Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mission _ _ _ _ _ _ Bear!

Forecast: Monsoon with a chance of a little more monsoon.
{That's been our May here in good ole rocky top.}

Time: Morning--'bout mid.

Mission: ...

Press play and find out!

Yeah that would be a correctamundo. I'm the mom whose boys can in-an-instant be unbuckled and ready for action. And perhaps just maybe while pulling into an emptyish parking lot, I let them roll down the window and break off a little of what-you-see-right-here.

My little brother Adam. Just turned 29 folks. Just turned it, I tell you. And he and my sweet SIL Kim have one one adorable little girl.

Her name?

Let's see. I don't think I really have ever introduced her to you before?

Only here, here, and here.

But whose counting, really?

MOLLYE ADDISON had her first overnight field trip to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Meghan's house!

Now this brother of mine was all hovery and all "Kim sent you an email with her schedule and directions", and all "make sure she plays with her fish in the bath. She loves her fish", and all "I have to get a picture of you with the boys and her before you leave."

So, of course, being the good big sister, I totally honored and respected his need for dawdling, excessive open-ended questioning only to reassure himself that his sister---mother of 2---really knew what she was doing with an infant, and the snapping of our pearly whites for scrapbooking's sake.
Of course, I did.

What's that?
Mollye has on sunglasses, you say?
Why yes. Yes, she does.
Why you ask?
So I did what any good aunt of fashion would do...
We put them on her head for the trendy accessory look.
Pictures matter, peeps.

Isn't she adorable in total wave mode?
I can't stand it.
Oh yeah, my rugrats are rockin' out too, by the way.

Casey in signature "When my mama holds me, my 2 favorite fingers operate on complete auto pilot."
Eli is in straight "I'm 4 and about the coolest cat you'll ever meet stealth mode."
And Mollye's mama has just the best taste in clothes. Could this onesie get any cuter? The ruffle blue jean skirt too, but what about that onesie?
The boys and I ate Miss Mollye up. She is nothing short of a sweet doll baby.
Scoot crawling and leg kicking to get to toys...and so photogenic. This girl would stop at the mere sight of camera and pretty much just wait for you to turn it on and adjust the settings.
And an eater, boy I tell you! Look at these teefers! She loves to feed herself. And happy as a lark as long as those bites keep comin'! The boys really liked being her meal attendants making sure she had just what she needed when she needed it!
Bath time for cousins! Daddy/Uncle Kenny is bath proctor in this house. And, yes, fish was there. He is in her hand, little brother Adam!

Kim still nurses Mollye so we had to sorta punt when it came to night time and early morning feedings.After a few gulps from the sippy cup stand-in, she nestled right in. She and I had some auntie-niece bonding. We sang and rocked and talked. Just some real good girl time if you ask me. Then sweet baby girl nodded right on off with her trusty 2 fingers {sounds like her cousin, doesn't?} and her best blankie. Which oh, just happens to be her Farmall tractor quilt with polka dot satin backing and coordinating tags complete with "Mollye Addison" embroidered on it made by Aunt Meg!
Mollye's dad is a HUGE Farmall tractor guy. I mean one of Adam and Kim's wedding pictures was on our family's old Farmall tractor. So Mollye had to have a Farmall blanket done up just as girlie as could be! And of course, she just HAD to have a matching dress with monogrammed ruffle bloomers to match her blankie!
These were the surprises she got at Eli's 4th birthday party last month! Hey! It was her party favor! {Check out the tractor buttons!} Eli eyed them on a clearance rack. That's my boy!

Now that's the stuff sewing machines are made for!

Back to the night-night story...Kenny came in to check on us, and saw me with stars in my eyes. He left and came back to get a picture. Rockin' baby girls just doesn't happen in this house!

The next morning it was off to the Red Bank Jubilee. k.Mac gladly donated a medium tote all dolled up RB style for the Lions Booster Club to raffle.
Loading a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 9 month old in and out of the car and getting there in timely fashion was a bit more oh let's say strategic than I was used to, but we rocked it out and got there just in time to watch the parade!
Here are a portion of the Lions. But forget about them. There's daddy in the back!
Mollye loved the band. She started just a kickin' and a smilin' when they came a ra-tit-tat-tatting by! Casey loved the miniature ponies and Eli loved the Shriner cars.
What's that?
I had to make Mollye some outfits to wear while with her Aunt Meg. This one in particular is a simple pillow case dress modified along with matching ruffle bloomers.
What's that you say?
Yes, yes, its true.
Aunt Meg also made Mollye's mommy a matching skirt with the polka dot fabric.
{Aunt Meg also just happened to "borrow" Kim's skirt to wear to the parade!}

5 people stopped us to tell us how cute we were that we matched!
That NEVER happens with boys!

Now don't get all upset that there is no picture to show us off. It's hard to get a photograph of this cuteness when you are the boss of 3 kids by yourself!

Trust me. We were ADORABLE!

After the parade festivities, we all came back home to relax as the rain set in {again} and watch a little NASCAR!
Just look at that sweet little cupcake! With her best blankie, her best cousins, and one uncle that thinks she has simply hung the moon!
Lunch time was the best when you have on bibs like this!
All in all, Mollye's visit was a blast. I loved every minute of her sweet self. The boys and Kenny did too. When Kim came to pick her up on Saturday evening, I had a little surprise for her 1st Mother's Day gift up my sleeve...
Matching Mommy and Daughter
Mother's Day Dresses!
I couldn't resist. I just couldn't I tell you. Mollye Bear makes my heart skip a beat and makes the presser foot of my sewing machine go-go-go!

Criss-cross backed sundresses...ruffled ribbon flowers for buttons...

I am one lucky aunt!

And God gave me boys for a reason!!

.mac :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Come on, play!

Now sisters of the blog:

I have several fun followers and I do mean several that talk to me all the time about how much they enjoy reading and even how they enjoy visiting other blogs that I read daily from my list.

These ladies just don't blog themselves and don't leave comments when they do visit.

I'm down.
I'm cool.
You don't have to comment.

Seriously, you don't.

But, today...

Come on, play. PLEASE.

Just for fun.
Just for me.
I want to HEAR from you!

This'll be quick and easy, I promise.

All you have to do is:

  1. click on "post a comment" at the bottom of this post.
  2. type your answer in the text box.
  3. publish under annonymous if you don't want to sign up or don't already have a login screen name BUT be sure to leave your name just to put a happy smile on my face, sweets!
  4. Then FINALLY type in the security code provided to ensure you are a safe source.
  5. Then hit publish.
  6. That's it!

It's ALL SKATE as I like to call it, so everyone {blog or no blog} join in!

Follow me around the rink as I skate backwards with my pink glitter pom-poms on my purple skates. {only had that pair in my 9 year old dreams...I had to take the dingy brown rentals with the orange wheels]

My question to answer:

"What would your dream job be?"

Ready, set, go!

My dream job would be...hmmmm...I have 2.

1. A professional dancer like the girls on Dancing with the Stars. Lotsa of leg, lotsa sequins, lotsa shimmie-shaking, lotsa moving, lotsa accessories, lotsa music, lotsa high heels, lotsa twirling...right up my alley!

2. Quite a stretch from #1, but I would like to work in a bakery or arrange/deliver flowers. I think it would be so fun to design cakes and bake from scratch trying new recipes and creative techniques. And boxing up hand selected delectables knowing they are going home to be deliciously devoured would make wearing the hair net completely worth it. And for the flowers, well I am a flower junkie. The smells, the textures, the colors, the creating....and then to deliver to someone who has no idea what they are about to be given nor what is waiting for them when they open that little 2 x2 card, well, that would be just the best to watch. Surprises...I like'em.

So surprise me!

What would your dream job be?

Tell me short and sweet or tell me long with details. I don't care. Just tell me!

Come on, play!

.mac :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

3rd Time's a Charm

My nickname for him since he was an infant has been "Casey face".

I had no clue how appropriate this nickname would be.

This makes #3.

Before this, there was the gash right above his upper right eye lid from falling head first into a metal platform.
And before that he decided to do a little skin racing, remember?

3 in 3 months.

My sweet, sweet Casey face...

Perhaps the 3rd time will be our lucky charm to end this Neopsorin/Sesame Street Band-aid addiction we have going on here.

.mac :)

p.s. To donate to our "Casey Face" Future Plastic Surgery Fund, please contact me at :)

Friday, May 22, 2009



That's the most accurate word to describe this day.


That's the most accurate word to describe the amount of good deals we found on our Yard Sale/Goodwill Adventure.

My good buddy, Arlene, from a few doors down shimmied her lights to and fro as her car flashed into my driveway for a pick up time of 7:15 AM. {I can't help but get the visual of Chick Hick's lady twin fans from the movie CARS here.}

Sorry I had to go mom there.
Not only mom, but boy mom.
Not only boy mom, but boy mom of toddlers.

My little men tucked in nicely with their daddy watching what only every little man looks forward to on a PBS Saturday morning, the click of my seat belt never felt more uninhibited.

Arlene felt the need to play Russian Rue let with the "Mamaws of o-dark-30" and risk the the premier yard sales steals with breakfast.

I obliged as the coffee and spinach souffle was divine, but knew in the bargain of my heart we were being a bit too big for our good deal britches.
First stop, Ramsgate. A gated community where lots of really important people live. Important people with lots of important money. Better yet, important people with lot of important money and lots of important items to sell in their yard sales and little knowledge of what things normally "go" for when one chooses to unleash Baby Gap in their front yard under a pop tent.

Let's take house 6416 for example. I have cleverly used my FBI dyslexia to ensure homeowner identity here, but 6416 nonetheless.

The above items were purchased for $1.00 a piece.

  • 3 Polo shirts/sweaters
  • 1 pair of Gymboree pants
  • 2 POLO golf shirts (not photographed)
  • 1 Thomas the Tank DVD (not photographed)
  • 3 train books ($.25 each--not photographed)

"Ummm, excuse me, ma'm?

"I realize pouring rain is doing nothing but sabbotaging your perfectly set-n-style hair palace, but perhaps next time you SHOULD NOT leave your husband out in the garage to fetch prices on items."

"Why? You ask?"

"Cause he is robbing you of all of your giveitawaynow money!!!"

I also purchased 3 items for myself at another home. I plan on doing a small fashion show post of my summer thrift finds sometime in the near future. At least 2 of these items will be on the catwalk just as soon as find the perfect coordinate for the 1 trendy and take about 1 1/2 inches in of the other trendy.

Again, $1.00 a piece.

I won't even go into Arlene's treasures or the fact that she found a $50.00 toy from Target in the yard sale for $5.00.

Holla if you here me, girls?!!

Next stop, Goodwill.

Goodwill, how I love thee.
This picture is of our brand new store in town! No more cluttered aisles and darting around Mamaw motorized go-go carts.
Oh yeah, it's on, baby!

Allow me to completely show that I ain't above taking one for the team of thrift.
Hair? Who needs it?
I just came from $1.00 Mania at the homes of Donald Trump's distant relatives, I do declare.

Arlene's got a thing for color coordination. I caught her several times not even looking for deals, but OCD sorting and re-organizing the colors of the shirts according to everyone's palette of standard: the rainbow...ROYGBIV.

A simple twist of the wrist and yank of her dang good perfect pony tail and she was back in the game.

We had 64 items to try on or consider purchasing for our family as we huffed and puffed our way to the place where magic happens: Goodwill's dressing room.
This was only 1/2 of my stash as I had to take it in shifts!

Here's my other 1/2.

Home just in time for lunch only to relieve the best husband ever of parental duties, the above is what I scored from Goodwill. All nothing short of cuteness, sass, and comfort. Just keep your eyes peeled for my summer stint on the catwalk of cash savings and you'll see these fun finds soon enough!

Play shorts for the boys. $1.24 less 50% each. That's $.62 each, sweets.

And last, but NOT least, I found the perfect fitted Tennessee Vols tee I had been after but SO unwilling to pay the full price of $24.95 plus in the store.

And with our new lead dog Smokey, I have a feeling I am going to be wearing this little $1.50 find quite often.

That was my total spent.

That was my number of items purchased.

Steals and deals riding on wet wheels,
That's the way this mama gets her good feels,


.mac :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amelia Maxine

{Meet Amelia--bobbed hair, glasses, red sweat shirt}
Lover of learning.
A dreamer.
Whole Hearted.

Her fingers, long and lean, worked repeatedly like the hands of a clock on each project she would create. Tick tock. Tick tock. Ideas swirling in her head and then dancing their way onto paper through words and pictures; her dreams coming true.

At 8 years old, her crystal blue eyes watched my every move behind those covert glasses of hers. To watch her write and create was divine. Planned and prepared, Amelia wrote from her heart as if it was her very reason for living. Writing and creating was her recess; her playtime.

Crayons, pencils colored, paints, fabric remnants, yarns and the like were her mediums of craft. Thinking outside the box for illustrating thrilled her so. She took pride and perfection in mixing textures along side her dotted eyes and perfectly crossed T's.

She pushed herself with language. Wanting to make the maximum use of every adjective selection and adverb choice. Settling for verbs of mediocrity wasn't an option for Amelia Maxine.

Friendly as the day was long, I would often catch her sweet spirit giggling out of control at some silly somethings muttered from Ashley C. or Ashley H. Her laughter was loud and full, contagious and cosmic. Knowing no end once started.

2 years I was blessed with being her teacher. She experienced 3rd and 4th grade through my eyes, my words, my hands, my life.

She shared my passion for learning and creating. Perhaps this is why Amelia Maxine has always held a special place in my heart.

Amelia Maxine.
I even loved her name. Unique. Dramatic. Rhythmic.

To teach and to inspire is truly a gift and a blessing from above.

Mine and Amelia's paths crossed early in my teaching career. When Kenny was just a fun boyfriend and Eli and Casey were just dreams God had yet to slumber on His omniscient pillow of eternity.

I would teach many more after Amelia.
I would marry and move away too.

People, Places, and Timing.

Tick tock. Tick tock.

God places just so, doesn't He?

He scatters our lessons about through all that we touch; all that we see; all that we experience.

My heart remembers Amelia Maxine after all those years.

I remember her writings.
I remember her illustrations.
I remember her laughter.
Her smile.
Her happy heart.
Her surprise knock on my door on Halloween for trick-or-treats.

And it seems she remembers me too.

Having taught for 7 years before choosing to stay home when Eli was born...

...the 2009 graduating class would be my 3rd class to graduate from high school.

Having moved from the origin of my teaching career, so many years has passed in the lives of the children I taught there.

middle school science fairs
locker combinations
changing classes
field days
high school proms
drivers licenses
ACTs taken

And my life has moved on too.

business owning

But God weaves it all so well.

With a simple tug of my mailbox pull one rainy afternoon, I am instantly reminded of her heart.
Her goodness.
Her place in my life.
Amelia Maxine Steele

My first invitation to one of students' graduations from those days in another place, another time, where a Miss not a Mrs. was before my name.

Amelia thought of me. She sought out my address. In her sweet spirited canter, she pressed in and made yet another mark on my soul. Only this time the hand print was that of a young lady filled with the same determination and creative passion as those long and lean little girl fingers shared with me so long ago.

And I am honored.

I thank God to see her happy face and crystal blues sparkling with the hope of her aheadness. Her face still shines just as brightly as it did so long ago.

A package is on its way to her. I wanted to reflect her happy heart and whimsical, creative spirit in my gift to her. I wanted my hands to make something in honor of the little hands that made so much for me long ago.

Fun, happy colors festive, fresh and bright. Dramatic to the eye and rhythmic in their pattern. Just like Amelia Maxine and her name so unique.

The monogram whimsical in nature just as her creative spirit.

I enjoyed designing this gift for her. I love that it is one-of-a-kind. Just as I imagine she is today.

Grown full of beauty with so much yet to explore, so many more paths that she will cross, so much more of God's perfect timing to experience.

And so many more lives that she will touch with her happy heart and fingers long and lean.

Like the shadows cast on this bag, we each are God's light to the other. His people, His places, His timing are the rhythm we all dance to as our life makes its way onto paper through words and pictures.

Our dreams are coming true.

Thank you, Amelia for the impressions you have made on my life as your teacher. I wish you happiness and hard work. Those long and lean fingers have so much goodness to create.

Congratulations to you!

a.k.a. Miss Casey :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Berry Happy

Early morning sun twinkled through my Holly Hobby curtains. Its warmth snickered me out of my bed and onto better things. With nightgown and barefeet, I would tenderly and ever-cautiously deal with the creek-whining of the backporch screen door maneuvering its old age long enough to find my feet on the handcut patio stones. It was time.

Sneaky and anxious, nightgown hoisted just above my knees to avoid the morning dew, my barefeet barreled to the end of my house just outside the garden gate as well as my bedroom window.

It was time.

My nightgown as a simple maskeshift basket, I picked.
I ate.
As fast as those ripe red rubies could find my lips, I was blissfully consumed.
Tossing remaining leaf bundles this way and that, down the rows I would go.
Dirt smushing between my toes like cake batter to my moist feet, I troddled along determined to not leave one, not one, behind.

With belly full, enough in my basket for the makings of sweet milk in my cereal, and the most crimson smeared lips and cheeks of Estill Springs, I made my way back inside.

Muddy footprints. Grass blades sparkling. I was ready for my day to begin.

It is time.
I love strawberries to say the least. And May is prime time in Tennessee for strawberry pickin'.

Above is a Strawberry Pretzel Salad I made last week. The recipe is very simple and utterly divine. Kenny has now named this his most favorite dessert I make. The man eats it out of the pan with his fork in clear concise, clean rows.
Leaving Casey and myself to "plate up" if you will. How did I ever give birth to a son who DOES NOT like strawberries? I have no idea.
Eli's aversion to the berry of my heart...
Hmmm. I think I will blame this one on Aunt Kristi and Aunt Kim.

This week I made Strawberry Napoleon. Yummy. The phillo dough gave it a more whimsical puffy vibe.
And the rest of the strawberries were gobbled up by one sweet Casey face and his mama. That boy and I sat on the back porch with basket in hand and did what I loved to do best when I was a little girl.

Determined to leave not one, not one, behind.
And we didn't.
They didn't last more than 2 days each week we have had them.
Eli Garrett is off visiting Nana and Papaw for a few days.
Casey McGill and I have an adventure planned for tomorrow.
Bet you can guess what it is.

Muddy footprints. Grass blades sparkling. I am ready for my day to begin.

.mac :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cause I'm there.


I'm there.

My skin is a disaster.

When I say disaster, I mean straight up, "What the heck is going on, people?"

About 4 years ago, the "age freckles" began attacking my face. I even got one of those freckled mustaches. {I blamed this on the back-to-back pregnancies} The crows feet were a given. This was one of mom's signature facial features...and guess who inherited it?

And let's just be brief and say that yeah, I was the girl that after a night of dancing would COMPLETELY pile in my bed with FULL and I do mean FULL make-up in tact and wake up the next day looking like I just put my "face" on. I had a tee-tiny, small, itty-bitty addiction to Revlon Color Stay lip color.

So Cinnamon. My flavor baby.

Yeah, this mama didn't take care of her face AT ALL!!!!

So for my birthday last year, I made a commitment to get on a skin care regimen. Like seriously and consistently.

I have bounced between this and this. These aren't local, hence the shipping and the pre-planning to keep in stock.

I definitely liked the latter of the two, but find myself only wanting like 3 of the products offered in the great-deal-of-a-kit.

I have looked into purchasing just those products, and $200 buckeroos.

Then there is the money of it all. I am struggling with that much going into MY FACE!! Especially when I know there are other things that this money could be spent on. Don't get me wrong, I feel all healthy and well kept when I use these products. Well kept. My face is well kept.

My face WAS well kept.

But, you know the money, girls. The stinkin' money to attempt to reverse what those evil crooks, Nature and Gravity have up their sleeves. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Thus, the hiatus.

Ummmm. yeah.

Like 3 for the past 3 months.


I am currently without even my most drastic of backups: the generic Oil of Olay moisturizer.

And my face, is the pits.

I have zits galore, remember ladies?
My "age freckles" are becoming a mask.
My skin is ULTRA dry.
Wrinkles are looking like permanent creases.
And my foundation...

Lawzy day in the mornin', sisters.

I am stee-rugglin' with this.

Kenny: "Honey, what is going on with your face?"

Me: {Thinking are you seriously asking a woman this question OUT LOUD}
"What do you mean?"

Kenny: "You have clumped up orangy looking spots like around your nose, your upper lip, and on one cheek."

Me: "Really? Great."

Kenny: "We have got to get you something that does not do this to your face. I mean, it looks really bad."

I mean it looks really bad.

That's a husband who knows his choice in words.

But he's totally right. It does.

So for foundation I use MAC Cosemtics {Yes, I began wearing this product simply because of the name.} Studio Fix foundation/powder.

This is what I had on when Kenny gave me the low-low on the orange yo.

For the past 3 days I have been wearing Max Factor pancake stick foundation.

Yes, you just read pancake stick foundation correctly.

Cause I'm there.

I need GOBS of coverage. I need no orangy spots.

I appreciate those of you STILL reading after such a rampage of sorts, but hey...THIS IS MY FACE PEOPLE!!!

My diagnosis:

MAC Studio Fix works great IF I am on a good skin care system exfoliating my ultra dry skin and getting wrinkles lubed nightly.

So, I need help.

Yes, I need some information from you.

I want to know what skin care regimen you follow.
Give me details.
Give me prices.
Give me results.

I am desperate here.

Do I just need to suck it up and be prepared to drop bones for preservation's sake?

Cause I sooooo don't wanna be here...
.mac :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These guys...

...make my heart smile.

Enough said.

.mac :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

T-minus 1 hour 40 minutes

MAC will be in the house!!

Little Miss Mac that is!

Great Granddaughter to this special lady.
Granddaughter to this knock out.

Mollye Addison Casey is coming for a slumber party with her Aunt MAC, Uncle Kenny, and riff-raff cousins, Eli and Casey!

Can I just say I CAN HARDLY WAIT!

This slumber party has been planned for about 3 months. Mama Bear is a wee bit nervous as Miss Mollye has only slumbered one other time with her Papa and Nanny T.

All snuggled up with my boys and MAC for a night and a day...

Have I mentioned I am a kinda EXCITED?!

.mac :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Empty Jar

I recently purchased this Apothecary jar for a steal of a deal. It was originally $39.99 and after putting to use my best eagle-eye patience, I finally nabbed the thing for a clearance price of $10.00 with only one remaining.


It's found its home on my mantle in and amongst family photos.

For Easter, I had it filled with mutli-colored Easter eggs. The look was so festive and fun at just the perfect sockittome height in our high ceiling living room.

It was noticed and enjoyed.

Then Easter disappeared and left the Apothecary jar void of purpose; empty with inspiration; eager to be tended to.

Waiting. Willing. Wanting.


I have struggled with what to fill it with.

I mean there is the obvious like things from here or here. I could even fill it with my vastly growing collection of vintage buttons.

But nothing seems to strike my fancy and hit me with a big, "That's it!"

My indecisiveness is a bit onmynerves to say the least. Everyday my eyes scan the living room only to fixiate on the whopping empty Apothecary jar sitting all high and mighty just waiting to be used.

Willing. Wanting.


Waiting to be used.

God's hints and reminders are there for us all, remember?

And just like that He used an Apothecary jar.

An empty jar.

A symbol for so many things.

  • the gifts and talents we keep inside
  • the potential we're afraid to use
  • the heartache we never relieved ourselves of
  • the insecurities we all hide behind
  • the space where love waits to live

I think there stands a good chance that there's an empty Apothecary jar in all of our hearts.

Willing. Wanting.
Waiting to be used.

A space hollowed out by our own pride or fears. God didn't put it there. We did.

The echoes inside each of our jars are, in fact, void of purpose and empty with inspiration.

Our apothecary jars are meant to be filled. Filled with the love God graciously pours into all of us, our jars are eager to be tended to.

And I am thankful for this little space between that He has allowed me to wriggle into each day since those mutli-colored eggs were packed away. What started out as a day in-day out aggrevation over an empty jar with a need for filling, God has turned into an opportunity to notice one of His details I need not miss.

And I'm not going to miss this one.

I have asked that He work on my heart. For you see, my jar has much more room for love. My petty judging and lack of compassion for others leaves my apothecary empty with echoes of insecurities and self centeredness that continue to bounce against the clear glass transparent for all to see.

I thank Him that He makes our jars transparent. It is with this transparency we are held accountable by the ones who hold us dear.

God and His details. He's pretty darn good, isn't He?

I sure think so.

So it is with this transparency, I admit my emptiness with a resounding joy as I know God will meet me right where I am and I bet He's got some filling to help me do.

And I can hardly wait for my apothecary jar to be noticed and enjoyed.

Thanks again, Big Guy. You never cease to amaze me.

.mac :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Neck Zits

Where do you come from?
Puberty was like 17 years ago,
Umm, get that...
That would be the CLUE phone ringing loud and clear!

All swollen and pouty,
You pepper my neck,
With your own heartbeats pounding,
I push on you, what the heck!

I mean you get on my nerves!
You're ugly; you're killin' me!
Your frequent unannounced visits are unwelcome.
Simply put, I'm 33. I should be zit free!

Birthing children does take its toll.

Boobs that sag,
Hair texture changes,
Saggy skin,
The clothes in your closet and all their size ranges.

So zits, you perplex me.
I can't figure it out.
Are you here for the after childbirth party?
Or are you just joining me pre-middle age...
You know, to show me what that bash is all about?

I DO NOT appreciate your hard to pop places.
Under the ear lobe just ain't cool.
Oooh, me trying to "gettoyou" with all my contorted mirror faces!

And you can't just barge in by yourself,
No, that just won't do.
Gotta bring at least 2 or 3 friends,
You and your crop of buddies, that's right, don't you?

Well, be it age or the joys of post baby births.
My concealer never matches that neck skin of mine.
So go on, get out of here, I want you NO MORE.
A clear sans orangy-brown spotted neck would suit me just fine!

[photo gladly withheld from this post for your personal benefit.]

Bring on the wrinkles. Anything but neck zits~

.mac :(

Monday, May 4, 2009

I know, I know!

It's obvious by this previous rambling that I have an obsession.

It is nothing short of bitter sweet.


Ahhh, just the way that word rolls off my tongue brings me such joy.

This establishment is, without a doubt, the couture of grocery getting.

It's prices ARE higher.

To all you grocery gamers out there, I hear you loud and clear:

"You could shop here and save if you played our game!"

And I will, sweets.

Just as soon as I receive a hands-on tutorial session with one of my best gal pals.

You see, I am a visual learner.
I gotta see it and touch it and then do it.


No, TAG (talented and gifted) classes for me in my younger years.

I was the mousy dishwater blond with the homemade hair bows sitting at her desk totally confused as to why Mrs. Schramm thought I needed to have a slant to my cursive writing when clearly my strokes were perfect.

She kept coming by and turning my paper the opposite way I naturally desired for it to go.

Did she not understand the woes of a left hander?

So I wrote cursive with NO slant and obviously a wee bit thick headed when it came to conceptual learning.

But Grocery Game or not, TAG or not, I GET that...

Publix rocks!

And their bakery is my favorite.

These yummies came home with me Friday afternoon. A half pound of sweet succulent salvation to my taste buds.

They're gone.

Poor guys.

Didn't even make it a full weekend.

Poor guys.

They didn't even get one.

Poor guy.

He only got one.


I ate the rest.

I miss you, my sweet crunchy, creamy friends all rolled up and dipped.

Until we meet again,
.mac :)
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