Tuesday, September 2, 2008


So, it's time. We have pondered the blog for k.Mac for quite some time now. And I think we have finally decided to make it REALLY a REALITY! Man, that makes me happy!I feel like this blog will do more for me than just get our wonderful products out there. I see it as a chance to just be human, happy, hum-drum, and at times hilarious with the goings-on of life.

Scaffolding-- (noun) a supporting framework

This word takes on new meaning for me more and more everyday. I find such support in the framework of my life. Whether it be with the partnership I have with KP in running k.Mac, the helpful advice and tips I get from my friends on new ideas,the love from mine and Kenny's parents,or the love and wonderful support I receive daily from my husband...I have a strong scaffold.

But what makes it most sturdy? What keeps it most firm to hold onto?
It is that satisifying, overwhelming gift of salvation that I have received.

Looking into my boys' eyes...watching them smile...seeing them become who God wants them to be...it's bliss.

Now, keeping up with the behavior end of it, mind you, is NOT!!!

But, knowing that there is a God above watching with a plan. Knowing that my heart rests in His grace is truly a blessing in these crazy times we live in.

I was driving down the road yesterday and heard the Brad Paisley/Dolly Parton song, "When I Get Where I Am Going"

I got to the part where he sings:

"When I get where I'm going and I see my Maker's face. I'll stand forever in the light of His amazing grace."...

and tears of happiness fell down my cheeks.

They were warm, big elephant-sized ones...and it felt good.

Perfection: overrated and unrealistic. Mistakes, learning, growing, and finding realness in life--that's the plan.

So, I felt like it was only fitting to get this blog rolling with words from my heart to yours. I thank God for his amazing plan and his amazing gift that's here for all of us. I can't think of any better scaffolding to have.

:-) .mac

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TateandLily'sMom said...

It is about time! I am glad you got off your lazy behind and did something. Oh and God Rocks Too!

PS Put an offer on a house in Northshore this weekend. Mama Mia!!!

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