Thursday, May 6, 2010

two months and a day

Meet Dad-daddy.
Here he is on his 81st birthday.

March 5, 1929 he was born into this world.

  • This man is complex.
  • He has more intelligence and determination than most people can shake a stick at.
  • He is well versed in so many trades.
  • A thinker.
  • A doer.
  • He built he and my Mom-mommie's house by himself never having built a house before.
  • He started and ran a record store business for 30 plus years with my Mom-mommie.
  • His name is synonomous with work.
  • He struggles with idle time on his hands.
  • Perhaps this is why at 81 years old with macular degeneration stealing almost all of his sight, he rarely is still.
  • He's a dancer.
  • A lover of music.
  • A feeler of rhythm.
  • He taught me how to dance at about 3 years old as I stood atop his feet while the music glided us across the room.
We have the same golden moss eyes.

I decided to hijack Mollye from daycare on his birthday so that she, the boys, and myself could bring him some birthday cake. I made this cake, of course.
Here's Mollye sitting in a big girl seat scarfing down some cake; that girl can put it away. I kinda actually see a resemblence to Dad-daddy through the eyes in this picture. I've never spotted it before until now.
Eli G. rockin' the "I'm too cool to not give you the silly face" for a picture. The cup he is drinking out of was my cousin Aaron's color-coded tupperware cup at my grandparents home.

Remember the old school tupperware?
Did your family color-code?

The 4 cousins were color-coded at my house, my grandparent's house and my aunt's house.

Meghan: yellow
Aaron: green
Bryan: brown and blue (at whichever house had blue tupperware)

Casey Mac in the cake aftermath. It seems Mom-mommie and Dad-daddy had some blue tupperware.
Here's the bear piddling with a little ole school Monkeys in a Barrel action. I love watching the boys and Mollye play with the toys that were at my grandparent's home when we were little.

(The rock wall you see Dad-daddy completely made that on his own. Master tradesman, I tell you.)
The Face playing with one of my brother's and cousin's tractors from back in the day.
And this would be the only shot I was able to capture of the three great-grandchildren with Dad-daddy.

Geez, Casey.

That's all I have to say.
Mollye and Dad-daddy.
It seems Casey went into recovery mode afterall. Alas, an 81 year old had a lapse in eye contact.

Geez, Dad-daddy.
Geez, Mollye and Dad-daddy.

Eli, thankyouverymuch.

And this last picture is such a precious keeper.
This is Mollye playing with (my mom) her grandmother's Shirley Temple doll from when she was a little girl.

Mollye playing with Mollye's doll.

I can only imagine what mom would do with these 3 rugrats if she were here.
I can only imagine...

My Dad-daddy is so many things wonderful and good.


It was on this day, two months and a day ago, I wanted to make sure to take time out of my life to celebrate his even if it was for just a bit.

81 years old.
Kinda a dream of mine...

.mac :)


Nicole said...

what a great post Meg... I will NEVER forget watching you and Dad-daddy dancin' and scootin' on your wedding day. It was one of the coolest moments and was obvious to everyone in the room how happy and joyous he was to dance with his granddaughter. Ahhhh... I can see it now, so vividly! He was going a hundred miles an hour...and you were right with him, of course. Perfect moment, I tell ya.
Love you!

Beth said...

Great post. My Granny totally had the color coded tupperware cups for all the grandkids! Ah, such memories.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

this is what life is all about-I love that you captured it!
Hugs to you-

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