Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday School

Children are the best gifts, aren't they?

I see you now through your wide screen monitors shaking your heads, uh-huh, uh-huh.

Kenny and I had no formal plans to send either of our boys to pre-school. With me working from home and being a former teacher, we felt good about their placement in the Mama Bear Academy.

About this time last year, I was approached by another coaches' wife regarding a 3 hour pre-school program on Tuesdays at her church that ran throughout the academic school year.

The fee was EXTREMELY affordable and after much debate, Kenny and I decided Eli should give it a whirl just to experience a new set of friends outside of his Sunday School network at our church.

He really loved it. Eli is very adept in social settings. Don't know where he gets that from. I mean he waits to greet the mail lady each day we are outside just to tell her hello and thank you for doing such a great job with our mail.

Too sweet.

And today is the day.

Now there are 2 handsome young men in our home that are of age to participate in this Tuesday School program.

Yes, we have decided to let the younger one forge ahead with all of his lady swooning and sweet snuggly suck-you-in-til you're wrapped around his little fingerness.

Today is our 1st official Tuesday School orientation.

With k.Mac picking up and some other new opportunities on my heart to pursue for my family, these 3 hours will provide me a huge window of focus on some of these responsibilities.

Last year Eli had 2 teachers in his Tuesday School class. Mrs. Pat and Mrs. Mary were so wonderfully sweet to our little guy. He really enjoyed them. These were the end of the year gifts I made for them in appreciation of all of their hard work, energy, and great love shared with E-man.


{Take this from a former teacher.}

We haven't touched on this much, but my locals know. In conjunction with our handbag designing business, Kristi and I also have a home goods line called Sunshine for the Soul. I have thrown you some tiny hints here, here, and here, but really who was to know.

Our Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line carries products like our triple soy scented handmade candles, handpainted signs, homemade family games, and sweet little personalized gifts like you see above.
And the best part about this division of k.Mac is that it centers around giving back! With each Sunshine for the Soul purchase 10% of its total is donated to the Special Olympics.

This avenue of k.Mac is one we are most excited about. Established a little under a year ago and with little to no advertising, we are seeing wonderful results.

Kristi is hard at work on k.Mac's new website. Rest assured you all are in for an amazing treat once she pushes that final "publish" button. I have seen the sneak peaks and I can hardly wait myself! This new site will include our Sunshine for the Soul Home Goods line in addition to our couture handbag designs.

We hope that you find this new k.Mac home a place to design with ease, make purchases that help out a greater cause, and find inspiration for your everyday.

It's on it's way!

And with that, so are we.
The boys and I will soon be out the gate for Tuesday School orientation.

Happy September!


April said...

I am so excited as you take on this new business venture! There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever...you are going to SOAR! What a special thing to do, as well...give back to the Special Olypmics. That organization has always held such a special place in my heart. I helped out with them when I was in college and I was forever changed. Good luck to your little boys as they start their new school year...hope it's the best ever!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

You are so motivated! Guess I will be one day when I don't have a one yr old!! Good luck to ya!
Also, Cash is starting pre-school at our church next week. He goes on W/F. I think I would love a 3 hr. program--I am gonna miss him!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a great preschool-that is one I would send my Happy Boy to-instead, me and my little buddy will be at home together this year...
LOVE the business venture!!! I want to buy it out!!! (At the moment, I am watching my nickels, but I will have to buy something soon! Love your style!)

Sarah said...

love these creative gifts! you definitely deserve some free focus time!

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