Sunday, September 28, 2008

It broke.

It was my staple. My woobie if you will. It dates back to circa oh 'bout 1994. You know, when the clip phase was sorta on its way back in, but notsomuch the banana version. The clips were larger and had somewhat of a decorative seashell or odd looking bow molded into the actual plastic. They came in all different colors, but I specifically remember choosing a brown. I felt that was the most practical and versatile color of choice.

So this clip is/was 14 years old. That's like the age of a trusty family pet, I say.

Aside from the daily pull-the-hair-back face washings at night and the usual get-this-mess-out-of-my face reach-twist-clasp after long days at the school house, this clip has seen my through:

* my wedding day preparations
* my honeymoon lounging by the pool
* countless trips camping with our good ole pals on the lake
* lotsa sick days


BOTH of my boys' births. She has lasted. Endured. Really been there for me. Oh how she made it all better as I began the nursing process each time with the boys. No mama wants her long locks flowing about when your milk comes in for the first time while a skid dish and quite sleepy newborn dozes as the involuntary milk shower initiates him and mama. Thank you, clip. Thank you for keeping at least my hair dry and clean during that process.

The boys now like to play with my assortments of junky jewelry, clips, shoes,and lotions while I get ready in the morning. Their father isn't exactly overjoyed with this activity, but the make-up gets on right real nice, I think.

Anyway, I actually had a talk with the boys specifically about this clip. I explained in depth how important this item was to mama and they were not to play with this doo-dad ever. Matter of fact, I even walked them through what to do if they saw it lying around on the coffee or end table.

I can't tell you how good it feels to hear Eli:

"Case, that is mommy's favorite clip. I bet she will be looking for it soon. We better get it back to her."


Casey: (while playing stumbling upon my clip) "No-no! Mommy!" (grubby hand then gives clip to his mama.)

They knew. Man, now that is what I call good hometraining.

Well, no more.

The clips lasted me through so many things and yet it had to go and crack while I was flipping Casey over my head on the floor with my feet. JEEZ.

I heard the crack and thought: "Oh no. Nu-uh. There is no way."

As I lifted off the ground, my hair fell down around my shoulders and I knew it was for real.

Out came my clip in 2 pieces. Sigh. Sniff.

Good things must come to an end. I loathe that phrase.

I have contemplated the idea of hot glue. Not gonna work.

So, it was a good run.

I am reverting to my other brown "new age" clip that is half the size and although aesthetically cute as a button, it doesn't hold my hair worth a flip~


2 thoughts keep floating around in my mind:

1. Maybe it's time for the locks to go. Paige boy? Long bangs and some stack action?
2. This clip cracking is a sign. Something else is about to go awry. What on earth could it be?

With that, I am scouring hair magazines and online pictures for a possible new look all while trying not to speed, forget to pay a bill on time, or cut the boys' apples while talking on the phone...

Down and out and tired of re-positioning my "new age" clip,
:-( .mac

Tell me you guys have fond/obsessive attachments to old items too? Don't even get me started on my pajamas...


Anonymous said...

That totally cracks me up...only because I have one just like it in my bathroom for the same reasons and the same memories and my kids know too...don't touch that clip! What will I do if my clip breaks? Ack!

TateandLily'sMom said...

Well I guess mine is my feather pillow...its so old and starting to smell. I really need to replace it, but will I ever sleep in comfort again???

Cyndi said...

I have had a "black clippie" since college...when it broke I replaced it with the exact same one that was then called "clippie junior"..."grandson of clippie", etc. I bet you could find a really similar clip if you look. It would be the next generation!

TateandLily'sMom said...

I know this post was forever ago, but I was talking to my aunt tonight and she told me she reads your blog regularly and this is her favorite post. I thought you'd love to hear you have a fan in NY (besides my mother).

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