Friday, September 5, 2008

Drum roll, please...

DISCLAIMER---HUGE surprise at the end of this post! If you like surprises, read the post first! If you want to ruin it, heck I don't care! How will I ever know?!!

How did it go?
Is that what you say?
Are your ends fried?
Did you go get it fixed? Tell me, how much did you have to pay?

As for my ends well, they're all in tact.
My mood has lightened, and my happy spirit is BACK!

It seems an evil culprit was weaving his master plan.
How does that monthly curse seem to always ruin the place where I am?

Now don't get me wrong,
Those boys helped too!
Thank goodness for box wine,
And for bleach that is blue!

What's that?
You think you might wanna see?
Well, there is a surprise waiting...
It's for you from ME!

In my desperate attempt to make myself smile,
Well, you know me, I went the EXTRA mile.

Oh no, I didn't stop at color and bleach,
No, the down-n-out me decided on an even BIGGER change,
So for the perm solution...I DID REACH!

So go ahead and check out the grand finale pics,
Can't wait to hear your comments on what you're about to see...
My appointment book is open,
You are all welcome to schedule a visit to the k.Mac Hair Company!!!

Happy Friday!!!

.mac :-)

Totally kidding on the perm part!!
Did you think I was totally CRAZY???
Two french braids brought their BFF's, pink sponge rollers, over to my house for a slumber party last night!
Can't you tell from the pics, we had a blast?!!
Have a great weekend!!!


Cyndi said...

Wow, you are brave...I can't believe you did you own color & highlights! (That dryer rocks BTW.) It looks GREAT! :)

Stella Blue said...

You silly goose, you had us going. GREAT job! Might you have an appointment for a cut? So loving having the IV of you reconnected to me!

Go for the Boo Mama project. It will be fun and if you don't get everything done, who cares!

Love to you,

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