Friday, February 3, 2012

What the truck?

Goodwill treats me right more times than I can count.

This shirt is my rhythm logo for this week.

I mean, there are times in your life where you just wanna say, "What the truck?"

And, about Wednesday, I  called out "Oeyoa. Oeyohaha".
I decided to submit to the elements.

Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine said it best.  The Rhythm is Gonna Get You.

I thought this collage might serve as visual reminder of what's went down.

I tried to be honest with the highs-n-lows.

That's a lie.  

The razor is wishful thinking.  I haven't shaved these legs perhaps since New Year's Eve.  No worries though.  All other areas of grooming are all systems go.

That's another lie.

I might just scrimp a tee tiny bit on washing my hair.

I promise I go no more than 5 days between washings.

And, that is the truth.  

Have I gained some accountability back with you yet?

Hope so.

I compare my week to the girl out on the dance floor who wants to break it down and get all funky-like, but her feet just never find the beat.  Nor do her arms.  Her hips.  Or, her face for that matter.

Ever watched THAT go down?

It ain't pretty.

And, here I am.

The dancer in me HATES to do this but, I decided to sit a few songs out until I catch my groove. If you need me to, I can hold your drink or your purse.  I'll even keep an eye out to see if that cute guy is inching his way over to you.

.mac :)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You are so funny. love guessing what all went and didn't go so well in your week from the pics! and as always I totally love how you write. I've just never been able to write well myself and envy how you do it so well!

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