Monday, August 20, 2012


{June 6, 2012--leaving for our 10 year anniversary trip to Biltmore.}

It was June 8, 2002.  I wore a long cathedral length veil and a real poofy dress. He was so very dapper in his silver tie and suit.  I can remember walking with my Dad down the aisle.  My smile was so big I thought my teeth were going to climb out of my mouth.  I remember wanting to pick up the poof part and run real quick to get beside him.  His gaze upon me was secure and sweet.  I'll never forget.  

The celebration was one for the record books.  One where dancing and good times were at the top of the list.  But what I want to remember right here and right now is the ride home as Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Cobble.  He stopped at a car wash to de-garb our "just married"ness before we left on a 7 day honeymoon.  I watched my brand new husband in full tuxedo clean his truck from top to bottom while I sat in the cab in my poofy dress with bird seed in my hair, a shiny new ring on my finger and a 3 dozen rose bouquet in my lap.  As glistening water droplets cascaded down the windshield, I would wave and he would smile & wink through the soap suds.  I remember sitting there rehearsing over and again in my head, "I am Mrs. Kenny Cobble.  My name is Meghan Cobble."

And, I am still.

I love this man. He is kind and genuine.  Hard working and hopeful.  His place next to me continues to grow roots strong and deep. This verse was read at our wedding.  I knew little of its width or depth then. Time and togetherness teaches you.  It reminds you of your faults and pushes you forward with your strengths. Living out and learning from mistakes as well as rejoicing in the good has taught me so much more about the kind of love God desires from us all.

He wants us to share it.  Spread it.  Let go of it and trust in its return.  As husband and wife, we continue to write our love story.  The story of our togetherness is getting better with each chapter we pen.  I am thankful for our laughter and love of music.  For finding our way to communicate.  For the buttons we chose not to push and for the commitment to be the best we can be together.  Ten years and 2 sons later, I still want to pick up my poof part and run real quick to get beside him.  And, his gaze on me is still secure and sweet.
{Impromptu family photo.  Boys had baseball with Papaw on the brain.  Not silly pictures!}
Love never fails, 

Mrs. Kenny Cobble :)

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