Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{differently noted}

Eli, you take such pride in ownership.  I see you stretching out more and more into what makes an E-L-I.

Your independence has always been a priority.  From wee tiny, you have relished best in justyou.  I love that in the little snippets of our days together I find you building, managing and fixing trinkets near & dear to your heart. 

You are a collector of the doings; a keeper of dreams in tact.

You room finds order in time.  Scattered often meets stacked.  You are a trophy keeper.  A lover of keeping your checked-off on display.  

Magic Tree House books read.
Magazines noted.
Bible stories too.

Casey, you are my Ewok.  

You like it best when you are by my side.  In the midst of my sewing, cleaning and cooking I find you underfoot with colors in hand.  You want my touch and my words like breathes.
Your arrival in this world, if only meant for cuddling, would suit you just fine.
Your proximity to people will serve you well, son.

Boys, my life as your mama is like a square dance.
And, don't you know, I love to do-si-do just as much as I love to circle left?

Differently:  noted

Mama :)

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