Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mr. Optometrist,

Thank you for yesterday's visit. Yes, it is true. I seem to have been suffering from blurred vision for the past 3 days or so. At first, I blamed the smudges on my glasses. But after further cleansing, it would appear the cloudiness is coming from deeper within.

Oh really? My astigmatism has worsened?

I thought as much.

I have found myself straining to focus on myself much more than the world around me. This has left me with horrible self-inflicted headaches, disgruntled children, and an orderly house abandoned.

So, what I am hearing you say, just to be clear, is that my eye disorder is genetic but can be prevented? And that all I need to do is provide my children with a healthy, well balanced diet of love and nurturing, adequate rest and play times, a good hydration of my attention in short but intentional segments, daily vitamins of patience and perseverance, and prayer.

Oh good.

I needed to be reminded that prevention of this selfishness is not at all a wash.

Is there anything else new to report on the status of my eyes?

My cornea is not refracting as much light as it can?
That doesn't surprise me either.

Alright, doc. I think I've heard enough.

Tell me my new prescription before I am blinded completely by this blaring examination light above me.

* Be cognisant of your intentions.
* Look past the now and sense the message you are sending.
* Know that your children's perception of you can change for better or worse.
* Be visionary through the blurred.
* Try and try again.

And lastly, wear your stinkin' glasses.

Thank you, sir. I appreciate your time well spent in the diagnosis, prevention and overall re-direction of my visionary plan.

The receptionist will take my co-pay now?
Oh, okay. Have a good day.

.mac :)

"We are limited not by our abilities, but our vision."


Kristi said...

LOVE it!! ;0) LOL.

Elizabeth said...

I just love how you take something so ordinary (like a trip to the dr) and turn it into a wonderful blog post! Cute glasses by the way ;) Now...wear them more often so you don't get any more of those terrible headaches!

April said...

Abby has astigmatism, too. She's been in glasses since she was 3 or 4. I absolutely love how you put your own spin on just about anything that life throws your way! You look so cute in glasses!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

(Ditto what Elizabeth said! :) )
Sister, you have a way with words-and insight!
Wear 'em!
I do-and have the astigmatism too. Not so fun, I know!

Anonymous said...

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