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I love this word.  I find it in so many different facets of my life the older I become.  It seems God's reliable timing manifests joy less in wave like proportions like with youth but in more of a rhythmical current.  Rockout swells of "Dude, this is awesome." are replaced with heartstring tugs of "Now.  Feel it?  Breathe deep and soak it in." Maturity and a good dose of jimmy cracked corn and I don't care seem to help a bit too I would imagine.

But, to cut it loose?  It's that glorious time when you let your hair down and consider your time marked  ::happy::  for even just a brief spell that refuels the soul so.  Kinda like when Snoop's got his "mind on his money and his money on his mind."  He be knowin.  Yeah.  He be knowin.

For all of you just joining me in my year of rhythm, you may want to catch up. 

For all of my 4 best friends who read this blog regulars back on the read scene for my month-by-month year in rhythm review, so glad you know me.  Because I needn't have to explain my July review posting on the last day of August. Prompt.  That's one word notsomuch in Meghan's adjective bucket.  But, you can throw 'thorough' and 'wordy' in there any ole time you want.

Here we go, peeps...

Ensemble Statistics:

  • $2.00
  • That's a capital Y in Yes. 
  •  It came from Goodwill.
  • Before anyone goes throwing up in their mouth a little bit, IT STILL HAD THE SALES TAGS ON IT AND THAT LITTLE HYGENE STRIP IN THE BIKINI AREA.  
  • I felt secure that once I completed my color bleach washing regimen on this purchase, I was nothing short of golden.
  • Arizona brand
  • I love this suit for many reasons.  
  • It has a great athletic look to it.  
  • It's hard to find an athletic looking bathing suit that doesn't look like you are wearing your sports bra with matching underwear.
  • It has a fun print to it.
  • I love fun prints.
  • The back is all kinds of rockin cool.
  • View the picture below:

  • It has a criss cross back which then criss crosses again below it.
  • A double criss-cross.  That'll make you Jump Jump.
  • I have it tucked in the picture you see above so as to maximize my Vitamin D intake from the orange sphere above, but the front of this suit comes to a point just above my belly button in a bandana "V" formation.  Very different and fun if you ask me.
  • The bottoms are conservative yet fun with draw string ties that dangle from the side. 
  • This suit is a good change up from my normal swim suit.  
  • Change up is good.
  • Everyone needs a new set of tan lines every now and again.

  • Target
  • Merona brand
  • $7.00 sale
  • I've been wanting a Fedora for quite sometime.  
  • My brother-in-law was the first to inspire me with this piece of fashion.  You gotta check him out here. Kevin even got married in his Fedora.  I'll have to share pics of that one day.  Coach Cobble served as one of the groomsmen and rocked a hat in the wedding with mad skills too.  Have I mentioned how cute he is?
  • I wanted a Fedora that wasn't too typical.
  • When I saw this textured print and the sale sign, I knew it was destiny.
  • I love the charcoal blue paired with the buttery oatmeal hue.
  • Bought it with my best friend right before heading out from this great weekend of fun.

Total Outfit Investment:  $9.00

July 2012

My personal word of growth for July was enjoy.

My mission:

I wanted to invest in my smile.  Furthermore, the things that create its place on my face. 
  • I wanted to get lost in laughing.  
  • I wanted to lay still and close my eyes.
  • I wanted to dance and be silly.
  • I wanted to play chase with the boys and have swim races and diving contests.
  • I wanted to see how long I could hold my breath underwater.
  • I wanted to stay up late listening to music with Kenny.
  • I wanted to fall asleep in his arms talking.
  • I wanted to feel waves and sand on my body.
  • I wanted to capture my 3 men being silly together.
  • I wanted to drink wine with one of my best friends and sister.
  • I wanted to wear my favorite nail color for the whole entire month.
  • I wanted to watch movies.
  • I wanted to eat ice cream with Kenny.
  • I wanted to read with the boys just for reading's sake.
  • I wanted to try something new.
  • I wanted to give all of my worries away and trust that God's will and direction in my life is enough to let Him handle.  
  • I wanted to fine tune my radio station to His melody in my soul.
  • I wanted to rest.
  • I wanted to run real hard and fast and often.
  • I wanted to eat at a fancy restaurant.
  • I wanted to sing a lot.  The songs that sink into me and make me better on the inside and out.
  • I wanted to help love on people that mean the world to me.
  • I wanted to spread smiles to those that so often are the reasons the corners of my mouth turn up.

My status:  *   *   *   *

4 out of 5 stars

My memories:

I did it.  All of it.  I cannot tell you how helpful this shock wave of optimism and happy endorphins has helped with my cascade into August.
  • Our family vacation to see Kristi and Tony.
  • My Kristi and her sweetness in my life.
  • The waves and the sand.
  • I paddled boarded.
  • My favorite nail color
  • Bistro 90
  • Wine tasting with my husband and K & T.
  • Swim races
  • Sun soaking
  • Helping with Mollye's 4th birthday party.  I can remember her birthday theme from her 3rd birthday like it was yesterday.
  • Snuggling my sweet niece Mallory for 3 whole days!
  • Music LOUD and often.
  • Our visit back to Chattanooga for 2 days to love on the people that we miss.
  • Kenny's cuteness in my life.
  • My letting go of schedules and concerns and finding their place in prayer, thanksgiving and at the feet of my savior.
  • I have upped my running schedule and increased my times too.
  • Our commitment to regular tithing in church and not just when we "feel like we can give"
  • My memory and the strength it brings me.
  • Helping my best friend highlight her hair and talking all night.  God, thank you for those Beeson steps.

I did it.  

Snoop.  He be knowin.  Yeah.

Bring it, August.  
I'm ready.

.mac :)

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April said... sorry I haven't visited in awhile. Life's been crazy, but what else is new? I took a break from blogging over the summer and am trying to get back to it. Your posts always make me smile. You relish in LIFE and LIVING! You and your suit are just too cute! :)

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