Friday, September 19, 2008

The name is Juliet

Not as in Romeo, but Daisymay.

Giving a wonderful and unique gift is just the best I think. I love the anticipation that you have as you eagerly await that bow to untie and the crinkling sound that the paper makes in the hands of your special ones.

There's just nothing better.

Unless, of course, the gift is handmade. Now the cherry on top is ripe, red, shiny, and has the most perfect of stems.

I was able to get this feeling not once, but twice thanks to Juliet.

We adore our neighbors, E.K. and Arlene. They are nothing short of family to us. After they had their son, Brayden, I knew I wanted to give something to Arlene that was personal, unique, different not to mention from the heart. I had my eyes out since his birth in March, but nothing seemed to jump out at me.

Then Adam, my brother, and Kim, my sister-in-law, had their first child, Mollye. I was overwhelmed even more with finding the most perfect of gifts.

I guess it is because I am a mom. I know how much work it takes firsthand. I see how much sacrifice is made. I know the visionary a mama must be. I know how much her family needs her. I know how much she needs her family. The care, unconditional love, and continous support a mother provides her family is her gift to them.

I wanted Arlene and Kim to know that those gifts they will be giving their family are appreciated. That their job as a wife and mom is above all the most precious of job titles to have. So when they feel overhwelmed and under appreciated at times (because those times will come) they will have a reminder that the work and love for their family IS their greatest of accomplishments.

So eager to give a gift to represent this, I scoured the internet as my eyes were not finding anything in my local surroundings.

I stumbled upon Daismay.

And, there it was. Her craft is so tailored and eye catching, true. But her willingness to custom design and work with you on a project is outstanding. That's what drew me into to Daisymay.

I had in my mind an idea that I thought would be so symbolic to the job of wife and mother. I spilled it to her and she and I immediately began collaberating on a handmade creation to suite this idea.

Her service was professional,kind, and prompt. She answered all of my questions and for those of you who know me...I ask a lot of them!!!

Because of her, my heart sang out with joy as the paper began to crumple in Arlene and Kim's hands.

Here are the finished gifts I gave these super moms:

Knowing this gift was completely hand crafted around the words from my heart brought me such joy. Here is the poem I wrote to Kim that egnited the vision for Juliet. My words to Arlene were very similiar. A few of the lines varied though.

~The Circle~

Cycles, circles, round-n-round,
Days you are up; days you are down.
Triumphs and trials wave their hellos & goodbyes,
Time passes on and ‘round the circle we slide.

The circle is like magic; a flying carpet of dreams,
Heed to its curves; hold on by faith to its seams.
Opportunity is the admission ticket & the line, in which you stand,
Destiny awaits you; punch your ticket; fall into God’s wonderful plan.

A husband you have been given and, indeed, you are his most precious of gifts,
Your attitudes and teamwork set the tempo as turns come and life shifts.

Let patience and honesty glide you ‘round the edges.
While compassion keeps your hold firm but not too tight,
Respect for one another is your center,
Keep all of these with you when the edges are rough and times of joy are out of sight.

Your marriage comes first.
Its color is the richest; its roots the most deep.
The work is worth the bangs, the dings,
Hold Adam in your heart the closest; for it is forever in your heart where he will keep.

Another round and with the most precious of blessings a mama you are,
Mollye will bring forth a whole new shiny circle of life for you.
Her life shaped by your heart and guided by your hands,
Her models, you and Adam,, provide her the rhythm to the dreams she will one day pursue.

Your love for Mollye will grow as your 2 circles coincide.
Living, learning, loving begins to set your course’s pace,
Celebrating happy times, forging through the dark, believing in one another,
These are the acts that prepare you for your life one day in the most heavenly place.

God gives us these circles.
He’s the one who speeds our journey up and slows our rides ‘round.
It’s His grace that gives us the freedom to jump on this magic carpet ride,
Keep your heart ready for it is your attitude on the curves and turns that yields to a life lived profound.

Cycles, circles, round-n-round,
Days you are up; days you are down.
Triumphs and trials wave their hellos and goodbyes,
Time passes on and ‘round the circle we slide.

This gift I give you is simple,
You will find meaning in every piece,
I look forward to all the memories we're going to make together,
Thank you for loving my brother and my soon-to-be niece!


I wanted the disc that represented marriage to be the richest in color so we chose copper. I also wanted it to be hammered for texture and distress to represent the work it takes for a happy,successful marriage.

From there, our ideas worked together for the disc that represented children.

Wife and mama. It's a gift. It's a treasure. It's not always smooth. It's always worth it.

I got one for myself too. I think we all deserve one.

Thanks so much, Juliet!!

Happy Friday!

:-) .mac


Julie Shaver said...

I love Arlene's necklace--you are such a great friend!

KP said...

Very beautiful! And the words you put with each are awesome (and true)! ~Kristi

Stella Blue said...

Wonderful, beautiful! The poem is so perfect!
You are such a good wife, mama and friend!

Cyndi said...

I didn't know they named her Mollye..that is a beautiful it! :)

TateandLily'sMom said...

Thanks for posting the link...I forwarded it straight to the hubby for Christmas ideas...

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