Wednesday, July 1, 2009

where's .mac?

car trippin,
front porch sittin,
wave ridin,
sun jivein,
wine drinkin,
deep thinkin,
boy cuddlin,
husband lovin,
sand runnin,
wedding dancin,
high heel prancin,
lotsa eatin,
ocean greetin,
adventure seekin,
time now for sleepin!

Stay tuned for all the details! I've missed you all!

.mac :)


April said...

You can't leave us hangin' like that! We need DETAILS...and lots of them!

Stella Blue said...

I'm at the edge of my seat, can't wait to hear more and see you hopefully SOON!

Anonymous said...

glad you are back!

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Oh, I have missed you too! So good to hear from you. Glad you are havin' fun--me too! Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts--love your "what will you wear in heaven" answer! We should get together sometime if you are over this way or if I am over that way!!

Stella Blue said...

I got some peace coming your way hopefully on FRIDAY!

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