Thursday, October 30, 2008

I got the fever.

Okay, so...BOYS. We've been down this road before. I have disussed it. I have worked it out in my mind. It's dundy. Finito. A-okay.

But seriously. Are you kidding me? I mean, for real. The above is the best it gets for Fall Festival uniforms: camos, a Halloween shirt, and sneakers.


I mean don't get me wrong. They are presh in their little photo. Right real cute even. Completely in their Eli (I love parties and talking and playing with friends and being around others and oh, where's that friend going, and hey I will smile for the camera) and Casey (Get that crap out of my face who do you think you are looking at me why do I have to be around all these people I have no clue who they are can we just get this junk over with so I can get home to my blanket and house) "costumes" that is FOR SURE.

I love them more than my luggage. More than my real diamond earrings. Yes, even more than the best of the best of the best yard sale/thrift store finds. They got number one spot when it comes to lovin'...right behind their BIG DADDY. Well, I guess that would mean they have the #2 spot, huh? Oh well, you know what I mean here.

And don't go giving me the whole, "Oh, you have it made with less to have to wash and buy. Girls have a million and one accessories that are required of an outfit such as tights, cute matching shoes, and hair bows...etc. etc."

To quote a couple of very appropriate lines here from one of my favorite flicks:

Dean (Kirk Russell): Well, sugar lips, it never bothered you before.
Annie who really is Joanna (Goldie Hawn): Well, it bothers me NOW!

Cause IF I had a little girl. IF...such a shady word. Let's check that first statement...IF I had a husband who was willing to take a stab at trying for a little girl, I would be sending her to Fall Festivals in things like this...

Meet Lily O'Bryan. Let's just call her one of my stand in daughters if you will. Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? She just turned three and she has the personality that will melt your heart. She is a cuddle bug, a sweetie pie, a beautiful spirit just prancing about in this world.

I take the time now to honor and thank her mother which is one of my sweet friends and one of my husband's bosses for allowing me to "pretty-tend" with Lily.

Lily's mom gives me free reign.
She seriously has said to me on mulitple occasions: "I need an outfit for Lily or I need a baby blanket for a baby girl gift. Just do whatever you want and make it cute."

OHHHH, she is a Godsend, I tell you.

When these words float ever so sweetly off of her order email in her best Times New Roman size 12 font with no punctuation...I get all giddy inside. I feel like I am playing paperdolls in REAL LIFE!! I loved paper dolls when I was little. That and that fun colored pencil fashion rubbing case. You know where you could interchange the bottoms and the tops to the "model/Barbie" slide pieces to create your own outfit. Then you took tracing paper and colored pencils to create the new look.

Does anyone out there remember this toy?

Anyway, I love it. Free reign. Little girl designs. Man, it's a sweet life.

I don't care that when they hit puberty those sweet little girls will turn into evil witches that dream of stabbing their mom in the back with a butter knife.

A butter knife wouldn't hurt that bad probably.

Because lucky me will have boys that eat a loaf of bread, box of cereal, and pack of chicken all while muttering the 3 words they were going to say to me that day which I would imagine would be something to the tune of, "No. MOM. STOP!" at the same time.

Love my boys. Love'em, I say. My dream was to only have boys. I knew I was only going to have boys. BUT, for the mere dreaminess of style and fashion, I feel a chill coming on...

I just got the fever.

Cute buttons.
Apples for a fall harvest...
Candy corn and jack o'lanterns for trick-or-treating...


Nope. Halloween screen tees and camos.

Thank you, Lily. And thanks to my other Lily for letting me turn the tabs down on your sweet little shoulders and on the sides of your mid thighs and change out your bottom and top slide pieces so that I can trace over you with my colored pencils.

Sick. Sick with the fever for a girl. Anyone got the cure?

.mac :-)


Joy said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a warning though, we had a boy, then a girl and then we tried for another girl and got THREE BOYS IN A ROW! It was then I decided that it was okay to have just one girl. I have a friend who has FIVE boys in a row and then finally got her baby girl. So THINK, dear one, HOW FAR ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE THIS DESIRE?!?!
Besides, I will tell you from experience that boys aren't as moody as girls. If that's any consolation.

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog. You started my day with a good laugh!
But really, I do wish a little girl upon you. You are UBER talented and need someone to enjoy creating all that wonderfulness for. And I wish for you a really girly-girl too---not one of those who hates all the frills that you're so good at making. Good Luck with that desire of yours!

And in the meantime, enjoy those precious boys, cuz sons love their mommies in a special way that daughters can't.

TateandLily'sMom said...

If I could respond in #14 size font this time, I would...but apparently, blogger likes my style. That little girl is the apple of my eye and I am so glad you are able to make her look cute. I even told her tonight while we were trick r treating that I was sorry she was stuck with me for a mom because her costume sucked...and if MAC was her mom, she have something much cuter...oh well...I'm good at other things, right?

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