Thursday, October 23, 2008

Down Home...

"...where they know you by name and they treat you like family."

I completely realize the ignorance I have of my reader audience here. It could be very well that k.Mac has a beau coup of readers sprinkled all over this great nation. It is probably more likely that we have all 5, that's right, 1-2-3-4-5, of my good buddies checking what's going on in my neck of the woods. Thanks, guys! So, if the latter is the more appropriate answer, here is a reminder to all five of you of the blissful spots we live near. However, if the aforementioned statistic is somewhat of a reality, well then, let me provide you readers with a great camping location and a mini climate lesson about Eastern to Middle Tennessee.

I have been a Tennessean all my life. I was born in Colorado, but only lived there a year. So, I consider myself well versed in the climate of Good Ole Rocky Top.

Readers, it's warm here. I can actually remember of couple of Christmases were it would have been completely fine to have on your happiest pair of jungle bell shorts all matchy-matchy with your Christmas Splendor carrdigan. I, personally, would have thrown in my cutest of holiday knee socks for good measure, but that's where some of my friends feel like I should be pulled over by the fashion police.

. Ummmm, what's that? In my hometown, to this day, the schools get out for the angel dusting of ice crystals...I kid you not!

Now, I will say the more east you go in Tennessee the more "treacherous" the snowy weather gets. Sarcasm is such a great writing tool, don't you think? When Kenny and I lived in Maryville, a little town close to Knoxville, snow actually would accumulate on the ground sometimes in inches. That's right, the plural of inch.

But, now we live in the tween of middle and east TN. And it's warm here. And it rains more than it did in east TN.

But these climate differences are blessings too. Cause with rain comes baking with my boys and with warm weather comes this in mid to late October:

A lake trip with the boys!

That's right, we loaded up last week and drove a whopping 10 minutes down the road to our tropical paradise.
This place is so beautiful and simple. A man made white sandy beach with an AWESOME playground all hugged up on the water. Not to mention, there are campgrounds and RV slots that do this same water flirting like the playground. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking at times. We played in the water. We played in the sand. We watched snails actually move to make their underwater sand trails. (I can't believe the boys stood still enough in the water to see this!). We even met a a nice family from this sunny state on vacation.

We had a blast in our warm Tennessee sunshine. I loved watching the sand crystals sparkle on the boys' bare backs in the light. Their little peach fuzz hairs glistening on those butter brown backs. Yeah, I'll take warm and sunny.

And I will be thankful that I was able to spend a fall day in my East Tennessee home watching my boys play with the above as their magnificent surroundings.

:-) .mac


Anonymous said...

I laughed very hard at the "out of school for a dusting" so true so true! We were sad when we left NC and came back home to East TN and remembered that it never really does snow here...but the fall is pretty incredible!

Stella Blue said...

Such a fun post!

Sandy Toes said...

How pretty..your boys are so cute!! What a fun post!
-Sandy Toes

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