Friday, August 7, 2009


Scavenging back through old pictures and video, as mamas frequently do, I found this.

He's still prefers a slow jam or rap ditty to a heavy metal beat.
{just like his mama}

Apparently, at 9 months muscial preferences are pretty much decided on.

Who knew?

All fluid and natural like, Casey face immediately finds his beat and grooves.

And he still does.

Let's just hope he doesn't one day have a Boo for all of you well versed in slango.


My weekend wish for all of you.

"All I Think About Is You..."
.mac :)


April said...

That boy has the moves! Makes my heart skip a beat! Enjoy your weekend, too, my sweet friend!♥

Anonymous said...

Get ready Momma, baby's gonna have a Boo soon. He's too smooth not to!

B. Angie B.

Elizabeth said...

Too cute! :)

Kacey R. said...

Girl, you can try but Casey Face is going to have a Boo selection. LOL

He is just precious!!! Thanks for the video - mae me smile from ear to ear and put a good song in my head. :D


P.S. I'll get my goods out to you tomorrow! Woot! Woot!

Stella Blue said...

Precious boys, so sweet. I'm trying to JAM ON IT and get back with you from the phone calls. Call me, page me, fax me, e-mail me, facebook me, blog me. I was off the grid, getting ready for the kiddos to start school.

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