Thursday, July 23, 2009


{in a decorative sense}

Okay. I am a sucker for a good deal. Like it brings me such joy to find something ridiculously cheap particularly if it is a good quality item.

Hit remind.
Setting: Yesterday. Hobby Lobby

The boys and I stroll up to the last side of the store just for eye candy purposes and to get a final glimpse at all the new Christmas ornaments as they had just finished stocking the shelves.

{I have a thing for a certain genre of Christmas ornament that I need every year in a quantity of 8 for a certain set of near and dear ladies in my life. Last year, I failed. I waited too late trying to catch the best deal, and only ended up with 4.} That won't happen this year.

On with the story at hand though.

I have trained Eli to watch for red sale signs.

Eli: "Mom! Look! A sale sign that says 9-0 on it! Is that good?"

Me: "Oh, yes sweet boy. That is really good."

90% off, that's right.

That only happens about 2 times a year at the good ole HL. Trust me, I know. I'm a frequent flyer.

Me: "Boys. Sit down right there on that shelf. (it was a low the floor and empty, worry warts) Here's your juice and snack. Don't move. Let mama look at what we got here."

2 older ladies {they remind me of The Golden Girls only they had those crazy print low nose wearing reading glasses with the connector bead chain}: "Honey, lookie what we found us here! Can you believe the steals on this shelf? Tell us, what you gonna get?"

{their baskets full to the brim with treasures.}

Background noise:
Eli and Casey crunching and sucking down juice while smacking their feet on the floor to make drumming noises

Me: "Well, well, ladies. I just don't know. I'm kinda on the practical side of life with decor in my home. I hate that those words even left my lips, sisters, but it is true. With a 2 and 4 year old and a limited budget, I'm kinda at a stand still with home purchases."

Golden Girls: GASP! "Honey child, we can't let that happen! Not with deals like these! Now pick you out a few. Go on. {coaxing me with back pats and all}

Eli and Casey: "Mom!!! When are we going????"

Me: {Casting evil death looks at both of them.} "Boys, wait patiently. I will be done in a minute!"

I flip the treasures over only to see the lowest ORIGINAL price item to read $19.99 and the highest ORIGINAL price item to read $34.99.

My mind scrambles. Drumming feet. Back patting. Internally, I'm crashing.

Me: "Ladies, I tell you what. I just don't know exactly what I would do with these. I mean I am just so far removed from frilly extras for my home."

1st Golden Girl: {pulling me aside with arm around my neck} "Sweetheart, these treasures here are dust collectors. The provide no purpose or function other than to look unique, eccentric, and pretty in your home."

2nd Golden Girl: "And honey, we are women. This is what we do. We collect things so we can dust them and then bitch about the housework we have to do to our husbands. It's our way, honey child."

1st Golden Girl: "Now, pick you out some, dear. This is a steal, I tell you. Don't let someone else snatch these out from under you!" {and then they both stroll on pushing their overflowing baskets and chitter-chirping amongst themselves."

Eli and Casey: "Mama!!!!! We're ready to go!!!!"

Me: Totally baffled. Mind blown. Flustered. "Okay, boys. Let's go."
I grab a handful of what looks good to me, shove them in my cart, and then revert to what feels most practical and natural to me in hopes to soothe my deal laiden mind...

I go straight for the ornaments I need. I count out 8. I then go and hide them in an inconspicuous spot in the store in hopes they will still be there when 30%-50% off ornament time comes.

Yes, I did that.

Then I went to the checkout counter and purchased the 90% off treasures. Still stumped as to what in the heck I am going to do with them.

Go ahead. Scorn me. I deserve it.

I caved under pressure. I bought these deals for deals sake, lost my mojo about it all, and then went into straight ornament survival-preservation mode in hopes of guaranteeing my discounted price and quantity assurance.

I left the store in a whirl of "What in the heck just happened?"

Me: {in my head rapidly thinking} I bought ornamental stumps and have no clue what to do with them, but dang, I got them for cheap. The most I paid for one of those treasures was $3.00. I hid Christmas ornaments. Omigosh, omisgosh, omigosh.

So, consider this post a confession of sorts. Not that I am Catholic, but I do feel better.

Do I need to return the stumps? Dunno. What would you do with these things? Seriously, just stick them on mantles, chests? Can I give them as gifts?

Do I need to go back and "unhide" the 8 count of ornaments? I know the answer to that, but tell me, would you want to come up 4 short again this year? I know, I know. You would just pay full price for them and get the 8 now. Or would you?

Dealing and stealing (sorta, huh?}

.mac :)


2 Little Irish Boys said...

I am like you--no idea what to do with those. Although, they look pretty good grouped together..maybe on an TV cabinet or something just grouped together. I am a sucker for a good deal so I would have done the same thing.
Mine would just be collecting dust in my garage!

mollyesmom said...

Oh, you are such a frequent shopper of the good old HL that I say leave those treasures hidden!!! I know, I know; I, too, would feel guilty, but I say just act as they are lost like Black and White kitty was... they will reappear when the time is right (aka ornaments on sale)! Ha.Ha. As for the other stuff, no idea on that one! Cute though.

April said...

Aww...I just love stories with happy endings! :)

Anonymous said...

Spray paint them all a high-gloss bold color (i.e. red or orange) and keep them grouped together. Would look good placed all together or break apart three and place on top of a stack of books. Good find. Oodles of love, ANG

Ruby Red Slippers said...

put them on a mantle, on a side table, on the top of an armoire-
and feel free to send one to me...I surely don't mind dusting!(Kidding!)
I was reading your post saying to myself-what is she doing with those lovely things???I love them!!! My HL is no where near the cottage-I am missing out!!!!
But good for you-those ladies did you right!!!

Dana said...

How about paper weights or in your case fabric weights? Perhaps also, decor in a potted plant, placed on a stack of books, painted glittery and secured to a wreath for Christmas, placed in a shadow box.........good luck! I can't wait to see what you do :)

Anonymous said...

My sweet Meghan! There is an online HL 40% off coupon that is good for today and tomorrow. One item/ per person/ per day though. Print out 8 and delegate...give Kenny one, give Nene one...etc. Go in one-by-one and get those ornaments, girl!! Heck, line those boys up behind you in check out... each with their own ornament, own coupon, and own money! YES!!!!! ;-)))

I'll think about your stumps too...

Kacey R. said...

Sista Girl! 1st - I so would have looooooved to have been with you and the Golden Girls conversation -seriously! You should have given them your number! LOL

2nd - You keep those treasures hidden! Its not your fault you had to hide them. If HL did not over price some of their Christmas ornamnets you would not have been forced to hide them. Now, I love me some HL but lets get real. You have to have the 8 so you do what you gotta do. I got your back.

3rd - Your "steals" are fabulous. I just read an article about taking a collection of things and spray painting them all one color. The article featured a white collection and I must say it was stunning. You could use all of the pieces in the collection or break it up - I would use the most unique pieces in the group and paint them white and maybe use the similiar grouping in another area.

Our really empty nest said...

hi Thanks for stopping by! I must admit that I too have bought something purely because it was "too great of a deal to pass up" one or two or 100 times. And usually it turns out that I find the perfect spot for said items eventually. I like the idea of the grouping in the same color. May use one of the larger items outside?!? Good luck, sue

Our really empty nest said...

PS I say leave the ornies and pray that they are still there when they are onsale, I believe HL prices things, like so many stores to be 50% off, so just hold on! Sue

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