Monday, May 10, 2010


Today is our 2nd Monday of recycling pick up.
(Above is a snapshot of our 1st ever visit from the county recycling truck)

This service has just been offered to county residents.

The boys are beside themselves ecstatic about this recycling opportunity.

From the very moment we received the letter in the mail letting us know of this trash pick up addition, Eli has been our family's ring leader in the quest to recycle.

  • He double checks trash cans for any slip ups.
  • He combs nearby ditches and even sidewalks while we are out for any potential recycling candidates to add to our green bin.
  • They both get excited for this every-other-Monday visitor.

After the 1st pick up, he turned to me and said, "Mom, we just saved the Earth a little bit."

Such significance in this simple pick-up passion my boys possess.


Double checking and combing is good, I think.

In trash and in life.

Who knew the heart and soul were but a green recycling bin?
Better still, that there can be excitement in it all.

Being better isn't always being new.
Perhaps it's just in the "re" in the "me" of us all.

Once again, thank you, boys.
Your lessons are always so much more meaningful than mine could ever be...

.mac :)


April said...

Isn't it amazing what those little people can teach us...if we'll only LISTEN?:)

Beth said...

I love that your boys are excited about saving the earth!

Shannon Strong said...

Their sweet and wonderful zeal for recycling and helping the world is a HUGE statement about the AWESOME Mommy and person that you are ;-) Hope you had a beautiful and well deserved Mothers Day. Hugs to you!

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