Saturday, March 31, 2012


Under a bed hidden and stuffed.  Wrestled and lodged behind drawer casings crumpled.  Snookered and sideways like the car keys amid empty gum wrappers and old grocery lists.  


My March has made more of me; it has demanded me to define.  And, like a passenger just de-boarding my midnight flight, I hurry up only to wait.   Antsy and eager for the merry-go-round of identical black suitcases to commence just to find the luggage tag that designates the mark of me.

The mark of me.

The word is moving and subtle.  It commands the center of my soul even at first glance.  I often wonder how each of us finds our way nearer to this 5 letter way of life.

March was my month to stare worth directly in the eyes.  Our pupils, jet black & common, locked briefly and then time & again I was forced to avert from his stable stare as my salty tears were thick and made for a clouded view.

Human life is one big chance.
It's God's shiny quarters dropping one-by-one into your parking meter.   What will you do with the elapsed time the round George Washingtons allot you?  What will your out do with what is on your in?  I dream of balance and poise, of center and evens.  I relish the rush of potential energy anxious and able.


And, I watch fervently for my luggage tag; the mark of me.

March asked me to define.  It expected me to stretch to my tippiest of toes in search of {worth}.


Under a bed hidden and stuffed.  Wrestled and lodged behind drawer casings crumpled.  Snookered and sideways like the car keys amid empty gum wrappers and old grocery lists.  


I reached up; I looked out; I prayed within.  I wanted my answers concrete and majestic.

My worth hides not in the concealer used to cover and the locks I choose to lighten.  Its presence is not my status or my style.

And, as He dropped another few into my meter this month, I felt His urgency. It seemed to grow in magnitude and strength the further March progressed.  Insecure, I scrambled and wanted so badly to stop this stare down with worth.  I wanted to disengage and rebuke the hard lines and lessons of just who I am.

And, force fixed, I peered once again at the baggage carousel waiting to spot my luggage tag.

The mark of me.

Crowded-like all the way to the very edges of my soul, He was.  My search was so very revealing and honestly intense.  Overwhelmed with emotion, angst and an unnatural serenity from above, I lept. Into His arms, I lept with all the indecisiveness and uncertainty of me.  My flaws and faults, my guesses and games, I gave in.  His urgency had found something.

Under a bed hidden and stuffed.  Wrestled and lodged behind drawer casings crumpled.  Snookered and sideways like the car keys amid empty gum wrappers and old grocery lists.  


My worth damaged and torn.

My value is in what He provides me.  It is me giving over my weak and watching Him work.

My March has made more of me; it has demanded me to define.  And, like a passenger just de-boarding my midnight flight, I hurry up only to wait.   Antsy and eager for the merry-go-round of identical black suitcases to commence just to find the luggage tag that designates the mark of me.

My mark is not perfect. It falls short and finds fault.  But my worth is everything for the glory of God.  May He have many quarters left for my meter.

My ensemble:

  • tank (GAP) 1/2 off Goodwill $.25     
  • pants (Patagonia)  1/2 off Goodwill $1.25


My mission: {worth}

My status:  * * * (3 out of 5 stars)  This one is tough for me.

My memories:  I am enough.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Immersed Innocence

Dressed.  Cowboy vest.  Pirate pants. Cowboy boots. Pirate hat.  Earring.  No shirt as the pirate coordinating top was too small for you.  Assuredly, you told me, "Mom, pirates go without shirts sometimes.  They are rough people and could care less how they look."

And, quickly I responded, "E, you look like a great pirate."  My sewing continued as I heard you trample-plod down the stairs and out to find your mate.  My eagerness to drop all fabric and flee to your vagabond side was so very hard to resist.  I made my way to my studio window to peek a bit more at your Jack Sparrow ways.  

You laid belly down on the driveway and drew.  A pirate map with colors, cross bones, skulls, and buried treasure too.  "X" marks the spot was there as well.  You were quietly intense.  Unaware of the pressed pavement particles tattooing your tummy or of little brother right beside you completing his wardrobe details.

There was fluid talk and furrowed brows between the two of you.  Discussions of the best route to set sail in search of gold were heated. After a few hundred rounds of hems and haws and hmphs and not fairs, your journey began.
Your ship.  An old moving box.  Your ocean.  Our front yard.  Acutely aware of your nautical course, you heaved from all that you had within.  Rocky waves, unchartered waters and heavy cargo were getting the best of you.

So, you called "All Hands on Deck" to all little brothers who were hoping for a free ride crew members.
With the sounds of my embroidery machine humming, I could take not one more second of an upstair's view.  I bounded down the stairs bare footed in a tip-toe run-like sort of fashion.  My energies so enticed by your journey; I snuck around the side of the house to see more.  

With a lighter load for sailing, your boat glided much easier through the waters.  Yet, in true eldest child form, you still seemed to be the one guiding the nautical wheel.
Your mama's heart was wrapped in giddy as I squatted secretly in the front row of this performance.  Your pretending taking precedence over all that be. Your unabashed innocence was a robust reminder of the power of play.

Ships ahoy!  Your anchor scraped muddy grass bottom and intricate talks commenced.  Intense plans with grand schemes in hopes of shiny findings.  
Unkept were the minutes of my sewing lapse.  And, soon my presence as a sneaky stowaway would be noticed.  So I crept back around the house and inside hopefully unrecognized.

Upon making my way back up the staircase of adult responsibility to my studio, my eyes caught a faint glimpse of an oddity there in the staircase corner.  Moving closer for visual clarity, I found a collection it seemed.  As my eyes glanced up the next few stairs, there were more on this shiny trinket trail.

Stolen gold buttons left behind from my button collection were sparsely scattered among the steps from my studio.

Little brother knew just the source for "real gold" you see.

the power of play
my buried treasure


.mac :)

Sing Sweet Saturday

I got sunshine, sewing and smiles on today's agenda.

What about you?

Sing sweet Saturday,

.mac :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

[three to the six]

  • I wore no make up the entire day.
  • My diet revolved mostly around the rotational schedule of fork diving from cake to cake.
  • I lost to Casey in best 2 out of 3 Uno matches.  I want to remember that he came up with the idea of me sitting in the sun and he in the shade upon our disagreement of whether or not to stay in the sunshine verses  going inside to enjoy the cool non-glare.  Clever.
  • I woke up to a Shetland Pony eating grass right outside my bedroom window.
  • The boys and I herded him back into his neighboring fence home.
  • I've always wanted a pony for Christmas or my birthday.
  • Guess that was close enough to count.
  • I talked with my sweet niece, Mollye, and she sang to me.
  • The coral rose bush that I illegally confiscated transplanted from our old house has blooms on it.
  • I received the most beautiful flowers and steak dinner from Kenny's mom and step-dad.
  • The boys and I went spelunking to find our new hideaway haven like the one we used to have.
  • Yes, we swam on March 22 in a lake.
  • Eli learned to ride his very first motorcycle.  It was the very same one bought for this young lady 37 years ago.
  • I watched Kenny teach him how to ride.
  • Kenny spoiled me with my new favorite perfume.
  • Casey drove a go-cart like he was on a NASCAR circuit WITH A PILLOW to help him reach the pedals.
  • I ran 4.3 miles.
  • I talked with both my Dad-daddy and my Gramma Casey.
  • I left 3 baskets of clean laundry completely unfolded and piled in my living room.
  • I watched Eli become such good friends with one of our new neighbors.
  • I received the coolest nail polish system ever WITH 6 colors.  Bring it, 2 weeks with no chipping.
  • I decided that the gift to my 36th self is sit-ups every day.
  • Kenny made me my morning coffee.
  • I took the boys to baseball practice.
  • My dad called on the very second of my birth 36 years ago to tell me my birth story like he does every year.
  • I had a wonderful lasagna and salad supper made for me by Kenny's step-mom and dad.
  • I sewed.
  • I read books to my boys at bedtime.
  • I wore a tennis skirt.
  • I watched Kenny and the boys along with Hane-Hane play some high stakes football.
  • I felt so very loved and blessed.
  • I talked with a dear, sweet friend for almost 2 hours.
  • I felt the sun shine.
  • I watched the clouds.
  • I thought back about this very day documented here and here.
  • I told Him thank you again and again.

I got this, 

.mac :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Memories Strung

Making me a necklace.  
"Mama, I know you're gonna love this one.  It's zebra print and furry too! I'm gonna put it next to the hearts cause I just know you're gonna love it."
"Mom, I wanted the gold cross on there for you.  I told Casey where to put it.  It's my favorite piece of the necklace we made you."
Making me a necklace.
I wore it all day long, don't you know.
The sorting and sifting through mama's button jars.
-20 fingers I co-created with him-
Making a necklace for me.

Then, the date with my 3 men.
To a play.
Seats 4 in in a row and reserved.
But, we only used 3.
The Face found his view best in mama's lap.
A sideways glance through a filtered theatre glow finds Eli with his head resting on Kenny's shoulder.
There is a peaceful kind of happy gazing out of my husband's eyes as he's immersed within the stage.
I feel that same kind of happy just looking over at him.
Casey's ear lob right next to my stage view; his soft hands sit intently in mine.
Unknowingly, he rubs my pinky with his.
It's that kind of happy I feel.
Full of inquiries, Kenny and I field questions left and right.
"Shh, Case, you can't talk in a loud voice!"
The night is magical and close.
The 4 of us in 3 seats.
The walk to the car all holding hands.
Rain pouring down.
And, still, we walked.
Hand-in-hand as if not wanting the magic to end.

My wouldn'ttradethemforamilliondollars happy memories strung together from that day.
To my sons and my husband, I thank you.
For making me a necklace.

.mac :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The New Neighbors

Two mornings ago, I took these pictures from my upstairs sewing studio window.  We have new neighbors.  Six of them to be exact.  They are a boisterous camp too let me tell you.  Chock full of personality.  They prance about, eat a ton and seem to play cat-n-mouse with one another as if playing chase.    Perhaps my favorite is when they lie down and roll back & forth and back & forth scratching their shiny backs on the ground.  Sometimes, you'll even see them sun bath and nap along side one another.
I've always been huge horse lover.  I owe it all to my sweet Aunt Sharon.  {read about her cool points here}  I love their strength and am ever so amazed by their natural and massive beauty.  Grandeur is a word that comes to mind even.  And, I like to think that this view here just outside my sewing studio's window is God spoiling me just a bit.  For at night, when our home is fast asleep, and I am up until the wee hours with my sewing machine humming away, it's as if they talk to me.  The horses.  Their neighs and lips rumbles with wet air swooshing out are but curious flirts directed right at my open studio window.  Too dark to see, I find companionship with the stomping of hooves and the swishing of manes that I hear; I adore how keen and enveloped the senses move one with the other.  My rhythm settles into their presence; my everydays lean more on the comings and goings of that boisterous camp.  God is so unbelievably cool.  Giving me new neighbors and nighttime friends:  very cool indeed.

.mac :)

Friday, March 16, 2012


An Easter party is going on here at k.Mac.  And, like any good hostess, I want to officially invite you to put your party pumps on and join in.  k.Mac's 1st Annual Build-a-Basket was all kinds of fun!  I can barely wait to showcase these couture Easter basket designs.  With that being said, I must tell you that I received the most disturbing phone call today from one Mr. E.B. Longears.  Yes, the Easter Bunny contacted me only to voice his concern for my handmade priorities.  It seems the bunny feels I am ignoring him and putting more emphasis on the egg. 

Well, I can't have him feeling that way this close to his time to shine now can I? 

If you can build-a-basket then of course you can build-a-bunny!  Check out these sample selections.
For the boy!  Here is a drafted sketch of a white furry bunny on a chocolate tee with argile ribbon bow tie.  I love the pale pink and cream ticking fabric for the ear's inset.  Black fuzzy nose too!

And, perhaps the white bunny isn't your style?

Well, how about a brown bunny? Chocolate corduroy with gray whiskers and yellow dot bow tie is drafted here.  The chocolate corduroy bunny is the unexpected choice for Easter, but one I adore epecially for a little boy.

Then, there's Miss Bunny.  She's cute and sassy with her double layered bow perched sweetly askew on that precious ear of hers.  Baby pink gingham ears atop white fur has me all kinds of giddy I tell you.
These drafted tee designs were offered in a pre-sale to clients on my email contact list.  The orders came in by the whazoo with glee.  Regular price of appliqued tees by k.Mac's {mollyemade} are $20.00 not including shipping.  I am offering these Build-a-Bunny tees on sale for $17.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of March.

Here are the choices of tees:

For the baby boy:

For the little man:

For the baby girl:
For the growing lassie:
For the growing lady:
So,  have you slipped your party pumps on yet?  If so, I'm so happy!  I'm wearing my coral peep toes.  What did you choose?  And, on the topic of choosing, you have more of that to do!  Once you choose your tee color and style of bunny, you can choose the font of your child's name as well as the colors you want for the bunny's coordinating ribbon.  

Here are the ribbon options for Mr. Bunny's bow tie:
Here are options for Miss Bunny's k.Mac Hair Happy {choose 2!}:
And, I need you to listen to all that I say here.  
 You got your ears on?  

I adore being a creator of handmade items.  Allowing me the privilege to do this for a profession is like my feet having tap shoes on ALL.THE.TIME.  I get such joy from hand drawing each applique I create.  I like the eclectic twist and detailed features of hand drawn so much more than the quick turn out of a computer generated and stitched applique.  So, should you choose to invest in one of k.Mac's appliqued tees, I want your child to get the most wear and use out of it.  I want to encourage you to order a size larger than you typically do if you are the mama of a toddler, young lady or young man.  The 1st Easter season, the shirt will fit a little more loosely and the 2nd Easter season will be a fit that's just right.  For $17.00 WITH FREE SHIPPING and for 2 years use, I think you are getting a wonderful deal. Alright, I think I'm done mothering you with your order now. {grin}
So, now I wanna love on you!  With each Build-a-Bunny tee purchase, you will receive a {mollyemade} appliqued tee rewards card. I will keep track of each applique tee you purchase and your 13th one is FREE!  Applique tees are great for birthday celebrations, birthday gifts for friends' children and are so wonderful to have for all the holidays too. Before you know it, that #12 will be punched.

Especially if you purchase a Build-a-Bunny shirt as I AM PUNCHING #1 AND #2 FOR THIS PURCHASE!

Come on, build-a-bunny.  Because remember:  it's NOT about the egg; it's about the BUNNY. Contact to order.

Help me get back in ole longears good graces, 

.mac :)

p.s.  Would you like to be on k.Mac's email list?  If so, send me your email at  I will be sure to include you in all pre-sales and early promotion deals.

p.p.s.  Congratulations Michelle Meacham!  You are the winner of k.Mac's cosmetic bag giveaway. Thank you for all who participated!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Bunny Ready.

Because that's what Peter Cottontail wants.  And, it's the right thing to do really.  One should not hunt for eggs with a bland, barren basket.  With this in mind, we will not even begin to mention the new soft object shaped "baskets" or the ahem, nifty tub-like buckets.

No, no. Unacceptable.

It's a basket.
It's a tradition.
And, it's yours.

So, I say make it just that.


And, I'll be glad to help too!

Beginning now thru April 2nd, k.Mac is hosting its first annual "Build-a-Basket" celebration. Large honey brown baskets are all piled up and just waiting to find a happy home.  These baskets measure 6.5" high by 9" wide and 11" long.
Included in your "build-a-basket" price, you will design your Easter basket from start to finish.  First begin by customizing your basket liner from 12 different gingham shades.
Then, you may choose 2 different ribbons to serve as bows for little misses and ties for little misters

Finally, you make your font and thread color for the personalization your would like on the basket.  Go here to see the fonts offered.

And, there you have it.  One absolute knock-out Easter basket that's 10% less than Pottery Barn Kids Easter Basket Prices.

Pottery Barn Kids small basket + liner + personalization = $43.00
Pottery Barn Kids large basket + liner + personalization = $55.00

k.Mac Easter baskets are not only larger than the large Pottery Barn Kids baskets, but they also offer more font and gingham color choices. And, k.Mac Easter baskets are CHEAPER too!

So, I think it's time you do what the basket says or else the bunny's gonna get you.

I'm bunny ready, 

.mac :)  

p.s.  Conact for ordering.

p.p.s. Want to order more than one "build-a-basket"? Ask about k.Mac's discount on multiple basket purchases.

Monday, March 12, 2012

lycra + wrinkles = wonderful.

I think I missed my athletic calling.  I was a college athlete.  Not sure if anyone out there really knew that or not.  I played basketball and soccer.  After suiting up in this new-to-me skirt, why, I ask you, didn't I play tennis?

Got this sweetie pie with the built-in shorts made of the softest lycra I have ever put my hands on [Just had the pleasure of educating my husband the term lycra this weekend by the way] at a Goodwill for $2.00.  
Clearly, I dressed myself out of the pile of wrinkled clean UNFOLDED clothes from the couch.  And, you know what?  I am in heaven wrinkles and all. A short skirt where you can bend over and you're totally covered.  Where was this skirt in my dancing days in college?  Seriously, I don't understand why I've never held a racket or why wrinkles aren't totally in style?  These questions I will ponder for the rest of eternity I guess.

Happy Monday!

.mac :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

{these feet}

These feet tell me stories. Good ones too.  Plots thick with twists and unexpected endings.  I read them everyday.  Some days I take just a glance at the book spine of  their brotherhood and opt to skim through the chapters to follow.  Other days find me immersed in every ink blot of print I can soak in of them.  Frivolously, I turn pages late into the night only hoping I can keep up with their character development and dual protagonists point of view.  Then, there are days like this one.  Days where I am engaged and interested, but have much on my mind.  You know the sessions with print where you find yourself re-reading the same paragraph over and again because of your preoccupation?  

Thank goodness for those re-reads.
For comprehension is such a blessing.

Our day started early and with much on the agenda.  The boys were anxious for the warm day ahead of them.  Just the night before, I overheard them planning their break times away from school.  On this morning, they were particularly deliberate and quite meticulous on their clothing selections for their day.
They had received the outfits you see here the Christmas before last.  Being just 20 months apart in age, I have often dressed them alike.  I've always loved the look-alike concept.  Maybe it's that whole "I'm gonna grow up and have twins" dream that all little girls have working its way out and into my closebutnotsomuch reality.

The boys usually oblige me in this twinzy vibe, but never by their own choice.  Independence and autonomy increases with each rung on the age ladder we climb. And, well, matching outfits aren't gonna fly.

Until this day.

Preoccupied and in my proverbial pace car,  I neglected to really even notice what covered their backs and hineys.  

Until this moment.  

With our school day halfway through and on break, I was laying belly down [Yes, belly down.] in the grass photographing k.Mac products.  The lighting was the perfect overcast yet dismally bright kinda day for a photography session.  Snapping away all while contorting myself in the most unethical positions to get justtheright angle, I stopped to get a frappin' piece of MY hair out of the lens.  

As my fingers crossed over my eyes in a swooping motion, my eyes seemed to follow along with my fingers landing my gaze on this pitcher and batter at play.

Unforeseen, I blurted out: "Hey guys.  You look cute!"  

Eli, the pitcher, responded quickly back:  "We're not cute, Mom.  We're players."

And, I again: "No, I like your outfits. You look so cute; you look like twins!"

Casey would have no more of my ridiculous banter:  "Mom, we are not twins.  We are teammates.  Teammates wear the same uniforms."
And, like I said, these feet tell me stories.
 Good ones too.  
Plots thick with twists and unexpected endings.  

Teammates NOT Twins.
I love this ending.

Comprehension is such a blessing, 

.mac :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

k.Mac's Easter Eggstravaganza!

Cosmetic bags filled with Easter egg surprises...

k.Mac happily presents an Easter Eggstravaganza!

From now until Easter purchase a cosmetic bag and receive a FREE monogram AND FREE SHIPPING!


And, that's not even the best part!

Inside each cosmetic bag will be an Easter egg filled with a k.Mac coupon. 

Coupons are randomly stuffed by Eli and Casey into Easter eggs and can range from any of the following surprises:
  • FREE personalization
  • 10% off your next purchase
  • FREE shipping on your next order
  • 20% off your next purchase
  • 30% off your next purchase
  • 40% off your next purchase
  • 50% off your next purchase
Can you imagine the fun you will have opening up your very own custom designed cosmetic bag in the mail?
Only to unzip it and find your next surprise!
I can hardly wait to see what you are gonna win!

k.Mac cosmetic bags must be purchased in one of the following fabric collections:

* Now is a swell time to shop for Mother's Day.  
  • A cosmetic bag filled with fun goodies makes a great Mother's Day gift.
* Now is also a wonderful time to take care of your child's teacher.
  • A k.Mac monogrammed cosmetic bag makes an awesome end-of-the-year thank you gift.
* k.Mac coupons are good for 6 months.
  • A September expiration date makes a perfect time to order something handmade for a Christmas gift.
*  Complete your set!
  • Order your cosmetic bag and then use your k.Mac coupon to purchase a matching handbag for a discounted price!

It's an egg-cellent deal!

Contact to place your order.

Information needed:
  1. monogram:  first initial-LAST initial-middle initial
  2. font choice:  Go here to view fonts.
  3. fabric collection for cosmetic bag
  4. Address for shipping 

Bows are in my bunny ears just waiting on your email, 

.mac :)

*Want a chance to win one of the cosmetic bags you see in the advertisement?

Here's what you do:
  1.  Copy/paste the Easter Eggstravaganza advertisement picture in an email to 10 of your friends.  Make sure to "Cc" ( in your email.  I will gladly put your name in the rabbit's hat for a chance at winning your choice of the cosmetic bags you see in the promotional!  
  2. Winner of the cosmetic bag giveaway will be announced next Friday, March 16th.
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