Tuesday, August 18, 2009

B is for...

B is for Bag.

Our Sling Fling design is simple, tailored, and a huge hit.

B is for budget.

Our Sling Fling is conveniently priced for those watching as the government takes your money. Shown here is our small Sling Fling.
B is for barefoot.

This is my favorite shoes to wear indoors and out.

B is for bloated.

I think spinach is doing it to me.

Best friends.
B is for best friends.

I am so happy to have them. Love that they are sprinkled about, but all it takes is a phone call or a little visiting and it's like we never left one another's side.

B is for the B.

The B I got in 9th grade TYPING class that caused me to be 3/10ths away from being Salutatorian in high school. That's right. a-a-a-space-s-s-s-space d-d-d-space f-f-f-f-space RETURN finished me 3rd. NOT Physics or Calculus. Nice, huh. No, I'm not bitter at all.

B is for believe.

Believe you can do anything you want to no matter your age or circumstance. Dream out loud and in motion. Make your reality through your choices and attitudes. Envision yourself doing just what you love with the gifts that God has given you. Take the step whether it be big or little and watch yourself become your very best. Then smile and help others around you to do just the same.

B is for "B".

Casey face's blanket that he adores more than life itself. I mean I think if he had to decide between a blood transfusion to save his life or holding "B", "B" might just perform the life saving miracle for this kid.

B is for blog.

My best friend said to me just this weekend, "I don't get blogs. What exactly are they for?"

And candidly I rattled off, "To connect and to share. To chronicle your life. To promote your business."
But to me, it's even more than that. It's my head feeling clearer, my heart feeling deeper, my fingers feeling faster. It's my creative cleansing; my soul spilling. It's all that and more to my person. Writing and reading breathe a sense of clarity from me. And I like it.

So, what's a blog to you?
What makes you read?
What makes you write?

And lastly, what's your B stand for?
  • Anxious to hear your thoughts.
  • Anxious to give 50% off any size Sling Fling to one comment picked at random.
  • Anxious to tell you the Sling Fling special for this week only.
  • Anxious for tomorrow {Wednesday, 8/19} to share the winner and the special.
  • Anxious for my bloating to subside.

Anxiously bloated,
.mac :)


Sherry Johnson said...

B is for the Bountiful amount of Blessings God gives me every day. His Eternal Love, three healthy kids, a wonderful husband, a great career and wonderful friends. I ask you, does anyone need anything more?

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you came up for air to say hi to us! You've been in my thoughts ;)

B is for Beth! Duh! LOL

I'm also suffering from bloat today. I ate pinto beans yesterday...twice. Ugh.

April said...

Got bloating??? LOL! I do, too! "Aunt Flo" is due any day now...oh, how I despise her! :)

Right at this very moment, my B is for Bella, my sweet Shih Tzu. When the house is all quiet, she's always available to snuggle with and to bring me a smile. I love her to pieces!

Anonymous said...

My B stands for Bowman, an English surname that makes me proud to have been Jerry Bowman’s daughter. My B even adorns my front door. We are (wo)men with bows, an archer, which of course, is my sweet, little dog-child’s name. We stand tall (even though we’re shorties) and are armored to protect.

Angie Bowman

Anonymous said...

PS - I failed to mention that my high school homeroom teacher, Mrs. Belcher, used to tell us "B's are the Best." I mean who can really argue with that?

:) Angie Bowman

Beth said...

B is for "Beth" :) but also for "be the thread" - my blog... my place to brag about my kids & family, my place to share my creativity, my place to dream big. It's my place to remember.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Super cute and such a great design! I call it beautifulishish :)

Anonymous said...

B is for bubbly?

TateandLily'sMom said...

My B is for Blessings because my life is full of them...family, friends, fulfillment...they all are examples of God's undying love for me and mercy on my soul. I don't deserve it, but I savor every moment. My blog represents the essence of me...the only accomplishments in my life...marriage and motherhood. And being so far from family, I am so thrilled to share every moment with those I love and miss so dear.

Debby said...

B is for BIG BLUE! As in GO BIG BLUE!!

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