Monday, August 31, 2009

I Go A Walkin'

After midnight.
Out in the moonlight.
Just like we used to do...
Ahhh, gotta love some Patsy Cline.

It's me again, Margaret!

Me forget the summer adventures I have yet to tell you about?


If you will remember last, we were in Elicottville, NY.

{the 1st picture posted is the print designated for Elicottville, NY crosswalks.}

Love it.

I admire simple twists in common everyday details that make a space unique and in it's own right handmade.

Eliicottville is known as a wonderful snow skiing haven. Matter of fact, the resort we stayed in had ski lifts that actually picked you up at your room's door. This resort was built into the side of one massive mountain. On my run that morning, this mountain was just part of my eye candy. Rockin' the IPOD loud, I marveled at what its magnificent beauty and stellar sites might look like during the winter months when white blankets of icy fun were abundant.

I ran 2 miles through this quaint little town and was overcome with inspiration.

You see, I am easily inspired. Easily motivated. Just ask my partner in crime, Kristi. She can attest to all my lofty hopes and handfuls of howboutwedothises. In fact, just last week I had my trip to Dream for my latest style upkeep and my hairdresser, Ashleigh, told me: "I can see how you played Barbies until you were like 13. You are a dreamer."

And I took it as a compliment and smiled.

I was awestruck with the Ellicottville's small town atmosphere. Tiny, curvy sidewalks shuffled my feet on a 2 mile track as I passed so much history and time.

I was impressively moved by the intricate and detailed architecture of the houses. Moldings, elaborate trim work, eccentric color choices for the exterior of homes. Off handed blues and charcoal greens, slight lavenders paired with greys, razzy reds with creme and yellows.

And the porches were oversized.

Oversized and used better yet.

I passed by more than one house where families were gathered on the front porch enjoying breakfast together. At another porch, there was a lady reading the morning newspaper with her feet propped just so and her steaming coffee cup at her side. Yet at another I spotted, the busyness of a man tending to yardwork and flowers with the sounds of Van Morrison serenading him from his front porch {I actually was in IPOD mid-song change to hear "Moondance"} At another there was an elderly woman sweeping her front porch. It struck me eery how closely the broom resembled her feeble, petite stature. It was as big as she was and it could be easily deducted that this was one of her daily rituals. Her porch needed no sweeping as it was spotless.

I kept thinking to myself: "I wanna live in one of these houses. I wanna wake up with my cup-a-joe in a quaint and colorful cottage and see life living all around me."

And with one perpendicular twisty turn, my run had me passing a black rot iron fence with 3 tall tiers of detailed welding and a gate that was simple yet classic in design. Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown" was playing on my IPOD.

This gate represented so much more than just a boundary line to me. The Boss's song really said it all. Inside this gate was ornate stone work: the building foundation of Ellicottville. Truly, the hometown heroes, harlots, hopefuls, villains, vagabonds, and victors of this sweet little city.

I was moved almost to tears as I passed this resting place. Lineage lines were easily read as many stones jumbled together sharing the same last name inscribed. Some even stated, "daughter", "son", or "mother."

I ran with respect in my heart and hope in my head. In each of us there is a season to count: a limited time where our lifespan lives in action. Once our time moves from present to past, we are but a memory to remind others. What we will remind them of is up to us in our now for we get only one present.

Tears, I tell you.

Needless to say, once my run was finished, I was spent and full of spirit. Love it when those 2 get together in my life: spent and spirit.

And I just had to go get my best partner-in-crime and take her for a little more laid back stroll of this town I had become so smitten with.

And this laid back stroll only made me fall deeper in love.

Now what did I tell you about taking the everyday normals and putting your own splash of you in them? A-DOR-A-BLE. Who can beat that slogan? They even ship their products. Check them out here!

STOP IT! A semi-circle balcony with cascading ivy and flowers. A gigantic purple doorknob to sell the name. Their products: a mix of antiques, junky finds, art, and interesting stuff. I was bouncing in my pink Nikes. Just ask Kristi!

This was the detail outside of an autobody shop. I kid you not. Purple pansies and ivy out of paint cans. Ridiculously cute.

And this is where I completely lost it. For reals, people.

This establishment was a home complete with a shop off the side full of handmade goodies, home and garden decor, and housewarming tender viddles. YUM. Check out the simple immaculate-ness of this place.

The owner is a master gardener who also runs a flower delivery service out of this shop. Her landscaping was to-die-for. This flower looks only half as good as it smelled. I have no clue what it this species is, but am dying to know. I would love to plant these in and about my home. Dear heavens, the goodness.

See? I told you.

Hold on. I need a moment to gather myself.

Okay, I'm back.

Double blooming begonias: coral orange and sunshine yellow.
These were my wedding colors. I say no more.

Her front porch welcoming committee: sweet potato vine and yellow double blooming begonias.

Welcoming you to...are you ready?

I don't think you are.

I am totally holding my breathe as I type this. It's that divine.

Can you say Martha?

These pretties were all tucked away on the street side of her corner home.

Tucked away in these...

I need just a minute more to regain my composure.


Tangled Twigs is the name of this designer's shop. Again, in true Ellicotville form, details always on the maxim. Yes, I had to buy a little something from here. Check out her packaging. A real freakin' twig...BRILLANT.

These lovies came home with me. I fell straight in love with their chubby snuggles. Kristi laughed at me and said, "You are just like my Mamaw. She would have bought something like this."
And like the Barbie comment from Ashleigh, I took it as a compliment and smiled.

These lovebirds found their home on my kitchen window sill.
I think they look happy, don't you?

On our way down the sidewalk from the Tangled Twig, I spotted even more detail to turn up the corners of my mouth. Simple sweetness in the corner of a store front window. Clever and quaint just like Ellicotville.
A clothing store storefront that was one of MANY that caught my eye.
Red detailed trim work infused with grey and white.

Stellar window boxes. I was so intrigued, I had to take a closer look.

And lookie what I found? A little ceramic handbag peeking out at me.

{My dreams of designing in the details right before me.}

And I took it as compliment and smiled.

Wanna hint why I was in Ellicotville?

Perhaps the orange letters in this post might help.

Until we meet for our next adventure,

.mac :)
a.k.a. Jackie O.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bun in the Oven

I love being pregnant. Love it, I say. The kicks, the knotty elbows poking out, the protruding belly button, the plump expansion of the chestal area...seriously, I love it all.

Matter of fact, I would dare say, I feel the prettiest when elastic pants adorn my waistline.

Above is a photo taken of our family the day before Casey McGill was born. Eli seems to like seat Mama made just for him, huh?

Me? A bun in the oven? Hmmmm.

And the darling accessories that go along with that bump are just the best. The gifts I loved most were the ones handmade and personalized. I received handmade gifts from distant co-workers who were expert knitters, church friends who took their first stab at sewing fabric to a burp cloth, and great little taggies and bibs from high end baby boutiques with each of my boys' names dabbled across the front. I adored these gifts. I remember peering down at their name and running my fingers across the stitches made just for them all while rubbing my belly in total day dream mode about the sweet guy inside.

Handmade and unique has always been the gush of my heart. Perhaps this is was the reason k.Mac became a reality for me. Because it seems I'm not the only one sweet on handmade and personalized baby gifts.

{shown above k.Mac's large Regency with coordinating changing pad}

Who knew that tiny faint purple line paired with it's neighbor would work such magic in my life? Eli was planned on on the docket complete with X's on the calendar. And on the 1st try, this baby boy decided we were his mama and daddy. Casey was God's planning. Not intentionally trying and with prevention in the works, Casey face made us his.
And they both have been more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. Completely and totally, they have confiscated our lives with utter joy, hard work, laughter, and a HUGE learning curve time and again.
And I wonder what our life would be like if we had just one more.
Could our hearts hold a spot for another tiny Cobble?

Would I have enough compartments to carry the responsibility of raising 3 little ones into amazing young men and perhaps a young woman?

Could I find time for the single me with 6 little hands {not just 4} that all want their mama most?
Could I keep my total package together?
Nah, there's no way.
But this sweet client of mine can!
She received a k.Mac design session as a baby gift.
And what a fabulous job she did selecting her fabric collection and bag design.
Thanks for the photo shoot, Ashley!
Congratulations on Broderick Nathaniel!
Oh well, I guess 4 little hands are enough to keep me busy. This baby train is currently in the roundhouse, remember?
I leave you with the words of this song cause that's where we're at in this house!
Happy babying to all!
.mac :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Total Package

I often parallel my everyday to a new bag design for a client.

Allow me:
  • the hunt for a fabric collection that is a perfect fit: my readying, planning, listing for the day to come the night before.
  • the fabric cutting: the attitude I decide to have to take on my day.
  • the bag construction: the effort, time, and energy I use to mold my day into its agendas of to-dos.
  • the finishing touches: the dinners around our table, the movie night with my honey, the girl time I find with my neighbor while watching the boys play.
  • the shipment: my head lying peacefully on the pillow as I rest with anticipation of the day to come.

It's a nice analogy for me to hang on to.

Fully aware that my insides spill out with what my outsides show the world.

And it is my hope that with intention, prayer, and whole lotta love, my insides will make my outsides look oh so cute.

Like a happy {mama/wife/business owner/friend/neighbor} gal all cinched up with a passion for living and giving her best.

That's it.
The total package.

A special thank you to k.Mac's Ruby for visual post enhancement.

And an extra special thank you for the scissors and seam rippers of life. Trimming off the jagged edges and starting seams fresh and new takes on an completely new analogy for this girl!

.mac :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


She walks.
Not just with the assistance of mama and daddy's hands.
Not cruising.


This sweet cupcake tee-tottles.
Plip-plop, smack-smack her bare feet go.
She's vertical now.
It is overwhelmingly beautiful to watch a little one grow.
To watch them develop into the self that God has already known for so long.

I love Psalm 139.

It brings me such inspiration and a sense of honor when I read it. To know that I was His long before my parents even knew of me. Likewise, this Mollye girl was too. When I read these verses, I can't help but envision God adjusting the length of ribbon needed for each of our lives, contemplating just the right color hue for each individual, ever so precisely snipping the edges crisp, and then tieing our ribbon of life into the most pristine of bows.

  • A knot secure in His grace and unwavering love.
  • Never promising that our lives won't become unraveled and untied at times, but steadfast in His commitment to always be there to criss-cross each of us back into the bow He wants for us all.
Inspired I am in just this skin. Motivated to expend every ounce of my being to make the absolute most of my time here on Earth. For those shaken with a lack of self confidence, hold on tightly to these wonderful words:

14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

And His works are wonderful.
Never doubt that you are anything less than this adjective.

The details in our lives are His. He knows them before we do. Every button sewn; every zipper installed; He is our designer.

And He is hers too. He knows her strengths, her weaknesses. Her passion for life is as sure as the moment He kissed her little head and sent her down to be His on this Earth.

She is fearfully and wonderfully made. A one-of-kind like the outfits her Aunt Meghan stitches.

And my prayer is that she never doubt this.

She is now.
She will grow.
The direction to always look, Mollye.

Love you,
Aunt Meghan :)

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