Friday, August 10, 2012

-lift off-

Lift off.  I love comparing myself to solid rocket boosters.  I teach.  I work for no school system.  In state records & on tax documents filed, you will not find a W-2  with my name on it. Our decision for me to homeschool our boys is one Kenny and I take seriously.  It is a decision we make on a year-to-year basis. We are human.  We lament over what a 'normal' education would be like for our boys right down to the yellow bus rides and the 20 minute recesses with spelling tests on Fridays.  And, at the same time, we rejoice in the rhythmical pace of learning that homeschooling fosters.  The intimacy & immediacy of child-to-parent along with the powerful component of play are, by far, the precious tugs on our hearts bringing us back to another school year of home.
We began with bare feet this week.  Wading in nice and slow and with purpose.  My year of rhythm has put such convictions on 'why I do what I do' in so many facets of my life.  I want to see validity in my time invested.  Moreover, I want them to see the great reasons of why we do what we do.  As individuals, as a family, as citizens and most importantly, as God's children.
To be clear, I want to address an argument that exists out loud for several people regarding homeschool.  This is the argument that school at home is just a whole lotta free time for the kids paired with lackadaisically low expectations & standards set from the parent.  I know this argument all too well.  I was a public education teacher for 7 years.  This was my complaint of homeschooling back when I did, in fact, have a W-2 on file.
In my third year of homeschooling, I can whole heartedly say that this argument in our home has been rebuked as hogwash.  Learning together at the same table you say grace around while holding the hands of your family members is a concentrated collaboration of just that:  holding hands.  
{Casey's word work.  First day of K/1st grade}

Lessons are directed with a tone of teamwork and togetherness.  Sounding out and does it sound right? are blended harmoniously with what do we know about letters and the how they work together to make words?
{Eli's word work. First day of 2nd grade}

Choices are made with what words they want to further expand on and investigate more through rhymes, journal time or dictionary discovery.
Fresh new math journals are cracked open for skip counting practice with number drills to cypher on.  Calculators are lugged out only for the boys to check their own work and put grades a top their own papers.
I look at the life that God has given me as a chance.  A beautiful chance to mess up all while making more of who I am for myself and for others.   The others?  They are my sons.  The rockets in which I am to provide the most concentrated amount of liquid fuel to.  It is only when they have maximized their fuel source and power that I am to be separated from them as they defy gravity and soar.  Home.  Our expectations are high.  These 2 are worth it all.  The time invested.  The sacrifice in pay.  They are my rhythm.
2012-2013 Year Long Theme:  "It takes big steps to be a great man."
Concept:  cooperation

Have I mentioned I love being compared to solid rocket boosters?

.mac :)

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You go girl; blast off!

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