Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Oh, here comes Peter Cottontail...
hoppin' down the bunny trail.
Easter's on its way!
Yes, Miss Mollye is ready for Easter. With 4 (count them 1-2-3-4) Easter egg hunts to attend, she just had to have more than one Easter egg hunting outfit. Remember this one? Well cute as it may {mollyemade} be, a girl just can't be caught dead wearing the same Easter egg hunting outfit to all FOUR Easter egg hunts, you know.

And she has to do a little something different with her hair too.
Meet {mollyemade} Twins.
Shown here in Goody, Goody Gumdrops.
Available on website reeeeeeal soon!
Those Twins are gonna look so happy in that Mollye's platinum hair.
Hair compliments of my brother (the Casey gene pool)
{molllyemade} Twins compliments of Aunt Meghan (the mollyemade gene pool)
And who cares if she even finds one stinkin' egg when she has an outfit like this.

And shoes like this:
Oh yeah, that competitive mama of hers will. {grin}
But enough talk about egg hunting...

Hippity-hoppity that outfit above is on its way...


.mac :)

****Edit to add. ****

Completely unplanned, you MUST go check out what Mollye's mama posted just this evening as well.

There's proof!

1. Mollye's mama has just a tad bit of winner-i-tis!
2. {mollyemade} is even cuter on!
3. That niece of mine is a so adorable I could stick her in my Easter basket!

Monday, March 29, 2010

{my kitchen window sill}

Mama: "Alright boys. We are going to play outside for 25 minutes before nap time."
Boys: {racing off to the front door} {hollers, screams and shouts of "YESSSS!"}
Mama: "Hey now. Wait. Do not go out that door just yet."
Boys: {squealing sneaker skids to stop and turn} ANTSY and FIDGETING
Mama: "I am going to open the garage door for you to get your toys. Do not go near the road. Got it?"
Boys: "Yeah, mom! Yeah. We got it! We will meet you at the garage." {busting out the front door}


I meet 2 little boys with handfuls of sunshine.
For me.

Eli: "Mom, we went around and picked every single yellow flower we could find for you as fast as we could!"
Casey: "Yeah, we wanted to you have all the flowers."

And I do.

2 handfuls of sunshine.
On my kitchen window sill.

I don't have to look back to know that this was a big thing.
It's worth every penny to stay at home with these little men.

.mac :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sluffing Off

{my facial cleanser}

I am addicted to exfoliating.
I'm 34.
No wonder.

.mac :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010


On top.
On bottom.

And I am off for a run!

Happy Saturday, peeps!

.mac :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Au Revoir

Parting is such sweet sorrow...
Until we meet again next year, birthday cake...

I will miss you tremendously.

.mac :(

p.s. I ate the entire cake myself minus the first 7 pieces given out at the family get together. Just used that fork you see propped there in the first picture.

p.p.s. The cake is from here all you hometown people.
My favorite: strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.

p.p.p.s. Real strawberries were up in that cake too. REAL. I ain't even kidding.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


It never fails.
I am always enamored by the spirit and whimsical nature of youth.
Out in the yard playing one of their many most favorites, they decide to maintain some order.
That would totally be inherited from their father.

Yes behaving in a capricious manner, these 2 do quite often.
And that's precisely why I think they are the absolute best co-workers to have.

Nature yields happiness tenfold in little boys. It asks nothing of them but to enjoy and stick around.
Two requests my boys will gladly fulfill.

True to their personalities.
Completely unscripted.
No poses.
I snap.
Enjoy my happiness tenfold:

{my tree hugger}

{my dirt digger}

Tree dancing.
Dirt digging.
Completely capricious.
Happiness tenfold.
My yard tools.

Like nature, I, too, hope they enjoy and stick around.

.mac :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oNe uPpEd

Remember this beauty from yesterday?
She's in full bloom now.
One week has given her just enough sunshine and rain for a magnificent showing.
And it looks like someone else is ready for a magnificent showing as well, huh?
So go on and be magnificent, sister.
I mean rockonwichyerbadself.
This is k.Mac's Gypsy. You first met her here. And since then she has been itching for some attention on the website. The website that is soooooo close to being done.
Inside jobs have been getting her the love she deserves. Inside as in by word of mouth locally. Yes, this client saw one of my Gypsy handbags carried by someone else.
She was delighted at what she saw and went in for a closer look and to inquire more about "Just where did you get this handbag?"

And my client gladly told her all about k.Mac's Gypsy and handed her one of my business cards.
It seems the inside job got it done too! This client loved k.Mac's Tricky Tomato fabric collection and after perusing my vintage scarf collections, she chose one shipped straight from the sunshine state. I love how the scarf's old school red plays with both the orange dots as well as the solid crushed cranberry in the bag's background. Very illusional.
And so my pretty accessory has been oNe uPpEd.
And it's time I hunker down as my husband would say and FoCuS on finishing the beauty of this new website.
The Gypsy's waiting, you know.

.mac :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

oNe uP

What's prettier than this sweet accessory beginning to bloom in my yard?

Find out tomorrow!

.mac :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Clouds and Colors

In 34 years would I have ever imagined being this blessed.
I had not even a clue.

To stay a child forever, I am with these 2 by my side.
God's black and white sketches for my life ...
Unfold as vibrant hues of warmth and happiness upon MY mantle.
My first kiss as Mrs. Kenny Cobble.
The vase that was my mom's.
Books as gifts from my best friend.
A coral wall just for me.
Buttercups picked by my boys.
A family healthy and together.

Last year, I was given the best gift ever. Yes, my Eli melted my heart on so many levels. His interpretation of his family will always be etched in my mind on my 33rd year.

And at church this Sunday, he interpreted us again one year older...
(gotta love the "ELI" written with train wheels)
Eli: "Mom, I picked this one because it looks like you and your eyes sparkle like stars when you smile."

Eli: "This is me and Case. We're good bros, aren't we, mom?"
Eli: "And here's dad. He has some gray in his hair and wears that ring that says he's yours forever."

And then being one year older, he was asked to draw his family too...
If you think for one second this is not going to be put in a frame in our home you.are.dead.wrong.
Upon closer examination of this work of art, I got tickled at each character's points of emphasis.

Me with my hair balled on top of my head and quite endowed up top, I must say.
Kenny with a belly.
Casey with red lips.
Eli with a long neck.

I just had to inquire more about these features.

Me: "E-man, tell me more about each of us in your drawing."
Eli: (looking intently at his picture) "Awwww, man, mom. I messed up! I forgot to draw Casey a neck. Everyone else has one, but I forgot his. He is just so short, it made me forget!"

Apparently, my bosom and Kenny's gut are necks after all.
Lucky Kenny.
And, I guess my birthday wish was but an interpretation in Eli's drawing of me.
Oh well, a girl can dream...

Casey, at 3 years old, drew us too.
Casey: "See me and Eli side by side, mama? We are playing together. You and daddy are watching us cause you guys are the big bosses in charge."
(I'm guessing Kenny and I are in the big block figures on the left. We are the militant parentals, you know.)

And so being born has awarded me heapfuls of blessings and more for which I am grateful.

The little mores, you ask?

Like my favorite coffee cup heaped full of whipped cream this morning...
And hoards of my favorite donuts to gobble...
The impatience of warmer weather for my favorite flowers to grow...
Bright Lights Big Color on my fingers and toes...A new spring handbag with vintage coral taffeta that was my mom's in queue...
And surprise words from my dad that have pressed in against my heart...
And like the rainbow I captured with the boys yesterday evening...
Through the clouds and rain, you can always find bursts of color...
34 years today...

"Mom, I am doing my best to make my Meghan statement."

Thank you God for all the clouds and colors.
.mac :)

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