Monday, January 11, 2010

oh snap.

Anybody teared up yet?

That hand there you see above is Kevin Scott's. That's Kenny's younger brother. This past October 17th, he FINALLY asked Tash to marry him.

The whole family had just been waiting and waiting and waitng and waiting.

They were high school sweethearts and 10.17.09 was their 10th anniversary together.

Their first date {when they were like 16} was to Tusculum College to work on a photography assignment they had from a class they were taking.

Sneaky Kevin Scott deicded to take Tash back to Tusculum College that day to take pictures for symbolic reasons, of course. {Poor girl had already given up on marriage. She hadn't the faintest clue.}

He secretly had taken the batteries out of the camera the night before and replaced them with the ring. Once there, Tash starts to snap a few shots and whammo, no juice!

Kevin starts yip-yapping, "Tash, I told you to make sure the batteries were charged. This is just great. Are you sure you checked and charged the batteries last night?"

Tash repeats over and over in a completely perplexed state that she did, in fact, check and charge the batteries and she doesn't know what is wrong with the silly camera all while fumbling to get the battery slot open.

And then...{THIS HAPPENS.}

Isn't love grand?

But it gets better.


That Kevin is as thorough and as thoughtful as the day is long. And don't let him try to sway you to think otherwise. Sentimental and soft hearted.

He hired a professional photographer to secretly catch it all.

AND spend time afterwards to do engagement photos. Perfect! How cool was it that their engagement photos are from the very day they were engaged! Not many people can say that. And let me add in here that I am so thankful Kenny didn't have this trick up his sleeve as my hair was durty.durty and tossled in knot atop my head.

Isn't this one so sweet?

Just look at that flirtation. mmm.mmm. Too precious for words.

Oh snap, they're getting married!

And we all couldn't be happier for them both. Tash is truly the kindest most gentle soul you will ever meet in your life. Her presence and beauty is so peaceful and breathtakingly genuine. And Kevin is solid. So passionate and driven. A thinker. A writer. A secret note taker. He misses nothing when it comes to family.

And they need your help!

Their plans are to be married on the very same day to the year they were engaged (10.17.10) or the Saturday before (10.18.10).

They both are completely punch drunk over the multitude of decisions and plans that go into a wedding. So I am asking for you to write in with a comment that might help them. For example:

  • Tell them the 1 thing you would not scrimp on when it came to your wedding.
  • Were your vows hand written or stock protocol?
  • Was your kiss long or short?
  • White or antiqued cream for your dress color?
  • Tell them one thing you would do differently.
  • Tell them what matters most at a reception.
  • What things do you think they could scrimp on?

Tell all and anything in between. They NEED your help. Kristi along with myself have been called in as assistants in making this function nothing short of glorious. I decided to get help where I know just a few ladies that just might like to talk about their wedding and offer up any advice. Just a few that just might like to. You know. Just a few.

Heck, we all love weddings. Whether you are married or not, you can tap in on this one for the lovely couple.

I know they would appreciate it. And I know it would give us all a wonderful snapshot of what matters to you most on the day you say I do.

{ all photo credits to Amanda Churchill}

Her work is outstanding. Truly, a teller of stories through photographs.
Visit her website here.

.mac :)


Ruby Red Slippers said...

This is so lovely!
I love a good love story-

My wedding day-on a budget, very beautiful, early in the day, and we spent our first married night in our first home...
I wouldn't change a minute.
I can't! Each couple has it in their head of the perfect day...
I wish them all God's best!

Beth said...

What a great engagement story! I wish them the best.

April said...

Now, that proposal takes the cake...WOWZA! Talk about romantic! I love that he had a professional photographer in waiting to capture it all!

The main thing I would change is that we didn't have dancing at our reception and I love to dance every opportunity I can get! I think it makes for fun element at any wedding. Also, I wish we'd had a slide show that showed pictures of us growing up and even ones that told the story of how we met and fell in love. I've seen that done before and it really makes an impact.

I wish them both all the happiness in the world!

Nicole said...

Ok... I have lots to say on this..cause I LOVED all the planning and ideas that went into my wedding...BUT, I gotta go into a meeting right now, so I can't put it down just quite yet! CONGRATS KEVIN AND TASH! I will be BACK!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

What a beautiful story!!
Their day is going to be so special and how great that you get to help them!!

TateandLily'sMom said...

Beautiful pics and story...LOVE IT! We will both be in wedding planning mode this spring...The one idea that I didn't use for my wedding because I couldn't get it coordinated was using the wedding pics of family and friends as your centerpieces. You collect wedding pics from guests from the bride and groom, buy a collection of black, gold, or silver frames and tier them on the table. Of course you have to include a matching tent card with the names of the couple pictured and how they know the bride/groom. Talk about celebrating family and marriage!

Sarah said...

great story, I know you will be a great wedding planner! I wish we had done the picture slideshow at the reception. I loved that we didn't go all out to with a full course meal- it saved lots of money and kept it casual. On that note, we had all those friends and family that wanted to chip-in in some way help with the food. Now I wasn't involved so it may have been overwhelming, but we bought bulk finger foods (chicken fingers, shrimp, fruit, cheese ball, ham biscuits) that were put together by different CLOSE family and friends. The key to the reception is to stay loose and enjoy, I tensed up about things not going in the order planned and stressed too much. Also, I loved that we had disposable cameras on the tables that gave some great snap shots of guests! Dress was white, BTW

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, now that is something special. I love the pics. Very romantic and sweet!!!!

Hmmmm, how can I help. I had a very small beach wedding & was prepared to almost hurt feelings of those not invited to have the day we wanted. So just stay true to what they want and now what everyone around them wants.

Also, food!!!!!!!! Don't scimp on food. Go for quality, not quantity.

abmosley said...

Love this!!! What a great guy. I need my little sis to find someone like him.

Here are the things that I would NOT change:

1. we had ALL of our pictures taken before the wedding. Brian and I got to see each other in the sanctuary all dressed up and ALONE before the events of the ceremony took place. Then only the photographer & his assistant came in to take pictures of JUST US! It was special and we got to talk, just us, about the amazing day ahead of us. After this & before the ceremony, we took pics with the whole wedding party. It was relaxed. Plus, we were the first one's at the waiting.

2. My flowers were silk, but GORGEOUS and so real looking. I still have my bouquet. It is gorgeous and makes me remember that day.

3. We took our first communion as a couple during the ceremony. So special to us.

4. My favorite picture of us is at the end of the reception. It was taken from the back as we were walking away hand in hand.

Things I would change:
1. I did not get any kind of video of the amateur or professional. I regret this!!!

2. We did not think of transportation to get from the church to the reception. My parents ended up driving us! YIKES...embarrassing!

3. We did not have a slide show... but wanted one. People love to watch those.

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