Friday, February 27, 2009

Spit up in Style!

Hey chicas!

You will have to excuse the delay on the reveal. The afternoon got away from me as I am working on a new bag's gonna be a swell one, sisters. Trust me!

Then it was off to a basketball game with the boys and Kenny.

Alas, I sit here in my jammies after a long, hot bath. I am presently feeding my face with peanut butter cornflake bars and overdosing on skim milk at an hour much too late to metabolize such sweet caloric goodness.

What am I doing? You guys don't care about that. You just wanna know who won the....


Well, excuse me!

Lamo, I know. But who could resist?

Okay, okay. Enough.

Congratulations to Ruby Red Slippers!

You, my sweet snow angel, have won 1 free ribbon burp with personalization! Just shoot me an email at to discuss colors, themes, monogram, name with initial, or name!

Thanks to all that left me a sweet something!

Be sure to check back often as k.Mac will be doing weekly giveaways throughout the entire month of March!

There is much to celebrate this month so be sure to join in.

Let's start now, shall we?

First up...ummm, how about a free handbag?!

This will be a new custom design currently on my drawing board. The winner gets to pick between two of k.Mac's brand new fabric collections. No, don't ask because I'm not givin' any sneak peaks, girlies! You only get one hint. Remember the perfect combo? Well, one collection is __________ and the other collection is __________.

Alright, now down to business.

To enter this giveaway:

1. Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing about the month of March.
2. To have your name entered in THREE times...that's right THREE times...copy and paste k.Mac's March Madness advertisement into a post on your blog. Leave a comment back at my home base to let me know you have done so.

That's it! I will pick a winner this Wednesday afternoon, March 4th.

A new bag for spring...
A new handmade bag for spring...
A new handmade bag for spring that I won...PRICELESS!!!

Feelin' lucky,
.mac :-)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Suicide Slush

I love to paint. And guess what? So do my boys. Painting is something we do somewhat often. It is not just an activity confined to the winter getmeoutofthehouse months. Matter of fact, there is nothing better to me than a warm spring day all decked out in our play/paint clothes and the yard filled with acrylics, paper plates, canvases, and wood.

Creating. The joy of it never ceases to amaze me. I have so enjoyed watching the boys select colors, talk about their choices, and explain their art to me. There is something really so inspiring about nothing becoming so much more than something in the eye of a dreamer.

While Eli loves it just as much as Casey face, I tend to see an aspiring artist in our youngest. He already enjoys mixing paints and completely "gets" space in a drawing. His strokes whether it be with a crayon, marker, or brush seem so calibrated yet deliberately free.

Eli adores the brush. He, on the other hand, has benefited from the learned skill of this art. With brush first in hand, he used one color and revelled in it to say the least. Perhaps, he appreciates the monochromatic look?

Though now, there is purpose for his color. And I so looooooooooooove for him to explain that purpose! He has quite the convincing argument as why his elephant should be red.

A rainbow at your fingertips. A chance to create. To mix things up a bit...

That is exactly what one client gave me the opportunity to do! These personalized burp clothes are the absolute perfect baby gift.

You can choose to order a set created with a certain theme in mind.

Or perhaps, mix each burp's color scheme up in true "suicide slush" style. {A little shout out there to my evenings spent as a youngster at the ball park. The "suicide slush" was a little of every flavor added together. This was my ball park drink of choice."} Anyone remember those?

She would be so proud.

Wiping drool? Spit up? Beginning baby food?
Why not do it in style, I say!

People really enjoy these baby accessories for the practicality and cuteness they offer.

To quote the client who purchased these:

Hi Meghan!!!

I just realized I never said thank you for the burp cloths- they are awesome and so cute!!!!! Thank you so very much! I have gotten so many compliments on them - you work is so well done and beautiful. Hope you all are doing good ;-)


So on the hunt for a great baby gift for your little one or someone else's bundle of joy?

The boys and I at k.Mac would be more than happy to serve you one of our very own "suicide slushes!"


Leave a comment on this post to win a free ribbon burp with personalization! I will pick a winner Friday afternoon.


.mac :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Skin Racing

Skin Racing.

It happens, you know.

Casey + running too fast + asphalt = the above.

I was out of town when this occurred. Kenny was the absolute best daddy doctor. After all the tears and "I want my mommys", Casey regained composure and begged Kenny to still go to RB's high school basketball game that night.

A man on a mission.

Courage and stongwill: our little one has it alright.

It got me thinking, this skin racing.

We all do it.
Casey is merely our spokes model/cover guy/logo if you will.

Yes, each of us, at times too many to count, are running too fast with our slick-bottomed Crocs smack-smacking a downhill pavement slope.


And then it hits us:

the obvious.
the addiction.
the neglect.
the irresponsibility.
the oops.
the uh-oh.

And it burns and bleeds.

The stinging is more than we care to feel.

Immediately reality brings us to the repercussions of our actions.
And we deal with the consequence.

Scabbed over and sore, we wait for healing.

Each glance in the mirror a reminder to:

pay attention.
own up.

We stand at the crossroads with time and medicine.

And I am so thankful, God is the Neosporin for us all.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Medium Pizza and a Large Fry

That was my drug of choice last night.
And that was MY dinner ONLY.
And I ate every last bite.

As much as I would like for things to be glitter and glam ALL the time, it ain't.

Right now I am hovering.

Hovering in the 3 1/2 month period where I am the mama to a 3 year old and a 2 year old. God and his sense of humor.

Eli was planned almost to the minute. Casey was a, "Are you kidding me? We are pregnant?" baby.

They both are truly the best things in our lives.

BUT, good gaw!

BUT, good gaw. I will say it again.

The juggling act I attempt on a daily basis...well, let's just say some days those multicolored tennis balls reverberate nicely off the top of my head.

I write this as I have decided that yes, BUBETUBE a la Curious George will be just fine to knock a few of their brain cells out for a quick 20 minutes of sanity.

Laundry list:

1. Casey is potty training {with rock star capabilities} BUT one must constantly be on his tail with time checks and pee/potty breaks.
2. Casey has decided 6:30 AM will be a fine time to arise.
3. #2 wouldn't be so bad, BUT I am not getting my 1st cup of coffee or my morning devotional time BEFORE an ALL DAY with children. Hence, I am now re-gearing my wake up time to around 5:30 AM.
4. #3 wouldn't be so bad, BUT I usually don't hit the hay until about 1:00 AM from k.Mac'n it in the wee hours.
5. #2, #3, & #4 are causing me to be WAY behind on my weekly Bible study that I attend every Tuesday.
6. Cobble Budget Assessment and Readjustment 2009 is hot off the press. Let's just say for the remaining dinners this week we are having Mamwich and Totino's Pizzas...JOY and HEALTH all boxed and canned.
7. My favorite sewing machine is in for repairs. I miss her. Love my back up machine, but she just doesn't cut thread with quite the same zest.
8. Eli has begun joining us in bed oh around 1:00 ish every morning. We have a full size bed. Need I say more? Yeah, I think I will. I am the meat and the men are the bread to that sandwich. There. Visual complete.
9. Eli has taken it upon himself to provide his father and myself with his opinions and animated faces after being given directions and corrections. I am not a fan of talking back from a 3 year old. Ahh, yes, the rolling of the eyes is here.
10. Casey is a biter.



At this time, I would like to say thank you to cheap processed food and the PBS BUBETUBE. You provide me with more than you will ever know.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hope every one's weekend was filled with sweetness. Here are the Why Today? games that were the last shipped out to add to an extra helping of gush and goo to a few k.Mac customers!

Red and pink make the perfect combo, don't you agree?

This weekend Kenny and I were surprised with the sweetest Valentine gift from my dad and step-mom, Janie...


A break from the boys was much needed and a weekend with my hubby was too!

And speaking of sweet, Kenny had this, this, and this all wrapped up pretty for me. Jewelry, fun shoes, and sewing inspirations...does he know me or what?

We spent Friday night watching this flick. Wow. The message behind this film is incredible.

We then spent Saturday night with some of our favorite pals:

E.K. and Arlene!!

We dined out at Tony's Pasta and then went to The Chattanoogan to listen to a jazz band play.

Arlene and I had a blast dancing. We even made a small rock star on stage appearance. The men enjoyed shuffle board and watching their wives jam out.

All in all, a very sweet weekend indeed. The guy in this picture woos me more than he probably will ever know. I appreciate his unconditional love and support, his real life ways, the visionary that I so need him to be, and the unbelievably committed father that he is.

He deserves so much more credit than I ever could give him.

Sweet. He is so very.
Sweet. I am on him.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I heart.

Valentine's Day: too gooey, too rich?
Perhaps a day just for suckers,
Alas, prime time for Hallmark stores to ring up sales and get rich?

Or is it the chance to change out your goggles, you know?
Like see the ones around for the simple love that they show.

"I yuv you, mom" from sweet Casey face.
"Your the best, mom." from time to time Eli will say.
"Can I get you anything, honey?" from my my mister too.
Putting others before yourself is the motto of this 2.14 day.

Blessed beyond belief my heart sings out with swirls.
Thankful to the Giver,
Relishing my time here on Earth yes, without little girls.

The corners of my heart are satiated with joy.
This day I will celebrate in gladness.
For all 3 of my boys.

Big stumbles, hard knocks, even slumps and cuddle droughts,
Will never lessen the vows I made on that day,
Kenny: he'll always hold my heart and even sometimes my hand,
"I do." ...
The music we dance to each time we drop the needle...


May your heart be happy.
May your heart be full.
Squeeze those close around you,
Not just today, but each day make this your Golden Rule.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anyone remember this post?

Yeah, it involved the Bic Mini and these guys you see below:

The Bic Mini is in overdrive to say the least. I am sitting pretty in the surge with bag designs and new concepts waking me from my slumber on a regular basis.

And as she so eloquently puts it, "It's a good thing."

Allow me to introduce the first of several of k.Mac's new designs for spring:

The Mademoiselle

This design's name says it all. Her sleek yet roomy figure is tailored, fresh, and comfortable too.

This handmade flower adorns the outside flap closure of this handbag. I chose to use a vintage 1930's belt clip from Madrid, Spain as the flower's centerpiece. I really enjoy the way the stones compliment the gray hues of k.Mac's fabric collection, Concisely Clear. The flower is detachable. Clientele also have their choice to fore go the flower and replace it with their monogram.

Hardware entices this bag's professionalism even more:

The strap is a quilted 2 inch strap reinforced.

The contour of this bag set it apart from any of k.Mac's other designs.

Lastly, who can resist the divider console of the Mademoiselle?

This console is in addition to the already 4 over sized interior pockets. The divider centerpiece closes with a magnetic snap.

This Mademoiselle is our large design. It is also offered in our small and medium scales as well.


this Mademoiselle is up for grabs! She is all set to pop for anyone interested in purchasing this custom design.

Just shoot me an email at for inquiries on purchasing this one-of-a-kinder.

Being as busy as I am with custom orders, I rarely get the opportunity to create bags to sell. In the few times that I have been able to create handbags ready-for-purchase, I have been so happy with the response from my clientele.

Designing my own pieces is something I hope to be able to do more of in 2009. I plan to showcase and shout out these creations here and then have them ready for more permanent viewing and purchasing on the website.

I have had so much fun watching this design grow from the Bic Mini and Steno to the Big Screen of designs! I have several purse parties in the spring and I hope to see this big girl doherthang.

So, what do you think of her? I would love to know. After reading the initial post did you have any idea it would turn out like this?

Thanks for allowing me the space in your day to share with you my dreams...coming true!

It really is a good thing.

.mac :-)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pillows Under My Head

My boys,
My breaths,
My belongings,
Milk and honey flows.
Your countenance,
Your courage on Earth,
How could we ever really have known?

My trials,
My tribulations.
A test of my will it is to be.
Remain full of pride?
Lie there and be broken?
Will people see glimpses of YOU in me?

The warm sun as it shines,
The eyelashes of my sons,

Radiate your beauty upon me oh, Lord.
Blessed am I to feel these gifts,

Their winks and warmth are truth YOU are the one.

My faults a plenty,
My weaknesses too,
My heart forever grateful: that ultimate sacrifice.
The last breathe of you gave us all the breathe of life anew.

Doubters will shake their heads,
Generalities will become rumors spread.

None of this will shade my light...

Your hope and promise,
The pillows under my head.

Strength, joy, reliance, relief.

Thank you, God.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Need a Valentine Gift?

AHHHHHH, sweet, sweet, honey, honey love day is just around the corner, isn't it?


Whatcha gettin' yer man?

A wallet, some new cologne, an electric toothbrush, a new pack of boxers?

These are all gifts that fall into the category of great, no doubt. But perhaps you might want to select something that helps to facilitate and render the both of you with quality time, silliness shared, and simple, easy gifts of expression.

Ahem. Got your gift right here.

Why Today? is a couples game that I have created to help arouse (you like how I used that word, didn't you?) creativity, everyday gifts of happiness, and easy love and conversation that a marriage sometimes misplaces from time to time.

The idea of creating this game came to me over the Christmas holidays. We really wanted to give our loved ones and friends near and dear gifts that were from the heart and handmade.

We wanted to do one gift for each of these couples.

My inspiration came from, of course, my hunky husband. I was thinking of the things he does that mean the most to me. Then I thought of things that I do that he really appreciates as well.

Believe it or not, almost all of them came back to words and feelings exchanged or small tasks exhibited. Money wasn't a huge factor at all.

Well, this set my craftiness in overdrive.

Hence Why Today? was born.

Here is how it works:

The game comes with an overview of game origin and inspiration as well as directions on how to play, of course. It also comes complete with ways that you can vary the way you play the game once you are done. It EVEN is equipped with a list of several ways to repurpose each and all pieces parts to the game for the GO GREEN in you.

Allow me to introduce each member of this Why Today? team.

Here is your jar of tasks and items for sharing:

Here are your game players hand painted by me to match each spouse's eye color and hair: (one dimensional objects really do say it all don't they?)

Here are your game pieces to represent when a task or an item has been shared. They are color coordinated to represent either the task or the sharing item:

Attached to the "game players" is a ribbon to house the color coded game pieces once each task or shared item is complete.

The jar is filled with oodles of goodies for sharing and tasking all in the goodness of love. They have such a wide range of topics and tasks that encompass both the husband and wife mentalities. In a nutshell, please rest assured,husbands, that you won't have to be painting your wife's toenails or looking at home accents while sipping a mocha latte should you draw one of the slips out. Rest assured.

Yes, I feel like I have a good mix for both genders to appreciate.

The game's name is a sure classic completely inspired and graciously borrowed from this sweet one and her husband.

This game hopes to leave you and your sweetheart with more than one answer to Why Today? Why is today the day of all days to be yours forever?

Here is a glimpse of only 1/4th that I made for Christmas gifts. So far, the reports that I have heard back have been great. Lots of, "Awww, this is so sweet." and some more of "We are having so much fun with this!"

Yes, yes. These are the Christmas theme.

But, the Valentine theme is ready and waiting with all its pink and red hearts.

There are 3 versions to this game in which to select:

1. Married couples with kiddos version
2. Married couples with no kiddos
3. Dating couples

So, for that sweet Valentine's Day just around the corner, Why Today? will give you memories and mini treats to carry you through much more than just that 14th day of February. It's the game that keeps the gift of connecting and appreciating on the front burner of any romance.

Send me a shout at for Why Today? inquiries and purchases.

Shipping deadline for out of towner's delivery is one week from today: Wednesday, 2/11.

Sweet, sweet, honey love....ain't nothin' better.


.mac :-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A gift like no other.

Just don't know what to get that special someone for their birthday?

Running to Target to just grab something for them to open?


Why not consider giving them a custom shopping experience to k.Mac?

Whether it be a local that is able to come by the studio and have a hands-on design session or someone far away, k.Mac shopping is a convenient, creative custom designing experience.

With over 75 fabric collections in which to choose,12 bag designs and counting to peruse, and roughly 60 different monogramming fonts, k.Mac is great to give!

Be it a birthday gift, a baby shower gift, or even a gift for the bride-to-be everyone appreciates the opportunity to create a bag that is uniquely their own designed by them!

Gift certificates can be made for any dollar amount convenient to your giving budget. You can choose to have your gift certificate sent through the mail directly from us to the recepient, electronically sent through email, or you can have us send the certificate to you so that you may hand deliver this great surprise.

So, keep k.Mac in mind as you are on the search for the sweetest and most heartfelt of gifts!

Happy giving,

.mac :-)
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