Friday, July 17, 2009

The Green Thumb

A thumb of green,
You know what I mean.

To produce.
To perfect.

Lush Blooms.

An architect of the soil.
A master of the craft.

Dirt Under My Fingernails.


of coral and white,

I rock.
Daylillies...they bloom right on time. Tick-tock.

Geraniums fuchsia.

Marigolds lemon yellow.
Petunias, I struggle.
Dead heading gets old especially accapella.

A rookie to rose bushes.

I give it a whirl.

In honor of Kenny's Mamaw.

She was the rose girl.

A garden for salads.

cucumbers and tomatoes.



I see fruits; I harvest.

Alas, it's all not a wash.


and zinnias.

My favorite for bouquets.

The dog days of summer.
Ahh, these are the days.

A perfectly green thumb?
Well, perhaps not.

But chipped green toenails...
Now, that's what I've got!

.mac :)


April said... I'm super GREEN with envy! Tell there ANYTHING you can't do? Such gorgeous flowers (and veggies!) you've grown! That green nail color of girls would LOVE it!

The Pink Potpourri said...

wow!!! alllll your flowers look so fabulous and so full of life and color! and your veggies look so yummy :) i can never keep a plant alive :( so i am jealous of your green thumb (and toes!)

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I agree with April-I AM green with envy!
I do not have a green thumb, but you named all my favorites-I love impatients big and bushy!
I love zinas-(don't know how to spell it-)they are my number one fav!!!!
LOVE the polish!!!!
Happy summer to you!

♥Aubrey said...

You ROCK lady! I wish i had your green mine is blue :( I'm gonna blame it on the soil. LOL

Elizabeth said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I also like the GREEN toenails :)

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