Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He's my guy.

This is my Valentine.

He is strong.
He is stubborn and quick witted. 
He is creative too.
He adores music and traditions.
His spirit is feisty, loyal and deep.
His heart: a tender place.
His optimism is abundant.
And, he just gets me.
Like the quick read on an opponent's offensive play, he knows the next thing out of my mouth as well as the one roaming around in my mind not yet spoken.
He pushes me for the good.
He hates feet and always will.
No matter how long I beg for a foot rub, it just ain't happening.

He is mine.
And, I am so lucky to share the space beside him for as long as God will allow.
Our love story has been one of love and laughter, leaning on and letting go, living up and listening more.
Our love story has been together to make it work.
Being his wife is my pride and joy.
I adore every ounce of you, Coach Cobble.
You have riveted my heart right next to yours.
And,  I can think of no other place I would rather be fastened.

Happy Valentine's Day,
your wife


April said...

I need a Kleenex...QUICK!

Katie said...

That was lovely, Meghan.

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