Monday, October 6, 2008


So, I am taking what you see below as a compliment. You remember my favorite shoes from this post, right?

Well here they are live...

I laugh hysterically at this video each time that I see it.

Casey. My high heel black patent peep toe heels. My cell phone.

Lights. Camera. Action. Roll'em.

Yes. Those are my favorite shoes.
Yes. I talk on the phone from time to time.
No. I don't wear these shoes on a daily basis while walking around the house and talking on the phone.

Apparently in Casey's mind I do.
Not too shabby for a 19 month old in 3 inch heels, huh?

Kids. You gotta love'em!

:-) .mac

p.s. Pay no attention to the 3 year old pretending that the bath tub is his boat in the background. Shhh. Don't tell daddy.


Stella Blue said...

So funny and precious!

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

That is pretty little guy still walks around in my heels...I think he's gotten more use out of them in the past few years than I have!

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