Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bun in the Oven

I love being pregnant. Love it, I say. The kicks, the knotty elbows poking out, the protruding belly button, the plump expansion of the chestal area...seriously, I love it all.

Matter of fact, I would dare say, I feel the prettiest when elastic pants adorn my waistline.

Above is a photo taken of our family the day before Casey McGill was born. Eli seems to like seat Mama made just for him, huh?

Me? A bun in the oven? Hmmmm.

And the darling accessories that go along with that bump are just the best. The gifts I loved most were the ones handmade and personalized. I received handmade gifts from distant co-workers who were expert knitters, church friends who took their first stab at sewing fabric to a burp cloth, and great little taggies and bibs from high end baby boutiques with each of my boys' names dabbled across the front. I adored these gifts. I remember peering down at their name and running my fingers across the stitches made just for them all while rubbing my belly in total day dream mode about the sweet guy inside.

Handmade and unique has always been the gush of my heart. Perhaps this is was the reason k.Mac became a reality for me. Because it seems I'm not the only one sweet on handmade and personalized baby gifts.

{shown above k.Mac's large Regency with coordinating changing pad}

Who knew that tiny faint purple line paired with it's neighbor would work such magic in my life? Eli was planned on on the docket complete with X's on the calendar. And on the 1st try, this baby boy decided we were his mama and daddy. Casey was God's planning. Not intentionally trying and with prevention in the works, Casey face made us his.
And they both have been more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. Completely and totally, they have confiscated our lives with utter joy, hard work, laughter, and a HUGE learning curve time and again.
And I wonder what our life would be like if we had just one more.
Could our hearts hold a spot for another tiny Cobble?

Would I have enough compartments to carry the responsibility of raising 3 little ones into amazing young men and perhaps a young woman?

Could I find time for the single me with 6 little hands {not just 4} that all want their mama most?
Could I keep my total package together?
Nah, there's no way.
But this sweet client of mine can!
She received a k.Mac design session as a baby gift.
And what a fabulous job she did selecting her fabric collection and bag design.
Thanks for the photo shoot, Ashley!
Congratulations on Broderick Nathaniel!
Oh well, I guess 4 little hands are enough to keep me busy. This baby train is currently in the roundhouse, remember?
I leave you with the words of this song cause that's where we're at in this house!
Happy babying to all!
.mac :)


Alex said...

just letting you know I scrolled down to the bottom of this post to make sure you weren't pregnant before reading it. So now I'm going to go back and read it.

hehe. great post.

April said...

Awww...I'm so bummed! I thought you were prego! You sure looked cute with that "baby bump" of yours. I loved being pregnant so much!

Kacey R. said...

How can anyone listen to that song and not want to jam? Great song - you made my morning and got me out of my blurred eyed funk! Thanks. And I'm thinking you would find a way to make room for one extra set of hands...I'm just sayin. :D

Kristi said...

Okay girl... I knew I "should" be in the top contenders for being one of the firsts to know (ha), but I have to admit- you had ME going!! LOL.

Love the post and GREAT bag (as usual)....

Anonymous said...

Such a TEASE!!! Dang. I'm with Alex, only I didn't scroll down and should have but I got a little excited..maybe, just maybe, but you stinker!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

GO FOR THREE!!! You will love it, I promise...however, the laundry multiplies like you wouldn't believe!
(I just read your comments on my blog-I'm BAA--ACK!
I thought I missed a whole pregnancy of yours during my summer break!)

JennyMac said...

Wait...I thought for SURE you were giving big news. Trickster.

But you are gorgeous and a gorgeous pregnant Mommy.

Love the family pic MommyMac.

Sending my best from Seattle!

Sarah said...

I am glad to hear you seem somewhat content with never being prego again, you sure like it though! I hope I can reach a contentment someday, I don't want to have 10 kids or anything but I can't imagine not being pregnant ever again!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, you didn't carry high or low, just way out! So adorable. You DO make a great lookin' prego gal. Those bags are to die for too.

MamaJamz said...

Yes, that was a total tease. Hmmm... Or was it...? I'll have to go reread. I skimmed through, all excited about another cousin.

Lovely pics and a lovely baby bag set.

SarahKL said...

After we talked in church this morning, I leaned over to my husband (how fun is THAT to say!!) and said... "I read her blog."

He doesn't get it.

Glad we officially met! :)

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