Wednesday, February 29, 2012


S   t    r   e   t   c   h   i   n   g    myself.

I want to try knew things.
I do.
I want to grow and climb and connect too.
I do not want stagnancy to set up camp in my soul.
Yet, I don't want to lose just exactly who I am in the process of this self discovery.

Just the other day, Kenny and I were talking about our life and where we are in its seasons.

There was a silence for a brief moment, and then he said, "You know, according to our age, we are about halfway through this life thing."

And, his words were affirmation that my challenge for this year and every month for that matter is good and worthy of my time and my writings.

For those of you just boarding this self-improvement plan, go here to read all about it.  And then, go here to catch up with this cause from last month. There.  Now you're all set.

Here we go:

This outfit is where I have chosen to document my   s  t   r   e   t   c   h.

It is so on the fence of what I consider cute or fun.  But, I went with it because who ever died from one iffy outfit?  Chances, cats.  I'll take'em.

  • gray suede booties with a 2 1/2 inch heel!
  • EEK!
  • My sister-in-law, Melissa, totally surprised me with these as a gift.  Truly, it made my whole week the day she brought these over to the house.
  • Booties are totally edgy to me; I've been wanting a rockstar pair for awhile now.
  • I like these in particular because they stomp out that "middle aged mama of 2 syndrome" one can sorta get in.  You know you're there when all you own for shoes are the Clarks mules and you choose to get all crazy one day and purchase the brick red pair to "kick it up a notch". Well, there you have it.  You're sick with the syndrome, sister.  
  • My plans are to wear these with skinny jeans, leggings, even bare legged when warmer weather hits and I decide to shave my legs with a maxi dress.  Promise I won't get too crazy. {gRiN}
  • Ann Taylor brand
  • $2.99 Goodwill
  • It's mauve.  That's right.  Muave.  Go on, say it with me.  NEVER a color found on my color wheel, but I'm trying new things, remember?  
  • It actually has raw edges to it about 3/4ths of the way down.  It's kinda hard to see that in the picture.
  • Oh, the length is so tricky.  I feel all stereotypical teacher-esque in it, but never fear, the booties totally kicked that vibe to the curb if you ask me.
  • Color Blocking----again, a new style concept learned from Melissa, the sister-in-law.  It's where you take a popular trendy color and use that as your focal point in your outfit.  I chose mauve.  That's right.  Mauve.  Go on, say it with me.
  • Denim is back, peeps.
  • Yes, denim.  The verdict is still out if stone washed denim is to become all the rage.  I started easy here with a classic denim tone.
  • This shirt is made by Arizona brand which possibly is from either Goody's or JC Penney.  
  • $1.50
  • Goodwill
  • Love that it has the safari type shoulders with the button over straps.
  • $2.99 
  • Goodwill
  • duck canvas khaki
  • It has a very smart short color that I love. The collar is almost Members Only-ish.
  • I wore this jacket in our 2010 Christmas card picture with jeans, a charcoal gray turtle neck and my cowboy boots.
  • FREE
  • Came from the same lady who was giving her junk jewelry away I talked about in January's rap session.
  • I was the ohsolucky recipient.
  • One is a neon pink crystal rock-like geode with a gold feather adhering it to the gold chain
  • The other is a different shaped geode and khaki in color.
  • They are different lengths.
  • Mixing lengths and more than one necklace is the thing to do if your hip like J.Lo.
  • Mixing metals tones in your jewelry?  Well, that makes you so cool, your're like J. Lo's sister.
  • A total gift from my Aunt Sharon {read about her here} when I was 12.  
  • Yep, I saved it.
  • It was ultra cool then.
  • Guess what?
  • It's cool now again!
  • 10K gold
  • name cuff
  • Holla if you hear me, dawg.
  • 3 days dirty
  • straight unbrushed and out of a slept in ponytail
  • No, these pictures were taken at the end of my day.  
  • Yes, that's right. I didn't brush my hair all day.

Total financial investment in outfit: $7.50

And now for even more good stuff...

The second month of twenty twelve has centered around the word {be}.

My mission:

{to stretch and to stay}

I wanted to stretch out and physically be there for someone who needed me. 

And then, once there, I wanted to stay connected right to where they were, ignoring all preconceived notions of me in the process.  I wanted to listen, and help in anyway I could.

{to stretch and to stay}

I wanted to be cognizant of my body and when it screamed for REST.

I wanted to be the wife that laughed more with her husband and that let him know how important he is to me in my everydays.

I wanted to be the mama that giggled over goofy boy jokes. Yes, sometimes even potty ones.  Ewww.

I wanted to be the writer my heart has a passion for.

I wanted to be the family of 4 that played together. 

I wanted to be the designer that believed she was talented and hard working.

I wanted to be the Christ follower who wasn't afraid to cry and clap in worshipping the Lord during church when my heart longed to.

I wanted to be the reader who gets lost in novels grand.

I wanted to be the teacher that followed her students' lead when it came to learning.

I wanted to be the 35 almost 36 year old that tried new fashion looks.

And, I wanted to be all of these without losing just who I am at the heart of the process.
My status:

4 out of 5 stars.

My memories:

God works in glorious ways. He does.  I was able to be there for not one, but 4 very dear ones this month.

And, I was the one who was blessed.

These four encounters were rich and deep and felt just right.  My heart listened, my hands held, and my hope was headed right where I heard them to be. These experiences reminded me to never underestimate the power of giving of yourself. Most often, this giving ends up a beautiful blessing to you.

I went to bed early a time or two.  Maybe even a few.  Heeding to the unwind of energy makes for that more of a productive tomorrow.  I am trying to learn this lesson for good.  Nobody hold their breathe though, you hear me?

Flirting with Kenny is so much fun. 

I really need to work on washing my hair and even more so, getting to the salon in a timely manner for those YOOGLY roots of mine. Nah, they're not noticeable at all.

Basketball 2 v 2 matches are at least once every other week.  Casey hates it when he and I lose to his Daddy and older brother.

I am so much more ready to hear God's word when I give him my true praise in whatever form that comes during worship time.

I have grey suede booties!!!

Um, I suck at reading.  It's not that I don't like to do it, it's just that I can't be still for that long.  I'm gonna work on it.  Nobody hold their breathe though, you hear me?

February 2012

Bring it, March, 

.mac :)


The Wood Family said...

Love it all! You're awesome!

Pennie said...

You are such an inspiration!
thank you for sharing your life with us!

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