Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quick On Her Feet

Setting: My brother's birthday celebration.

Backyard grilling, horseshoe tossin, kids playing...

It was a late night of fun.

So, of course, I brought the kids' jammies to bath it up before loading up to make the 1 1/2 hour trip home.

Plot: After bath, Eli looses it.

Eli: "Mom, my boo-boo! My Scooby band-aid is gone! I had to take it off to get my bath and now I have no band-aid! Aunt Kim, do you have a Scooby band-aid for me?"

Aunt Kim: "Ummm, let's see. {so internally panicking as Mollye Bear is not old enough to even notice that band-aids can perhaps be decorative or thematic...Kim knows she got nothing but skin themed band-aids in the house}

Elapsed time: 2 seconds.

Aunt Kim: "Oh Eli, I have a Make-Your-Own Band-Aid. Would you like to make one for your boo-boo?"

Eli: {totally intrigued, sniffling beginning to break up} "Yes, yes! I want to do that!"

Aunt Kim: {whipping through her Scrapbook supplies cool as a cucumber} How about we design your name?

Eli: "Oh yeah!" {tears immediately evaporating}

Moral of this short story: It appears Aunt Kim is "quick on her feet", don't you think?

Teacher/Mom Extraordinaire, that's her!

.mac :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I ran yesterday.
sweat droplets; ipod loud.
Pounding the pavement,
Observing the clouds.

Ever do they move
A floating majesty,
Mindful of their Maker,
Pondering His great trajectory.

I ran yesterday.
A cluttered attic...my mind was filled.
Cobweb laiden with life's markings,
Sweeping to find God's will.

Exhaling for peace.
Inhaling each piece.

The puzzle's design.
Yours and Mine.

His pace; His timing.
I thirst for defining.

14 lbs. lighter
-my sweet friend-
A new beginning...
33 years
She runs to the light pole once again.

Proud I am.
I'll meet her there.

Exhaling for peace.
Inhaling each piece.

Sweeping to find God's will.


Dum-dum lollies
He gave them out to all.
A coach committed,
Yesterday cancer made his final playbook call.

Dum-dum wrappers sprinkled all over Heaven's floor.
Sweetly, I smile.

Pounding the pavement.

A friend.
Her smile big and bright.
Cheery demeanor with a soul so warm.
Her cancer: yesterday she began her 2nd fight.

I pray.

Exhaling for peace.
Inhaling each piece.

A loved one
Believes not in Him.
Stubborn; mind set.
Prayer. Hope. Soul breaking...
God's grace to win.

Sweeping to find God's will.

I run faster.

I know Your love.
Pounding the pavement.

14 lbs.
the battle
the unbeliever

The puzzle's design,
Yours and Mine.

His pace; His timing.
I thirst for defining.

Laiden with life's markings.
ipod loud.
I pray.


{written Thursday, June 11th}
{visit the link on "A friend" to know more about this beautiful soul}

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


One family.Two boys.
Our first. Eli Garrett.
Our second. Casey McGillOur marriage.

7 years old yesterday.

Hands together.
Chipped fingernail polish and all.
Through bumps, boys, and bliss...
I'll hold his forever.

.mac :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Every day is a new bag isn't it? A new bundle of events, breathes, decisions, emotions, and the like, don't you think? A New Bundle was actually my 1st title for this post, but by no coincidence, the title took on a new name as I came back to this draft after many months.

{perfectly matched}

The pictures you are viewing is a baby bundle I did back in January for a mom to a new life. She wanted an eclectic look to her diaper bag and baby accessories. Her desire was for her custom design to resemble her as she would be the predominant one carrying the bag, changing the little one's diaper on the changing pad, and snuggling this new tike in against the soft, satin quilt topped blanket.

In her designing session, she professed her love for cranberries, merlots, and tangy coral-orange hues. She chose k.Mac's Hipster bag design as it offered 6 interior pockets as well as 6 exterior pockets to house all the necessities of a little one as well as her own personal carry-ons.

Knowing this client from a distance through the years, I was honored she chose me to design something classic and custom just for her. She is a woman of strength. A woman full of love. A woman who has faced many difficult times in her life in and amongst the dreamy highs of bliss and contentment.

{Pieced} her life is.
{Pieced} so is ours.

I speak of her story to you now as it is my hope that you will gain a deeper glimpse into the journey of life.

She is a mother to 3 boys.

Her 4th son arrived in February of this year. Approximately 3 years and 7 months after her 3rd son left this world a few months shy of his 3rd birthday.

Her journey to give life to another child after his passing was filled with hard twists and sideways turns that led her and her husband to the possibility of adoption.

And this adoption was a success in less than a year's time.

Now, she is a mother to 4 boys. Her story is one of vision, patience, and faith. I am in awe of her strength and so overjoyed to see her happy with her hands full of chubby cheeks, dimples, and dirty diapers.

To read her journey is so convicting. It hits all the highs, the middles and the unbearable lows with such poise, pleasure, and pain all pieced together.

Oftentimes, she speaks of her 3rd son with reference to nature as his tiny self adored all little creatures. Butterflies seem to have settled as one of many symbols that strike concordance with his life here on earth.

As her final design request, she wanted to make sure I incorporated some earthy browns into her diaper bag with all of her other favorites.

Amid the searching, my eyes fixated on the brown fabric you see in this bag. Just before purchasing the fabric, I doubled checked to make sure I was ordering the right skew number and glimpsed at the designer's inspiration behind this particular collection of fabric:

COLLECTION: Flutterby. Flutterby is a monument to the breath of life and the beating of tiny wings, all that is underfoot and overhead. In this collection Tula Pink pays tribute to nature's unyielding will towards beauty in small things. The palette is as vibrant as mother nature herself with intricate designs that remind us there is always more to see if we only take the time to look.

...remind us there is always more to see if we only take the time to look.

This client is living proof of just this. Her heart is forever open and forever grateful for all of her children and the wonderful gift they continue to bless her with.


God is there in the details.

He so graciously selects our fabrics and pieces them all together the ragged edges and smooth alike. Through His hand, we are woven with the greatest of design and inspiration.

.mac :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


to bloom.
to blossom.
to be.

Stark contrast petals from your blades of garden green.

Your chance but a season,
A simple snippet of time,
Beams of canary burst,
Your impression so divine.

Magnified by your presence
Although rare you are not
A simple and common perennial,
I'm lured into deeper thought

simple and common and everyday.
Life on this Earth for only a short stay.

Uh-huh, humans
And yes, me.
You and I both share this day lily decree.

Only a short story.
A simple snippet of time.

Beams of canary burst...
-make that your story line.-


Reach it.
It's there for us all.

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