Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my today

How was yours?

.mac :)


Red Writing said...

What a day!!! Love the photo session you had!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not as good as yours!

You have got some seriously awesome shoes (so jealous!)

Is the weather down there as awesome as it is up here? It was a pretty amazing day...so what am I doing sitting here typing away when I could be outside playing!!! :)

Kacey R. said...

Looks like a FANTASTIC day! ;D I'm loving that orange & plum combo too sista.

we had a pretty awesome day too....although it would have been better if I thought to make a cake. Mmmm cake. ;D

Beth said...

I love the photo of your little boy licking the cake mix off the beater!

Cute shoes!

Have I told you that I like your new header? I do.

Nicole said...

Looooovve it...Love it!
looks like you had a great day Meg...I especially love the pics at the end. They capture the essence of a spectacular friend!


Sarah said...

you are so funny! like the scale in there and those purple shoes!! I think those boys wear camo every other day lol! see you tomorrow.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

What a great idea for a post!! Love the shoes, love the boy's shirts and I throw my chicken out of the deck to thaw, too!

Anonymous said...

i love this. LOVE it.

your boys are precious and so cute when they match.

your purple shoes are dynamic.

and I'm pretty sure if I ever stepped foot in your sewing room I'd never want to leave. SO FUN.

This is a great idea. I might try doing just a picture blog one day a week like this!


pam said...

Love your shoes!! So cute.

Looks like some wonderful weather and a great September photo shoot.

What kind of cake was that?

April said...

Whew...I'm exhausted! And I thought I was busy! Your purple shoes are super duper CUTE! You make such a great model...and so do your kiddos! By the way, what kind of cake did you make? Looks sooo delish!

Jessica said...

Hope you have a GREAT weekend too! :)

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