Wednesday, September 17, 2008

37, 38, 39...

k. is 40 years old today! Somebody press play on the CD disc changer so 50 Cent can give her the propa shout out..."Go shorty, it's your birthday.."

The TN crew all loaded up (that's a very popular SC phrase I am noticing)with the exception of Kenny and the boys. Kenny had football and there was no chance I was going to take the boys on a 7 hour trip on Saturday and then turn around and come right back 7 more hours on Sunday.
So the rest of us loaded up, and headed to South Carolina to KP's surprise birthday party celebration. It was a grand time, I say. Absolutely the best. I rode up with my Kenny's mom and step dad. The company was great and I had some handiwork that consumed my every being on the way up and back (more to report on that later.)

The party was perfect-a-mundo! Kristi's friend, Kim, and her sister-in-law, Renee, made the night extravagant with the decorations and food.
Here I am with Taylor (Kristi's daughter; my lovely niece), and my other SIL, Melissa waiting to yell at the old woman!

Here are some for real SURPRISE guests!! These sneaky little piggies made their way all the way to SC without telling anyone! Seeing this crew turn out for Kristi put a smile on all of our faces! Thanks for being my dance partner, Joseph!
Kristi didn't have a clue! I know this because she shed a few tiny tears as she walked into the country club to find all of her friends and family yelling, "SURPRISE!"

This is almost unbelievable as Kristi is Mrs. Private Investigator...there's nothing she can't find out. She's magic, I tell you.

This table was waiting for her as she walked into the dance room. Talk about fancy, huh? Isn't that Kristi Cobble a cutie-pa-tootie in that picture?!

Then she was greeted by oh let's just say the PAST!! Those sweet parents of hers were so nice to share all of her model worthy pictures through the years.

The remainder of the evening was filled with drinks, dinner, and DANCING!! My three favorite D's aside from diamonds, doughnuts, dollar stores, day dreaming...oh sorry. You get the drift.

I must admit I wore that dance floor out. It didn't matter the song; it didn't matter that I was the only one on the floor at times...I danced like a mad woman in my favorite shoes.

I think Kristi had a super time on the dance floor too. Here she is leading her birthday dance party train.

On Sunday, after all the festivities had concluded, I took a walk in my hideously old, worn out, and faded bathing suit on the beach. Does anyone else have issues with getting rid of old bathing suits? It's like when they finally feel "worn in" and aren't pinching your backside, it's really time to just trash them and move onto a new suit. Can't do it.

Okay, that was tangent. Anyhoo.

As I walked along the shore and splashed (yep, by myself) in the water it hit me that getting older is like a beach in several ways. Allow me to compare these with a scattered list:

there's beauty there
rocks sometimes get in your way
seeing the sunset and rise takes on a greater meaning
stuff shifts as gravity takes hold
tides come in and roll out
imprints and impressions are made
sometimes you just get stuck in the seaweed
you collect things to take with you
each wave leaves the sand closest to it smooth and new
the walk is long in either direction
lighthouses and piers are there as guideposts
there's brilliance and peacefulness that surrounds you

Those were just a few.
But there's one thing for sure about this thing called life.

It has lots of "rocky waves" (that's an Eli-ism).

As the water rushes into the shore, do your eyes focus on the pile of sand that remains from the force of the current?

Or do your eyes stare intently on the sweet rhythmic ripples and rolls that life holds for all of us.

It's all what you make it. Simple as that.

Happy Birthday, Kristi!!

In honor of her BIG 4-0, k.Mac has a giveaway! Just post a comment by this Friday at 12:00PM (EST) and we will select 2 luckies to receive this coupon!


Cause 20+20=40!!!!!!!

.mac :-)


TateandLily'sMom said...

you know I'm in...

Nicole said...

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTI!! I am so glad it was a REAL surprise... i love surprises!! I hope you had a wonderful celebration.
Secondly... I am IN for the drawing... "Come on big money...NO WHAMMIES!!" :)

Julie Shaver said...

Happy 4-0, Kristi! I love y'all's work, though I haven't bought anything yet. I'm interested in a Bible cover. Can you make that?

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