Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Um, ordinary?


Nah. That's never been a word I liked.

I'm to0 much a fan of acessories, bobbles-n-bits, and sparkle to allow that word in my everyday life.

Just this Sunday, my outfit to church was completely centered around the accessories.

Check it: Ann Taylor Loft sheer creme 3/4 length sleeve "sweater" complete with V-neck front and back as well as covered buttoned sleeves and ribbed high waist bottom. I use the term sweater ever-so-lightly here as it was really sheer. That would be a total of $1.00 from a yard sale. Next up, GAP tweedish textured crop pants with the wide leg. Dressy not a casual look. Flat front. That would be $1.00 from another yard sale.

Which leaves me to the accessories.


Vintage pearl/glass beaded/silver studded long necklace from here last year.

And these bad boys:
Total loss-of-consciousness purchase. They spoke to me as I walked by the rack. They even jumped in my buggy before I could blink. They WERE NOT yard sale priced. I splurged. Totally under the $50.00 mark, which is still more than I really want to pay, but hey...they bossed me right into buying them. You know what they say about red and power. It's true.

Topped it off with my Ruby Woo lipstick purchased by my husband from here.
He has a tradition of buying me make-up every year for Christmas. Make up from MAC. The story of how he explains himself purchasing make-up from another man WEARING make-up is priceless. It goes something like this:

"Hi. I'm here to buy my wife something special. She loves MAC make-up. Her initials are actually MAC. She likes to say her compact is monogrammed. I am not here for male make-up. I like to buy for her. I will look around and let you know when I am ready to purchase."
He then goes straight for the lipsticks. He likes to buy those best. I usually get a new tube and gloss (he's a fan of the MAC glass) every year for Christmas along with some type of carry case monogrammed, of course.

I like to say I'm lucky to have a left handed husband; he's got an artsy sense about him and it works for me. Football defensive coordinator and all.
Anyway, back to the church ensemble. I was so jazzed up about the accessories, I completely opted for the pull-down-the-pontail knot, shake-it-out-and-go hair look.

Kenny was not a fan.

Neither were the girls in my 4th grade Sunday School class. They asked me what I did to my hair. I told them "absolutely nothing". To which they quickly replied, "You should have used a flat iron."

I taught one little girl's older sister a couple of years ago.
Her little sister said, "Erin told me about you and your hair. She said you were crazy and to expect your hair to look like that from time to time."

I took it as a compliment.

I won't go into the details of my younger years doing my own hair and how I COULD NOT wear it the same way twice. Visit here for the scoop on that. Let's just say, I pushed creativity's limit.
And I won't mention how the middle school years almost killed me with the push to conform. Bangs curled tightly and teased with ONE silver barrette of your hair half pulled half up. (half up. That is a total middle school word) Between that and it being NOT COOL if you ate lunch, I was definitely considered UNPOPULAR. A girl's gotta eat and a girl's gotta look cute in my book.

So when clients ask for my help in dolling up the ordinary, it brings a big fat smile to my face.

So your back-to-school list says "clear backpack only". So.

Accessorize and be you.

Stand out and smile.

"1 pencil case". No problem.

Don't EVEN think of the Wal-mart ones.

Because living life in the details is what I advocate most. Young or old: find your nitch. Get comfy and grow there. And don't blink at what anyone else says if your heart is happy. Crazy hair or not.

Today's Tuesday School day for the kiddos.
Their supply list asked for an old t-shirt or a smock for art time.

My kids. Ordinary. Well, whaddya think?

.mac :)


Carla said...

My goodness, what a neat post. LOL Love that backpack and those flowers! Really love those shoes.

{Kiki} said...

Great post. Love your ideas with the pattern for the clear backpack and pencil case. Genius! I am not a crafty person by any means. I can sew a button, and....that's it. I have been looking for red flats for fall. Can't find ones I like. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been buying Crocs at local stores on clearance, but your idea is better. I will check out the site. I have been buying them for the future when my son's size changes. Take care.

Sarah said...

you are sooo not ordinary and thats what I like about you! Cute backpack accessories and art smocks! I noticed the red chair in there, too....

Beth said...

The word ordinary does not come to mind when I think of you ;) Can I borrow your fierce red shoes sometime?! I'm totally jealous that you have a man who will purchase lip gloss for you! Your boys look so sweet in their monogrammed aprons.

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Looks like neither one of us fit in the ordinary category! Cash and Cillian have monogrammed aprons, too!! Very Cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVVVVEEE the shoes!! so awesome!
and the fabric choice is to die for...
so when are we meeting up?

Ruby Red Slippers said...

Are those red beauties in a 6 1/2 shoe size??? I need those, bad!!! Love them!!!
And those flower pins-I. Am. In. Love...
I am heading to the post office tomorrow...can you guess why?

Nicole said...

Well..I was anticipating a photo gallery of the whole shibang from Sunday!! Where was it?? I need you to give me a visual...you know me!But I gotta say, I love that you are making ties now!! HOW CUTE! And, I have to give a shout out to the photos of the cutie Makayla...she was sportin the kmac on her first day of the first grade!!
love ya

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