Thursday, May 13, 2010

right by you

Dear Eli and Casey,

It's me, mama.

You're both snuggled in your beds right now snoozing away. Eli with black & white kitty and Mamaw nite-nite. Casey with b (blanket) and your upteen gajillion stuffed animals.

And I long to do right by you.

Long to give you love and freedom.
Listening and laughter.
Nurturing and safety.
Learning and letting go too.

I am hopeful that you grab on to more than just pieces-parts of the above.
I am so very hopeful.

But human, I am.

Humanly flawed and pre-occupied at times.
Impatiently aggravated at the black & white striped shirt I must wear around you two more often than I like.
You both know I am a color girl.

Did I read enough with you today?
Did I show kindness and strength?
Did joy fill our home or did dissension leave us disgruntled?

I'm a juggler.
Home is work for me too.
High energy.
Task oriented and scattered all in one.

Am I juggling you two with well being?
I am hopeful.

But human, I am.

Have I mentioned I adore you?

Your cuddles.
Your charisma.
Your dreams for life.

I never dreamt I would be so genuinely enthralled to read about differences in the scarab beetle and the stag beetle as I was tonight.

And that's because of you.

And so perhaps to do 'right by you' is a stretch.
A dream I want for reality.
A prayer of possibility and perseverance.

But right by you, I will do my best to be.
Down the hall when you need to come find me and your daddy in the middle of the night.
Beside you when you are just about to try something new.
Ahead of you watching for danger.
Behind you in your passion and dreams.

Believing in you and the wonderful men God has planned for you to be.

Humanly hopeful.


{your mama is}

Love you boys,
Mama :)


Kim said...

beautiful post from another mama who loves her boys!
love & blessings from hong kong,

swarli said...


Stella Blue said...

You are doing ever so right by them. Love you!

April said...

Your boys are so lucky to have you! That was just precious!

Beth said...

That was SO sweet! I'm sure when your boys look back on their childhood they will say it was a good one. Great picture of y'all!

Shell in your Pocket said...

sandy toe

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Love this, MAC...can I just say, ditto?
You said it so beautifully-
Hape the rest of your weekend is wonderful!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Such perfect words, from yes....a perfect Mama. I am so with ya on the "doing right" it consumes my every thought every day!!
beautiful words!

Shannon Strong said...

what a gorgeous photo!!! I really loved reading this are such a great Momma. Hugs

Carlota said...

I found that blog on the road.
I must say it exudes sensitiviness towards Family.

Elisabeth Eaton Photography said...

OMG Megan! That brought tears to my eyes! What beautiful words. I hope you keep that for them!!

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