Monday, May 24, 2010

She's 30.

This ole girl turned 30 years old yesterday.
Tan lines still rockin' too

She was bought as a special gift to me by her.
On a special day in my family's history.

And remember this little surprise I had in store for that niece of mine?
Well, the look on her face pretty much sums up how she felt about it...
Not amused or interested in the least.

I had had all my Barbies and babies from when I was a little girl out for her to play with...
Barbie's massive wardrobe
Cheer Bear made by mom.
Barbie horses galore.

Even these ladies came out to play with Mollye...

She was completely against it all.
All she wanted to do was this...

Over and over and over and over again.

Oh well.
Heartbroken, this aunt will try and try again.
We WILL like to play with Barbies, Mollye.
We will.

Cause she's still rockin' at 30.
And so is Mollye's Daddy...
Only his tan lines are just a little different.

.mac :)


Nicole said...

That is hilarious...Mollye wasn't ready for Barbie, but Barbie was ready for her! I found my first Cabbage Patch doll the other day...saving it for McKenna!! She has red hair and the matching nightgown on that my grandma made me and her. That's the closest thing I ever came to playing with dolls... :)


Ruby Red Slippers said...

So funny!
I can relate, my Helen-Keller-biography-reading-friend!
My Barbies are at my moms-and recently pulled them out for my boys...and they LOVED them-the car, the horse, the house, and Ken!
LOVED my barbies-so much, my mom packed them away when I was in seventh grade....

Dawn said...

oh my gosh i want to dive into that pile of barbies! and your strawberry shortcake dolls! oh! my sister saved hers. oh the hours we played...

Work in progress said...

Seeing the photo of all the toys from when I was growing up made me want to play with them! Tell Mollye if she needs a playmate... :) Thanks for the nostalgia!

swarli said...

FINALLY you let us in on the "old School" secret gift for Mollye! Sheesh..I though you left us hanging forever! That's awesome you have all that stuff still. I was a horsey collector and gave my collection to Matt's niece. Happy Birthday to your brother! Matt has that same bicolored arms/legs thing :)

Chronicles Of A Mommy said...

You know I spotted the barbie in teal with legwarmers on the floor right off of the bat. Hey, worst case scenario - we have a play date with Mollye and Ruby Jane and they WILL play. Or we will at least. ;) We can't hurt Barbie's feelings. You know she can only take so much rejection.

TateandLily'sMom said...

I am so impressed that you still have all of your toys. Robbie did the same thing for Tate and he loved playing with every one. Since Lily doesn't play with anything much, I am sure I would get a similar experience.

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