect with.  
  • This is so very true when I wear Raquel's pieces.

Total outfit investment:  $10.47

November 2012

My personal word of growth for November was {diligence}.

My mission:
  • just do it
  • dive in & forget
  • placement & priorities
  • define your space

My status:

*   *   *   *
4 out of 5 stars

My memories:

just do it--I did.  I stayed focused on the tasks to be completed.  I did not freak out at the overall timeline of what had to be completed with k.Mac in addition to the holidays that hits us all in a melodious cluster {Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas} in addition to teaching the boys at home.  I made a plan and stuck to it.  I did my best to let go of the "aww, that would be nice" or "I should do that with them". I faced November with lots on my plate.  I took the crafty extras out, and got jiggy with my jobs.  It was hard at times.  I felt like I wasn't being the Mom or teacher I wanted to be, but I reminded myself of that it was just for a time and not for forever.  Putting time in is what hand making is all about.  I am quite certain I pulled well over 60 hour work weeks for this month's entirety.

dive in & forget--When it was time to unwind and celebrate, I did just that.  I cannot tell you the complexity of how much I struggle with this.  For some reason, I am hard wired to work.  Work.  And work all the time.  I equate relaxation with laziness.  THIS IS STUPIDLY WRONG.  I know this, and am working like a mad dog to overcome this ridiculous internal preset. Our family celebrated our 10th anniversary of the Cobble Gobble this year.  I did a stellar job of forgetting the work on my plate for k.Mac and chose to immensely enjoy my people in my home. I found times in the early evenings to just stop and sit.  Sometimes doing nothing but that.  Although these times weren't often, I did practice them. I also unwound and got lost in the joy of decorating our home as a family for Christmas.  I wrote about it here.   The concept of forgetting, for a time, your checklist of getdones is something I will always struggle with.  But, being cognizant of the need to just enjoy is critical to my health and happiness. 

placement & priorities--My life on this Earth has purpose.  Every one's does.  I decided this month to remember this.  Some tough things transpired in November.  Things that shake you.  Things that abruptly adjust your plans and move you into action. I learned that love is genuine.  I also learned that love can be blind sided and altered by selfishness and insecurity.  I ache to have been taught this lesson.  But, I have learned it for my final time. My purpose in this life is not to be blanketed by other people's insufficiencies. That my place does not have to reside where love and comfort is at risk.  I can love from afar and learn to live with this decision as best for all involved.   Love endures all.  Love doesn't fix all.

define your space--While I work, I think.  I think a lot.  I spent a lot of time thinking about the space that God has given me in this life.  I want to work to honor it more in what I say and what I do.  I began to formulate little snippets of energy in ways that I can do this for myself and my family.  Things like better ways of prayer time in the mornings, my thoughts in my head, my mouth to my boys and my movements for God's gain.  No mountainous snow balls of action just yet, but I'm gathering snowflakes for sure.  It feels good to begin a better map out of my space.  On a completlely materialistic mission regarding my space, I have a 2 new pieces of art to hang in our home.  One was purchased from a local artist, Dan Gibson.  I fell in love with his work at the Mountain Makins' craft festival.  His art is astounding.  And, he is color blind which makes his pieces even more a testament to God's amazing wonder.  The 2nd piece is by my boys.  It is a aerial mixed media depiction of their community.  I plan to post about this project very soon.  They never cease to amaze me with their creativity and commitment to finishing a project together, side by side.

November was diligence. It was that careful and persistent work or effort for my mind, for my body and for my heart.  I am thankful for the busyness of the month and the goodness of keeping track of it all. I thank God for forcing me to kick the ass of some stupid preconceived plagues.  I honor Him in my hard learned lessons too.  

Onto my last month in my year of rhythm, 

.mac :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Clothespin

my hands have been immersed in over 15 yards of baby pink satin, minky dot and damask for almost a week  --  creating a custom bumper pad in this fabric elevated my temperature so much from the manual labor, i actually stripped down to my sports bra to finish stuffing it  --  i just recently purchased a pair of shoes for $.50 from Goodwill that gave me the nickname "Meg-lo" from a texting/picture relay with a sweet friend  --  casey is over-the-moon magical about his count down to Christmas calendar  --  he takes the felt magnetic backed images on and off and loves to tell me which ones are his favorite  --  we didn't homeschool not one single stitch last week  --  eli read 6 chapter books from one of his favorite series in just 5 days  --  our Christmas tree's lower section just bit the dust  --  3/4th's lit is where we're at  --  i have an addiction to a $6.97 nose happy  --  the Downy Scent Booster pellets make me want to do laundry  --  folding & putting away is another story  --  in the past 2 weeks, i have shipped over 30 packages from k.Mac  --- is my friend  --  bubble wrap is too  --  i bought an oatmeal seersucker suit set at Goodwill this past Saturday for $2.00  --  i can hardly wait for spring to wear it  --  i went immediately outside and captured an image of the boys the very moment i heard of the Sandy Hook tragedy on 12.14  --  i stopped and prayed and cried.
Yesterday, after church, I spent the afternoon working on a baby nursery I am finishing up for a client of mine.  My hair was down and it I wanted it up.  Without a hair clip nearby, I grabbed a clothespin from a basket I keep in my sewing studio.  My hair is very long.  I wound its ends and quickly twisted it up only to secure it to the top of my head with the simple clothespin's clasp. I then went onto continue sewing, go for a 3 mile run, visit my in-law's to help with Christmas decorations and have dinner, fold laundry and stuff Christmas cards. 

My hair did not once topple down from the clasp of the clothespin.  This physical reminder was so poignantly placed for my spirit to see.  I simply trusted in its capability.  I never once pigeon holed its job description.  

God is that clothespin for all of us.  He foresees and carries.  He runs interference and re-directs. He gives rest and He restores peace.  His place in our lives is needed now more than ever.  I find myself in contant conversation with Him. In the little & the big, He contains my humanity and supersedes my weaknesses when I trust and surrender my joy to just who He is. My clothespin.  My collection of life week in & week out that carves out the picture of the Earthly me.  Fritzed-out Christmas lights on the 17th of December, my tall reader boy, "Meg-lo", bubble wrap, sports bra stuffing, felt Christmas pictures shared with my 5 year old & all.  He gives us these real time reminders to collect and keep with our own clothespins on the string of this life.  And, His promise is these collected memories x infinity if we just trust in His presence and undying love.

12.14.12 is a reminder to us all. Collect and store up these precious everydays.  Secure them on your twine string.  Clothespin them to your heart.  And, above all never pigeon hole His magnificently holy job description. 

Thanks be to God, 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

{my gift}

I have this wonderful opportunity in my profession.  The incredible gift to create is something I treasure. With each client's design request, I am gifted the ability to connect with someone using the work of my hands.  God has spoiled me so. The above custom design is a wonderful representation of the love I have for what I do.
I do not mass produce.  I am a self employed seamstress/designer to my business that was born from  hard work, determination and an intense passion for design.  I enjoy the intimacy in creating custom pieces as each project is unique, not stacked on shelves or imported from Chinese warehouses for a dime a dozen.  
Perhaps the proudest penny in my pocket is the relationships I have formed with clients.  These relationships are what holds my head a little higher and happies my heart a whole lot.  Clients do not contact me to order 10 jumpers or 15 handbags at a time.  What I gain from their design service requests is so much better than $29.99 x 15 at wholesale cost with FREE SHIPPING.  I am lucky enough to have clients want the work of my hands for that someone special, for that perfect gift or perhaps, for that celebration that needs just the right detail.  
My services are requested with a forethought for gifting or getting.  My designs aren't a hurry up and get it kinda purchase.  And, this makes me all the more proud of the work that I do.  It's the people and their stories that give me the creative energy to thrive in my making.
Clients that return for more designing work from me is, without a doubt, the highest compliment I could ever receive.  I take great pride in whom I work for.  I want my best given to them, and I want them to know that is just exactly what they deserve.
My process for a design coming to life is one I cherish.  I clear my head and ready my hands to work with the intentions of this design's recipient in highest regard.  Simply put, I think about them.  Should I know them, I work while recollecting my memories of them.  If it's a client I do not know personally, I think about them still.  I wonder what they are like.  I consider what they might love most about their design piece.  
I concentrate on my hands and focus my mind on the art that I am creating.  The process is methodical and time consuming.  It's work.  I always have the best sensation just as the design project is about 80% finished. It something  kinda like pride, but I look at it more like a peace.  
This peacefulness comes from the respect that is given to the job at hand, moreover, to the person who chose my services.  There is nothing more humbling and gratifying than knowing that you are smack dab in the will that God has for your life. 
I offer a special thank you to these two Alabama clients for their designs visually represented in this post.  A mother and a daughter whom I've had the privilege of making for in my beginnings as a designer written about here.  And, I am honored to have had the opportunity to create for them once again.  Lily's fabric corsage broach is detachable from her jumper.  I loved allowing for this removable versatility. In the event Lily's mom, Pamela, decides to share her Regency handbag with her daughter one day, Lily will be all set to personalize the handbag with her corsage.  It's those tiny details in design work that runneth over my cup of gratefulness for the gifts that God has given me.  Yes, joy is that simple. 

Pamela's words upon receiving her k.Mac designs:

"My mail carrier just delivered my k.Mac goodies and I was so excited I had to stop the Ironbowl to open them ;) They are FABULOUS! The preview pics you sent were fantastic and I knew I would love them, but the photos did not do your craftsmanship justice. The designs, fabrics, and attention to details are first class. Thank you so much! I think a pillow is next on my list :)"

It is my huge hope that I look not at my occupation in terms of quantity, but forever in terms of quality and lasting connections. My gift is from Him.  And, for this, my Christmas is most merry.

.mac :)
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