Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ten To Tote.

Ten things to tote, huh?

Yeah, tote.

You know, carry around, keep track of, remember, hold close in a safe place?

Tote this, Meg:

1. Sometimes you think too much. Perhaps take a moment every now and then to shut your brain up and just be. Overthinking tends to make you a little loopy from time to time.

2. Not every day ends with a cherry on top. Remember how you used to think every sentence should end with an {!}. Then in 10th grade English, Mrs. Myers told you that just wasn't so. She meant it. Periods {.} are okay. They actually mean to pause and rest. Question marks {?} are too. They keep us growing and learning. Just don't go into loopty-lou mode with the ole crooked mark. {reminder: see #1}

3. Boys are different than girls. Women are different than men. What you think and what they feel sometimes isn't even remotely the same. Same goes for what you feel and what they say.

4. Get out more. With the boys, without the boys, with Kenny, without Kenny. Just get out more, dang-it. You feel better when you do.

5. Keep finding inspiration in your everyday. Believe in the ideas and dreams you have. Others may find them lofty, but others don't dream them, now do they? You can do it, you can do it, Cinderellie, Cinderellie. {Phil. 4:13}

6. Sorry gets old when you say it all time. Matter of fact, you can actually wear that word out. Say when you need to ONLY, then say it once with the heartfelt remorse you have and move on.

7. Be more compassionate. Remember what it feels like to have a cold, be scared, try something new, or feel alone.

8. Keep up the great work on running. You really like getting to do that for yourself. Don't let that slip away.9. Your boys watch you. They watch everything about you. Whether you realize it or not, they do. Make it count.

10. Shave your legs more often. I think that could be a nice treat for yourself. Cause prickly legs all the time just ain't no count. {As your rubbing them together right now typing this to judge just how prickly they are.}

There they are. Ten to tote. Not to mention, some of our more recent k.Mac totes for visual post enhancement. Each one a custom design and personalized order much like the list of the 10 I just made.

So, what about you?

What would be your 10 to tote right now?

Perhaps a k.Mac tote could help you lug them around in style!
{the above was the 1st {!} technincally used in this entire post.}
{Take that, self.}

.mac :)


Ruby Red Slippers said...

You gave me a lot to think about-I am always thinking, carrying around what I need not to...however, if I had one of those amazing bags-wouldn't it be easier??!!
You have Style-with a capital S.
I love what you do-and hope to purchase one soon!

The Pink Potpourri said...

i LOVE your bags! especially the orange one!

Nicole said...

My #1 is the same as your #1. I have started to put together my 10. I will share with you when it is accomplished!

Miss you!

April said...

Your bags just keep getting cuter and cuter! I definitely can't pick a favorite...they ALL are! Your posts ROCK!

Elizabeth said...

I've been trying to do the shave your legs more often thing. Not because I have a man in my life to try to impress, but for my own sainity (I'm OCD remember?)! LOL

Loving the totes! I will have to get one for when we do our tag team thrift store shopping!! (Would your English teacher approve of using TWO {!!}?

TateandLily'sMom said...

I only have time for two to tote...

1. Remember the times...I haven't blogged in two weeks...I must get back on the ball and preserve these precious memories of mine...STAY TUNED!!!

2. If you hear one of your favorite songs...DANCE! It doesn't matter who's watching. It is a fool-proof way to lighten your load in an instant!

Love you girl and love those bags...

The current owner of a slight dingy beautiful KMAC Creation!

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