Friday, January 22, 2010


It was this moment that I realized I was took.
Had by the Master's design.
Robbed of the joy of one love.
Replaced by the heapfuls of heart for two.

He has stolen my heart forever.
His breath so sweet still to this day.
His name so overused with reprimands.

My Casey face.


A manipulator of magical proportions.

To be held still.
To snuggle more.
To find his way in between his daddy & me in the stillness of night.

Left handed.
Whole hearted.
Full of it.

My Casey face.

Three just can't be.
But it is for you today.

So today, I will smell your sweet breathe.
I will read to you all your favorite books.
And I will kiss you cheeks way more than I should.

Because three becomes thirty far sooner than I care to be reminded.

The verdict is out and you are guilty.
Just promise me you will never give it back.

Happy Birthday,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Traveling Gypsy

Meet k.Mac's Gypsy.

I wanted to create a bag design eclectic in nature.

Pieced like a puzzle.
Rhythmic in pattern.
Eye catching.

I wanted to incorporate my love for vintage in this design as well. It was back in the summer months this Gypsy bag design was swirling around in my noggin. With vintage in mind, I began my hunt for the perfect Gypsy treasure.


I hoarded them up from craft fairs, antique shows and junk stores. I collected scarves unique and feminine in nature. I wanted my stash to be unconventional, NOT practical, BUT beautiful to the eye instead.

And isn't that just what a Gypsy is?

A collector of time travels.
A seeker of beauty regardless of the cost to get it.

Inspiration from my vintage scarf collection was the breath of life for this design. My finishing touches for this bag were the 4" diameter silver hoops symbolic of the hooped earrings so classic to the pirate and gypsy in all of us.

Inside this Gypsy, there are 4 interior pocket to hide your stash of treasures.
Maybe even your crystal ball too.

This design has not yet been advertised until now. Matter of fact, this is its first debut on any k.Mac platform. And already, I have 3 clients carrying this bag design as we speak. Be it visits to my home studio for orders or me carrying my Gypsy prototype for testing, this bag design is stealing the style lover's eye and already reading palms with a promising future.

Unconventional, NOT practical, but beautiful to the eye instead.

And we all need a little of the above in our lives, don't we?

The traveling gypsy herself,
.mac :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

oh snap.

Anybody teared up yet?

That hand there you see above is Kevin Scott's. That's Kenny's younger brother. This past October 17th, he FINALLY asked Tash to marry him.

The whole family had just been waiting and waiting and waitng and waiting.

They were high school sweethearts and 10.17.09 was their 10th anniversary together.

Their first date {when they were like 16} was to Tusculum College to work on a photography assignment they had from a class they were taking.

Sneaky Kevin Scott deicded to take Tash back to Tusculum College that day to take pictures for symbolic reasons, of course. {Poor girl had already given up on marriage. She hadn't the faintest clue.}

He secretly had taken the batteries out of the camera the night before and replaced them with the ring. Once there, Tash starts to snap a few shots and whammo, no juice!

Kevin starts yip-yapping, "Tash, I told you to make sure the batteries were charged. This is just great. Are you sure you checked and charged the batteries last night?"

Tash repeats over and over in a completely perplexed state that she did, in fact, check and charge the batteries and she doesn't know what is wrong with the silly camera all while fumbling to get the battery slot open.

And then...{THIS HAPPENS.}

Isn't love grand?

But it gets better.


That Kevin is as thorough and as thoughtful as the day is long. And don't let him try to sway you to think otherwise. Sentimental and soft hearted.

He hired a professional photographer to secretly catch it all.

AND spend time afterwards to do engagement photos. Perfect! How cool was it that their engagement photos are from the very day they were engaged! Not many people can say that. And let me add in here that I am so thankful Kenny didn't have this trick up his sleeve as my hair was durty.durty and tossled in knot atop my head.

Isn't this one so sweet?

Just look at that flirtation. mmm.mmm. Too precious for words.

Oh snap, they're getting married!

And we all couldn't be happier for them both. Tash is truly the kindest most gentle soul you will ever meet in your life. Her presence and beauty is so peaceful and breathtakingly genuine. And Kevin is solid. So passionate and driven. A thinker. A writer. A secret note taker. He misses nothing when it comes to family.

And they need your help!

Their plans are to be married on the very same day to the year they were engaged (10.17.10) or the Saturday before (10.18.10).

They both are completely punch drunk over the multitude of decisions and plans that go into a wedding. So I am asking for you to write in with a comment that might help them. For example:

  • Tell them the 1 thing you would not scrimp on when it came to your wedding.
  • Were your vows hand written or stock protocol?
  • Was your kiss long or short?
  • White or antiqued cream for your dress color?
  • Tell them one thing you would do differently.
  • Tell them what matters most at a reception.
  • What things do you think they could scrimp on?

Tell all and anything in between. They NEED your help. Kristi along with myself have been called in as assistants in making this function nothing short of glorious. I decided to get help where I know just a few ladies that just might like to talk about their wedding and offer up any advice. Just a few that just might like to. You know. Just a few.

Heck, we all love weddings. Whether you are married or not, you can tap in on this one for the lovely couple.

I know they would appreciate it. And I know it would give us all a wonderful snapshot of what matters to you most on the day you say I do.

{ all photo credits to Amanda Churchill}

Her work is outstanding. Truly, a teller of stories through photographs.
Visit her website here.

.mac :)


So those numbers in my post title?

Yeah, that's 3 weeks worth of running.

Kenny's gift to me this Christmas was an iPod. I was so excited to have my very own. Our families, along with myself, all pitched in 4 years ago to get Kenny an iPod for his birthday. Since then, we have just shared.

But, I got my own!

And you know when you get a new toy on Christmas Day you just have to play with it!

I had started back running the week of Christmas as a gift to myself.

I love running. I always have. In high school and college, I finished in the top 3 in distance running when training for basketball and soccer. But I wouldn't consider myself ultra fast or anything. I think it's just my time. My time with myself, the road, and God.

I was running on a pretty regular regimen this summer, but when late fall hit and work k.Mac holiday orders picked up, I let running go to the wayside.

So, the week of Christmas I decided I would give myself the gift of running. We have no gym membership. Running outside in the elements is what Kenny and I do.

I kinda like not being confined to a treadmill or track. I like the change up of scenery.

So you can imagine I was so ecstatic to be given my very own iPod for Christmas!

Making my playlist is critical. I have to have just the right beats to get my kicks a-kickin' if you know what I mean.

I like all kinds of music. Ranging anywhere from Dolly Partin, Dr. Dre, Green Day, Alison Krauss, Billy Joel & Miley Cyrus. Kenny actually teases me that my running playlist is comparible to what foods I eat together.

Cause you see I can throw roast and onions, almond slivers, Parmesan cheese, red peppers, and strawberry slices in a wrap, warm it, and eat it up like candy!

Variety and texture is a must for this girl.

I actually have a new song for my new year. This song is a killer motivator for me. KILLER. You wanna talk about doubling my pace.

I am hooked on the message in the lyrics.

It's about fighting for better.
Rising above.
Expecting the best.
Letting go of the damage.
Going after your dreams.
Making them a reality.

My favorite line: "I'm prefectin' my hustle".
{Cause that's what we all should be doing.}

And the beat is the best.
Plus, a solid chorus.
{A repeater on my playlist no doubt.}

So the week of Christmas: 14 miles.
Week between Christmas and New Years: 9 miles.
First week of the 2010: 12 miles.

One of my new year's resolutions was to run a 1/2 marathon in April with my sister-in-law. And we are adding a little bit more to that. Kenny, Kim, and I are running the Scenic City Half Marathon. Kim's brother, Brad, is running the full 1/2 marathon. Kenny, Kim, and I are just doing a warm up to the 1/2 marathon for April so we are doing the 5k.

And I gotta look cute!
So let's shop around, shall we?
Loving these Nike Air Max. They are so smooth and sleek looking and they are my all time favorite color: CORAL. I bet I could superfly in these mammer-jammers. Cause cute shoes make you run faster, you know that right?

And then I will have to have some real mac daddy running pants, huh?
I think these will do.

And we all know purple is hot right now. I am debating on this running shirt for the winter/early spring months:

I am a sucker for the mock turtle neck. Truly, I am.

But this electric aqua is calling my name too:

Oooh, the choices.
Either hues would juxtapose my coral sneaks wonderfully.
I am leaning toward the purple. I'm not gonna lie.

Now to decide on a warm, trendy jacket to layer over top. I am thinking something in the heather gray arena. Whatcha think?

I already have great sleek black warming gloves and a super cute black ear wrap headband.

See, exercising is fun!

  • It's the 2nd full week of 2010.
  • Get your mantra song.
  • Get motivated.
  • Get cute.
  • Make a change.
  • Then smile and be proud you did!
All the above,

Friday, January 8, 2010

excuse me, ma'am.

{loud ear piercing sirens blaring}
I pull over.

Officer: It would appear that you have been going way too fast on this highway of k.Mac.

Me: I am so sorry sir. There's just been a lot on my mind with orders to complete and all the configuring work it takes to do a new website. I guess I haven't noticed the speed limit signs.

Officer: Well, allow me to point out one in particular to you. You see this one? It reads "Snow Day. No schools in Hamiton County." And this one beside it says, "I want to watch a movie with my wife today."

Me: Do you think we could play "Cops and Robbers?" {snicker.grin}

Have a great Friday, everyone!

.mac :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


This would be the color on my nails as we speak. I have been wearing this color for about 4 days now and am in love. It's OPI's Greenwitch Village.

I don't normally get all jazzed about wearing funky colors on my nails (now my toenails...that's a completely different story), but I specifically wanted to start 2010 off with a little edge.

Are you a nail girl? I can remember from the time I was just a little pip squeak in pig tails watching my mom maneuver loading and driving us in the car with her nails tacky wet! I can see her taut, slender fingers enunciated from any and all objects. It never failed, that sister always waited until 6 minutes before it was time to leave to paint her nails. And somehow, she always seemed to work it out. The color above resembles a color my mom would always choose only in a Revlon shade. This is OPI's Innsbruck Bronze.

Purple is supposed to be a really hot color in fashion this season. I am contemplating making OPI's Purple on Purpose my February signature shade. And this color is HANDS DOWN a must have in your nail polish library. The perfect anytime red. I particularly love it for my transition from summer to fall. This is OPI's I'm Not Really A Waitress.OPI's Baby It's Coal Outside.

And that's the kicker for me. Not only are OPI's nail colors great as far their durability and easy application, but they also have the coolest names.

OPI's Glamour Game.

I like this one too. Looks like a great winter shade as well as the perfect change up shade from all your razzy brights in summer.

Not gonna lie. These thoughts have always been a-swirl in my noggin:

1. I would secretly love to work for OPI.
2. I would love to be the one who named the polishes and collections.
3. I wonder if I could be a tester for new colors and then write up summaries on my opinion.

And here's my latest obsession. This hue was from 2009's Holiday Wishes Collection. It's called Dear Santa. It was sold out in all area stores, but I have coveted it online and actually spotted it on 2 different ladies out and about.

Don't think for one second I didn't skeedaddle on up to these complete strangers only to confirm that they were, in fact, wearing "Dear Santa".

Cause a girl's gotta know.

So nail color fanatics unite! You just have to go check out OPI's website. I mean whoa. Completely and totally over the top fun. They even have a cyber hand model where you can try on all the colors and even decide what nail length she should have.

Cyber hand paper dolls....EEK!

And don't EVEN get me started on the whole advertisement regarding coordinating your next DELL computer in your favorite OPI shade. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance. My new DELL would be Cajun Shrimp, no doubt. But alas, my next computer will be a MAC.

Initials vs. Nail Colored Computers

You know initials win out.

OPI's Cajun Shrimp (MY signature color)

Lacquer feens, like myself, go peruse this site. It has a great deal on shipping if you plan on ordering larger quantities. I love the high end organization all of the shades to maximize your shopping experience. Placing an order with them this week! Yep, Dear Santa will be on my packing slip.

So whether it's nail color or not, go on. Get saturated something you lOvE!

.mac :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dancing Queens

I'm a dancer. You know this, right?

Evidence to support this statement can be found here for those doubters.

Well, it turns out, Mollye is too. You MUST go see this girl in FULL SWING here.


Matter of fact, leave that sweet S-I-L of mine a comment if you want. She is ready to take blogging by storm and could use a little comment-love for inspiration!

I cannot tell you how much fun this little Mollye is.
She is FULL of personality and strong will.

I eat her up everytime I am around her.
That prissy little walk-waddle of hers just melts me.

And if you think for one second that Aunt Meg won't be going out dancing with her when she's of age and ready...YOU.ARE.DEAD.WRONG!

Yeah, I might be like 50 something, but I am pretty sure I will still be able to shake it.

Oh for the love of the dance.

.mac :)

p.s. One of my new year's resolutions is to join a square dance club. Yes, alone. Kenny would not even think of doing something like this. And that's okay. This sister can rock out all by herself. I'm torn between a clogging group or a square dance club. You think I'm joking, don't you? Nope.

It's a tricky decision, girls. Tricky.

They BOTH have the most imortants to me:
  • music
  • dancing
  • short uber ruffly dresses

The square dancing advantage:


The clogging advantage:


Which one would you go with? Do tell.

p.p.s. I am fully aware that my header is still "ode to Christmas 2009". My Photoshop has a huge ailment unidentified. My tech support (Kenny) is working dilligently to perform the appropriate doctoring needed. Hang tight and each time you click on my blog find nostalgia for Christmas past. Grrr..PC...muffle...%$##...hmph.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Simply Seven

I just recently read an article in the latest {Real Simple} magazine. The article stated that there really should only be 7 things on a daily to-do list.

On a side note here, they also had a super-fine article on how to know if your bra is too tight. I was quite intrigued with my personal discoveries. Seems the back fat you see from a bra is actually due to 2 factors:

1. You kinda have a squishy back.
2. You are actually wearing your bra too loose in the back. Cuh-razy.

Anywho, back to the ole #7.

For all of those list makers out there. Yes, I am talking to myself here too. Seven is all you need per day. Now, I realize there a lot of self-fulfilling listers out there like my S-I-L Kim who actually makes up stuff to check off her list. You know tiny tasks that she just completed. Well, she writes them down just so she can check them off. She willingly admitted this to me over Christmas and well, I just had to share.

Or perhaps you are like my good friend Stella. Stella is the guru of order and multi-tasking. This woman, I kid you not, has a color coding system complete with all the bells and whistles per day to keep her life more peaceful and progressive.

Then there's me. Remember, the steno pad?

Whether you are intricate or ignorant to the world of tasking, this article promotes 7 things per day.

I like this number as it seems peaceful though odd.
{I usually lean nicely on even numbers.}

I am working on a daily checklist to use in my life. Once complete, I hope to create it into a pdf download for anyone interested in using this too.

This daily checklist also includes my own personal twist on ready rest reminders and projecting tomorrows.

I am hopeful this list will keep me more accountable to myself, my family, my friends and my community. I will be sure to keep you posted on its completion!

So, 2010 is here. WOW.
What's in store for you?
Come on, resolutions abound.
Share a little of your light here!

.mac :)
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