Friday, August 31, 2012


I love this word.  I find it in so many different facets of my life the older I become.  It seems God's reliable timing manifests joy less in wave like proportions like with youth but in more of a rhythmical current.  Rockout swells of "Dude, this is awesome." are replaced with heartstring tugs of "Now.  Feel it?  Breathe deep and soak it in." Maturity and a good dose of jimmy cracked corn and I don't care seem to help a bit too I would imagine.

But, to cut it loose?  It's that glorious time when you let your hair down and consider your time marked  ::happy::  for even just a brief spell that refuels the soul so.  Kinda like when Snoop's got his "mind on his money and his money on his mind."  He be knowin.  Yeah.  He be knowin.

For all of you just joining me in my year of rhythm, you may want to catch up. 

For all of my 4 best friends who read this blog regulars back on the read scene for my month-by-month year in rhythm review, so glad you know me.  Because I needn't have to explain my July review posting on the last day of August. Prompt.  That's one word notsomuch in Meghan's adjective bucket.  But, you can throw 'thorough' and 'wordy' in there any ole time you want.

Here we go, peeps...

Ensemble Statistics:

  • $2.00
  • That's a capital Y in Yes. 
  •  It came from Goodwill.
  • Before anyone goes throwing up in their mouth a little bit, IT STILL HAD THE SALES TAGS ON IT AND THAT LITTLE HYGENE STRIP IN THE BIKINI AREA.  
  • I felt secure that once I completed my color bleach washing regimen on this purchase, I was nothing short of golden.
  • Arizona brand
  • I love this suit for many reasons.  
  • It has a great athletic look to it.  
  • It's hard to find an athletic looking bathing suit that doesn't look like you are wearing your sports bra with matching underwear.
  • It has a fun print to it.
  • I love fun prints.
  • The back is all kinds of rockin cool.
  • View the picture below:

  • It has a criss cross back which then criss crosses again below it.
  • A double criss-cross.  That'll make you Jump Jump.
  • I have it tucked in the picture you see above so as to maximize my Vitamin D intake from the orange sphere above, but the front of this suit comes to a point just above my belly button in a bandana "V" formation.  Very different and fun if you ask me.
  • The bottoms are conservative yet fun with draw string ties that dangle from the side. 
  • This suit is a good change up from my normal swim suit.  
  • Change up is good.
  • Everyone needs a new set of tan lines every now and again.

  • Target
  • Merona brand
  • $7.00 sale
  • I've been wanting a Fedora for quite sometime.  
  • My brother-in-law was the first to inspire me with this piece of fashion.  You gotta check him out here. Kevin even got married in his Fedora.  I'll have to share pics of that one day.  Coach Cobble served as one of the groomsmen and rocked a hat in the wedding with mad skills too.  Have I mentioned how cute he is?
  • I wanted a Fedora that wasn't too typical.
  • When I saw this textured print and the sale sign, I knew it was destiny.
  • I love the charcoal blue paired with the buttery oatmeal hue.
  • Bought it with my best friend right before heading out from this great weekend of fun.

Total Outfit Investment:  $9.00

July 2012

My personal word of growth for July was enjoy.

My mission:

I wanted to invest in my smile.  Furthermore, the things that create its place on my face. 
  • I wanted to get lost in laughing.  
  • I wanted to lay still and close my eyes.
  • I wanted to dance and be silly.
  • I wanted to play chase with the boys and have swim races and diving contests.
  • I wanted to see how long I could hold my breath underwater.
  • I wanted to stay up late listening to music with Kenny.
  • I wanted to fall asleep in his arms talking.
  • I wanted to feel waves and sand on my body.
  • I wanted to capture my 3 men being silly together.
  • I wanted to drink wine with one of my best friends and sister.
  • I wanted to wear my favorite nail color for the whole entire month.
  • I wanted to watch movies.
  • I wanted to eat ice cream with Kenny.
  • I wanted to read with the boys just for reading's sake.
  • I wanted to try something new.
  • I wanted to give all of my worries away and trust that God's will and direction in my life is enough to let Him handle.  
  • I wanted to fine tune my radio station to His melody in my soul.
  • I wanted to rest.
  • I wanted to run real hard and fast and often.
  • I wanted to eat at a fancy restaurant.
  • I wanted to sing a lot.  The songs that sink into me and make me better on the inside and out.
  • I wanted to help love on people that mean the world to me.
  • I wanted to spread smiles to those that so often are the reasons the corners of my mouth turn up.

My status:  *   *   *   *

4 out of 5 stars

My memories:

I did it.  All of it.  I cannot tell you how helpful this shock wave of optimism and happy endorphins has helped with my cascade into August.
  • Our family vacation to see Kristi and Tony.
  • My Kristi and her sweetness in my life.
  • The waves and the sand.
  • I paddled boarded.
  • My favorite nail color
  • Bistro 90
  • Wine tasting with my husband and K & T.
  • Swim races
  • Sun soaking
  • Helping with Mollye's 4th birthday party.  I can remember her birthday theme from her 3rd birthday like it was yesterday.
  • Snuggling my sweet niece Mallory for 3 whole days!
  • Music LOUD and often.
  • Our visit back to Chattanooga for 2 days to love on the people that we miss.
  • Kenny's cuteness in my life.
  • My letting go of schedules and concerns and finding their place in prayer, thanksgiving and at the feet of my savior.
  • I have upped my running schedule and increased my times too.
  • Our commitment to regular tithing in church and not just when we "feel like we can give"
  • My memory and the strength it brings me.
  • Helping my best friend highlight her hair and talking all night.  God, thank you for those Beeson steps.

I did it.  

Snoop.  He be knowin.  Yeah.

Bring it, August.  
I'm ready.

.mac :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ode to Ramen

We eat Ramen Noodles.  There.  I said it.  Yes, we pair them with potato chips.  Is there a Mommy Hell?  Before you go handing me my pitch fork and sending me south, please note the carrot sticks strategically placed atop the chips as well as the heaping serving of no sugar added applesauce to the side.
One with ham slices. The other with pepperoni.  We eat those noodles and love every minute of their cheap squirrely curls and their saturated "chicken" sodium flavor. Mmmm.  Mmmm.

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

.mac :)

{week 27:  my 2 in 52}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


My sweet little one.  May I be reminded of your strength.  Moreover, your courage.  With gritted teeth, elephant sized salty tears and those high pitch shrieks calling out for me, the damage was done.  Accidents that seize the heart and stop time of the ways we know as normal.  My mama meter's read out was hesitant at first.  Processing your anger and the shock.  May I remind you that you and your brother are all too often the epitome of roughandtumble.  Thus, our visits to the land of falls and scrapes are frequent.

But, you clenched my hand and your eyes peered into mine a distinct delivery of discernment.  One that pressed into my heart and pierced it just the same.  Anger filled my presence and prayers begin to follow.   Our pursuit to your prognosis was now::  Daddy, Mama and you.  I will remember your Daddy's fervor over your comfort and your closeness to him.  His loss of memory when asked for your birthdate by the emergency room clerk percolated into my motherhood role of task mastering and his papa bear hold on you.

Your serenity secured us.  Mama and Daddy watched on as your courage and calmness collected us.   As if you were there for our comfort.  Your manners were present and profound; your patience unwavering.  Contorted and twisted, you remained strong and steadfast for the x-rays to confirm.

It was broken. 

Your collar bone.
Our hearts.

My sweet little one.  Thank you for your poise.  Thank you for your attitude of optimism and healing.  For this tackle accident between you and your brother has stopped our normal for but a time.  And, has reminded your mother of God's grace and miraculous healing.  A sling for six weeks and your bone will shift on its own and grow completely back together good as new.

You are His.
And, He is so very present in you.

For being broken, I give thanks to Him. In so many ways.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

He likes'em.

I'm sure you remember this post about our new neighbors, right? Eli has made quite the connection with these new friends if you'll recollect too.  It would appear the feeling is mutual.  Meet Toad.  He is the miniature horse that lives next door.  He's 1 of the 10 four-leggers that live but a stone's throw away and to the right of our home.  Being the only tiny one, he has learned to get out of the fenced pasture. While out, he roams around the long grass that separates our property from his.  Here lately, he has even made his way into our yard for a few munching visits.  The boys love on him real good inside the fence and even more, so when out and about.  He's been making daily trips into our yard this past week.  And, yesterday?  Well, our neighbors to the left of us (they're two-leggers) sent me this picture via text.  The boys and Kenny walked into the kitchen to find Toad with his face pressed against our back porch glass doors just asking for the boys to come out and play.

Have I mentioned we live in a rural place?

Gotta love it,

.mac :)

Monday, August 20, 2012


{June 6, 2012--leaving for our 10 year anniversary trip to Biltmore.}

It was June 8, 2002.  I wore a long cathedral length veil and a real poofy dress. He was so very dapper in his silver tie and suit.  I can remember walking with my Dad down the aisle.  My smile was so big I thought my teeth were going to climb out of my mouth.  I remember wanting to pick up the poof part and run real quick to get beside him.  His gaze upon me was secure and sweet.  I'll never forget.  

The celebration was one for the record books.  One where dancing and good times were at the top of the list.  But what I want to remember right here and right now is the ride home as Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Cobble.  He stopped at a car wash to de-garb our "just married"ness before we left on a 7 day honeymoon.  I watched my brand new husband in full tuxedo clean his truck from top to bottom while I sat in the cab in my poofy dress with bird seed in my hair, a shiny new ring on my finger and a 3 dozen rose bouquet in my lap.  As glistening water droplets cascaded down the windshield, I would wave and he would smile & wink through the soap suds.  I remember sitting there rehearsing over and again in my head, "I am Mrs. Kenny Cobble.  My name is Meghan Cobble."

And, I am still.

I love this man. He is kind and genuine.  Hard working and hopeful.  His place next to me continues to grow roots strong and deep. This verse was read at our wedding.  I knew little of its width or depth then. Time and togetherness teaches you.  It reminds you of your faults and pushes you forward with your strengths. Living out and learning from mistakes as well as rejoicing in the good has taught me so much more about the kind of love God desires from us all.

He wants us to share it.  Spread it.  Let go of it and trust in its return.  As husband and wife, we continue to write our love story.  The story of our togetherness is getting better with each chapter we pen.  I am thankful for our laughter and love of music.  For finding our way to communicate.  For the buttons we chose not to push and for the commitment to be the best we can be together.  Ten years and 2 sons later, I still want to pick up my poof part and run real quick to get beside him.  And, his gaze on me is still secure and sweet.
{Impromptu family photo.  Boys had baseball with Papaw on the brain.  Not silly pictures!}
Love never fails, 

Mrs. Kenny Cobble :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Loaded Sabbath

Up and in uniform before breakfast.  This is the day the Lord hath made.
They are locked & loaded and plan to be glad in it.
 Just gotta unload a few rounds and secure the perimeter before cleaning up for church.
Church.  You goin?  You better be.  

Happy Sunday morning!

.mac :)

{week 28: my 2 in 52}

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Note to Self

This year of rhythm is teaching me oh so well.  It's crazy cool how all it takes is a little focus and reassessment of priorities to debunk and de-clutter the innards of life.  Life speaks to us all if we let it I like to think.  It sings out choruses rich & deep.  On repeat for a reason.  I am hoping that I am making the time be it precise or in a pinch to stop and chime in with my iamsoanaltobutwishiwasasoprano voice off key & all.

The world around me is slow.  I choose for it to be.  Slow in the sense that I do my best not to over commit to social gatherings.  Do you know how hard this is being the Chatty Cathy that I am?  I could easily be in like 3 women's groups, on 2 separate committees and if that church we're visiting ain't careful, you might just hear a shrill alto-squeezed-soprano from the good ole choir loft.  

I have always been an all or nothing gal.  I can't start something unless I know it is, without a doubt, my damn best.  This blows on several levels to be quite frank with you.  I have this conversation at times with myself and it goes a little something like this {Thank you, RUN-DMC and Aerosmith}:  "Meg, don't go so deep and be strangled by the life of an overachiever.   Chilax for a hot minute.  If the boys aren't read to everyday, the world will still rotate.  If the first draft a new design is a wash, there will be another.  If Kenny Cobble wants McDonald's chicken nuggets for dinner, roll with it, damnit."  I am finding my year of rhythm reminding me that my journey is worth just what I put into it.  They work and the joy.   

And there is joy in my gifts.  Joy in my passions too.  I need be reminded of this as my laughter is precious. My smile is too. To myself and to others. My time used for listening and living out with people I love dear needs a little more attention.  This rat race is mine.  I am the pace car.  Heck, I even love cheese.

Note to self.

.mac :)   

Monday, August 13, 2012

Penny Books

{Casey's penny book selections}

I wanted to take time here in my cyberspace spot to field some questions regarding how our homeschooling works.  Specifically, I wanted to focus on one segment of our reading program. Teaching a child to read and read well at that is one of the most profound gifts you can ever give.  It takes a whole lotta patience as well as a whole lotta practice.  To be effective in this endeavor, I feel like children need 7 key elements for success.

These elements have derived from my teaching experience both in the classroom {7 years} and now at home {in my 3rd year}.

They are:

1.  To be read to
2.  To be read with
3.  To have reading modeled for them
4.  To have autonomy in their reading selections
5.  To have allotted time for reading alone
6.  To be held accountable
7.  To celebrate their success

I have friends quiz me about how homeschooling works exactly for us.  I also have friends who are unsure of just how to help their little ones learn to become good or better readers.  I am in no way an expert, but I do feel strongly in the success of the above key components.  For the sake of those out there anxious or unsettled with just what to do or perhaps considering the purchase of a reading program the equivalent to a monthly car payment, I thought I would take the time to share how we operate using elements #4- #7 at home in greater detail.

So as not to ignore #1 - #3, allow me to give an overview of those steps:

1. To be read to-- Read to your kiddos.  Anything and everything age appropriate.  Spend time looking at books and magazines or newspapers.  One of my boys' favorite things is to pick up the free "car trader" magazines outside the grocery store and circle cars or trucks they "want" in addition to spouting off their mileage, make and model.  I have a chapter book usually about one to two grades above their reading level, that I read daily to them.  They LOVE this time of our day.

2.  To be read with-- This reading should be done on their grade level.  It is you sitting down with them individually and listening to them read.  You are engaging them with questions about the book and encouraging them with sounding out words and understanding the story.  This takes time and PATIENCE especially with the emergent reader.  This component is, by far, the most crucial.

3.  To have reading modeled for them-- Set aside time in your day to read silently together.  That means all of you reading with no talking.  Children need to see that reading is important to adults.  I love reading, but I rarely have time to get lost in a book due to my busy work schedule with k.Mac in addition to homeschooling.  I actually really love this time of our day.  I use the timer and we read for 15 minutes.  Slowly, I am plugging away at a juicy novel that otherwise, I would not make time for.

4.  To have autonomy in their reading selections-- Children choosing what they read is so very important.  It encourages decision making, it further defines their interests and boosts confidence additionally.  This is where we begin our PENNY BOOK program in our home.  We use the local libraries.  Every other week we make the trip for them to select what new books will fill their "penny book" basket.  I use this time to pull books for their content learning in their core subjects.  We do not have a specific curriculum that we use for homeschooling other than grade level state standards and the wonderment of creativity and work ethic.
{shown here:  Casey's penny book baskets for the week.}
{The left basket is what is yet to be read.  The right basket is what has been read.}

With Casey, my K/1st grader, I am reading with him for his "penny books".  I use this time to fulfill component #2 as well.  The time spent with him inside these books of his choice is so critical.  My tone and my expectations are everything when it comes to him learning to read well.  Time is everything.  I make it a point that he sees me encouraging and engaged in what he chooses to read.  Oftentimes, he reads the same book to Kenny when he comes home from work that evening to reinforce fluency and share a great book with dad.  This re-read along with my place reading with him during the day is the first stab at taking care of component #6.

For Casey's books to count as complete, he has to read them fluently with no help.  Thus, his done basket may not have as many in it at the end of the week when compared to Eli's "done basket".

The amount in the "done basket" is where #6 component rallies out.  A penny is earned for each book read for the week.  The boys keep these pennies in a mason jar in their rooms.  These pennies can be turned in for larger coins when applicable.  This is one of the ways I foster teaching money to the kids.  This money is used for things they want when enough is saved.  Mostly, packs of gum or Dollar Tree toys.  The kids also use this money for their tithing at church.

{Casey's penny jar}

And, lastly, component #7.  CELEBRATE!  The boys choose their favorite read of the week.  This year I am going to do my best to document with a photo and them sharing a video of what they loved best about this book.  It is my hope to blog weekly about our favorite reads.  Alas, should life get in the way, these videos and photos will make great clips to send out to grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Plus, the boys LOVE watching themselves on video!

{Casey's favorite read:  week 8/6-8/11}
"All Together Now"
by Anita Jeram

Casey's favorite book interview:

And, I can't leave out our big 2nd grader Eli...
{Eli's penny book selections compared to his "done basket"}

Eli's "done basket":
I will often ask him to bring me 2-3 books from his "done basket" throughout the week.  I read them and make written quizzes out for him to answer.  If he answers all 8-12 questions correctly, he gets to roll the dice to see how many additional pennies he receives for reading these books.  This helps to follow through with component #6 as well as encourage Casey to become a stronger reader for a chance at this next phase in our penny book program.

Eli's penny books left still to read:

{Eli's penny jar}

{Eli's favorite read:  8/6-8/11}
"The Red Racer"
by Audrey Wood

Eli's favorite book interview:

Eli's finish up interview {Oops! Small recording hiccup}:

Finally, the boys read their favorites one to the other.  This time for Casey is priceless.  His big brother is so fun to listen to.  In time, Casey's fluency and intonation will increase and Eli will think the same about his little brother.
Time, patience and practice.  It's what we use to hopefully give these guys one of the greatest gifts of all.

.mac :)

Friday, August 10, 2012

-lift off-

Lift off.  I love comparing myself to solid rocket boosters.  I teach.  I work for no school system.  In state records & on tax documents filed, you will not find a W-2  with my name on it. Our decision for me to homeschool our boys is one Kenny and I take seriously.  It is a decision we make on a year-to-year basis. We are human.  We lament over what a 'normal' education would be like for our boys right down to the yellow bus rides and the 20 minute recesses with spelling tests on Fridays.  And, at the same time, we rejoice in the rhythmical pace of learning that homeschooling fosters.  The intimacy & immediacy of child-to-parent along with the powerful component of play are, by far, the precious tugs on our hearts bringing us back to another school year of home.
We began with bare feet this week.  Wading in nice and slow and with purpose.  My year of rhythm has put such convictions on 'why I do what I do' in so many facets of my life.  I want to see validity in my time invested.  Moreover, I want them to see the great reasons of why we do what we do.  As individuals, as a family, as citizens and most importantly, as God's children.
To be clear, I want to address an argument that exists out loud for several people regarding homeschool.  This is the argument that school at home is just a whole lotta free time for the kids paired with lackadaisically low expectations & standards set from the parent.  I know this argument all too well.  I was a public education teacher for 7 years.  This was my complaint of homeschooling back when I did, in fact, have a W-2 on file.
In my third year of homeschooling, I can whole heartedly say that this argument in our home has been rebuked as hogwash.  Learning together at the same table you say grace around while holding the hands of your family members is a concentrated collaboration of just that:  holding hands.  
{Casey's word work.  First day of K/1st grade}

Lessons are directed with a tone of teamwork and togetherness.  Sounding out and does it sound right? are blended harmoniously with what do we know about letters and the how they work together to make words?
{Eli's word work. First day of 2nd grade}

Choices are made with what words they want to further expand on and investigate more through rhymes, journal time or dictionary discovery.
Fresh new math journals are cracked open for skip counting practice with number drills to cypher on.  Calculators are lugged out only for the boys to check their own work and put grades a top their own papers.
I look at the life that God has given me as a chance.  A beautiful chance to mess up all while making more of who I am for myself and for others.   The others?  They are my sons.  The rockets in which I am to provide the most concentrated amount of liquid fuel to.  It is only when they have maximized their fuel source and power that I am to be separated from them as they defy gravity and soar.  Home.  Our expectations are high.  These 2 are worth it all.  The time invested.  The sacrifice in pay.  They are my rhythm.
2012-2013 Year Long Theme:  "It takes big steps to be a great man."
Concept:  cooperation

Have I mentioned I love being compared to solid rocket boosters?

.mac :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Moments that are not mine.
Unbeknownst to schedules and timelines.
Oblivious to bills and balances of our home.
You earn moments from the other.

Snuggled and hidden.
I steal them from you.
Through windows and glass doors.
I watch rainy days on back porches.
And your dividends of togetherness are my profit too.


                                                     {week 29}:  my 2 in 52                                                          

Friday, August 3, 2012

{in my arms}

A week ago today I spent my Friday with this little snugglebug, her big sistertheir mama and my 2 boys.  Spending the day as Aunt Meg and Mama was just what I wanted to do.  I did my best to help Kim with Mollye's birthday party preparations, but ended up lovin' on Miss Mallory for most of the day. Watching her sleep in my arms is good medicine I tell you. I took breaks every now & again from swaddles only to capture images of Mollye, Eli and Casey catching a wild baby bunny, disperse nourishment to these rugrats and attempt a 3 mile run on foreign Franklin County soil.

I want to remember.

  • the laughter of cousins sliding down wet water declines
  • Mollye's obliviousness to her bathing suit turning into a thong 
  • Eli's proctoring and safeguards to the younger 2 wild ones
  • layering the different colored cake batter into jelly jars for kiddie rainbow cakes
  • Mallory's sweet sideways smile and happy tiny giggles as I talked to her
  • the uncanny way that Mollye and Casey just get each other.  
  • a very untidy playroom as playing was top priority
  • slumbering in sleeping bags atop a blown up air mattress next to my little men
  • the sight of a sister-in-law determined to throw one heckuva 4th birthday party
  • watching her succeed
  • painting on sweet little faces in the summer sun
  • giving Mollye "4 fives" over and over again for her birthday
  • seeing my boys be such good helpers and friends to others the entire weekend
  • eating donuts with my brother
  • playing in my little girl lake
  • showing the boys where I grew up
  • Chocolate Yohoos from Speedy Sak
  • taking my Dad-daddy strawberry ice cream on a stick
  • Tims Ford Marina breakfast buffet 
  • feeding fish and picking out dream boats

I want to remember my family.  
Their love. 
 Their happy presence in my life.  
A week ago today.

Good medicine I tell you,

.mac :)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


My husband can barely stand to sit beside me in church due to my note taking skills.  I don't know how many times he shakes his head and smiles only to say:

"Honey, how do you make anything out of what you took the time to write down?"

And, that's just it.  My mind works in sporadic clouds of jumbled letters.  Most often best written crooked at an angle oblivious to the parallel lines' plea to use them.

{homeschool, new design ideas, reminders, necessities, hopefuls, plans}

I love when it's Bic and Steno time.

.mac :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 1.  Casey McGill is into making jewelry.  He dives into my buttons and "looks for treasures" he says.  Then with a snip-snip of the twine, he creates lovely wears.  One would think this necklace is for me.  You know, "M" for "Mama" or "Meghan", but that would be a fat no.  He wears it.  When asked what the "M" around his neck stands for, he replies with, "Mama's Mine." {insert heart swell here}

2.  I am in love and head over heels with my glasses.  I want to wear them all the time.  These glasses were just to ease my astigmatism.  You know, to wear when sewing and driving at night.  Nuh-uh.  These bad boys are becoming my crack cocaine.  

3.  My sister-in-law, Melissa, just recently brought over an entire bag of castaway make-up products she has tried once or twice and no longer wants.  Do you know this is like Christmas for me?  The contents vary from lipsticks, to concealers, to lip and eyeliners, to brushes, to eye shadows, to foundations and powders.  Hallelujah for cast offs.

4.  This print I have in my studio rocks my ever lovin' world.  I stare at it.  Sometimes, I even salivate when I look at it long enough.  I often wonder why anyone ever invented pastel colors.  

5.  I made overnight french toast casserole.  Um, wow.  It's like doing your taste buds a favor.  I made a 9x13 pan and then a 8 x 8 pan.  By the next day, the 9 x 13 pan was 'toast' and all that remains is the 8 x 8 pan.  I ate 2/3 of it myself.  Honesty really is the best policy.

6.  I wear a retainer every night.  It is the same retainer I have had since I was 20 years old.  It lives inside that yellow container you see.  I cannot sleep without it. Kenny is a lucky man to lie down with me every night. I promise my teeth shift if I do have a night's slumber sans retainer.  I may be a little obsessive.  Once I left it in South Carolina at my sister-in-law's house.  I made her promise that she would NOT look into the yellow container, before mailing it. THAT'S how nasty this thing is. 

7.  The Nantuckett pillow by k.Mac has become very popular.  I have made almost 40 so far.  Shown here is the one that lives in our house.  Worried that it's a pillow too pretty to use?  Let me put your mind at ease.  Our pillow has had grape juice and popsicle spilled on it thus far.  It never fails that it is the resting spot for either boy at our home during wii time.  As in, they sit straight down on top of it.  Grr.  And, check it out.  Still rock solid.  

8.  I just recently was given one of my most favorite pictures that belonged to my Mom-Mommie.  It was a picture that hung in her formal living room over the fire place.  Before that, it hung in her home as a child.  As a little girl, I loved to star at this picture.  It is vibrant and alive to me.  My Dad-daddy gave it to me on my last visit down to my hometown.  I am so honored to have it.  It will always bring me such sweet memories of their home and my life their as their granddaughter.

9.  I am wearing a collection of memories around my neck these days.  I have decided that although accessories are for aesthetic value, they also are for memory keeping.  I have chosen to forego what's "in" and proceed with what I love.  The necklace is a dainty 14 kt. gold link.  It was my Mom's.  She wore it all the time with a tiny cable car charm.  The filagree heart is the first charm ever given to me by my very first boyfriend.  I was 16 years old.  His name was Bobby Smith.  His memory serves as such a sweet reminder to me.  Bobby was such a jubilant soul.  His life was taken at 19 years old.  I wear this heart to serve as my wake up call.  When life bogs me down, when I want to "be ugly" as we call it in our house, I remember Bobby.  His life was short, but he made the absolute most of everyday smiling and spreading happiness to others.  Finally, the feather.  It sways to my left.  It is a charm fashioned by my mom from a pair of earrings.  The other earring-turned-charm belongs to my maid-of--honor from my wedding.  Hers sways to the right.  I received this charm when I was 12 years old.  Tammie was 18.  She was my idol growing up.  I wanted to be just like her.  She was strong and amazing on the basketball court.  In my little girl eyes, Tammie was everything beautiful to me.  What started out as her being my basketball mentor, turned into a lifelong friendship.  She gets me like no other.  Mom gave us the feather charms at the beginning of our time together.  She said the feather was to remind us both that "Even Dumbo could fly with a feather."  Confidence.  I still need to be reminded.  

10.  Coconut oil.  Yep.  I am cooking with it and slathering my body with it too.  Why?  Refer back to #9, please.  Do you see that crunchy looking chest?  My mother-in-law says it's good for me.  I'm going with it.

11.  k.Mac has a handmade rewards card!  You receive 40% off your 13th purchase.  Nice, huh?  I try to be.  I want clients to know that I appreciate them choosing k.Mac; that I appreciate their investment in me.  Purchases have to be $30.00 or more to count towards your rewards card points.  I have several clients almost ready to claim their 40% off too!  

12.  Laundry.  Clean.  Been in the basket for 2 days now.  It's funny how I move the basket from room to room in attempts to actually multi-task and fold it while doing something else.  Yeah right.

There you have it.  My rhythm.  My now.

.mac :)
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