Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Catch All

Should you or someone you know of posess one stinkin' cute wee one who upchucks breastmilk and/or formula on quite a frequent basis, k.Mac will be glad to be your catch all.

{This is where the maternal me inserts the visual I have of the countless times I have been spit up/vomitted on and TOTALLY reached out to catch "it" before "it" hit the floor, my shirt, the couch, someone else, etc.}

Moms {the eternal catch all}

.mac :)


Carla said...

Those are gorgeous. I've been making a lot of them too but not near as pretty as yours!

April said...

Superty, duperty CUTE!

The Pink Potpourri said...

these are SO cute! stone's name would look awesome on all the boy ones :) what are your prices and how do i order one?

TateandLily'sMom said...

I recognize a few of those names...they are beautiful...especially the cupcakes!

Stella Blue said...

These are rockin'! I am so in love with the way you're writing and marketing your items~

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