Thursday, April 16, 2009

I LOVE my wonderful wife! this is DEFINITELY not what I do....I don't blog....I don't post....I do read this thing...but this REALLY....generally NOT my deal!


I just really HAVE to say....from the very bottom of my heart....I LOVE MY WONDERFUL WIFE!

By now you have hopefully realized that this is NOT Meghan! Yes, yes, yes....I broke the rules and signed in under her name....I know....I know...not supposed to really do that....but at this I really care? NO!

Let me tell you some things about my wife:
- she is WAY too hard on herself!
- She has THE BEST smile on the planet!
- She does a magical job raising our two WONDERFUL boys (there is no price tag on the peace I feel when I go to work KNOWING I don't have to worry one bit about where they are, who is watching them, or what they might be doing that day!)
- She makes a MEAN chicken casserole, baked spaghetti, pork tenderloin, twice baked mashed potatoes (and she doesn't even like mashed potatoes!), strawberry-pretzel dessert, do I really need to go on here???????
- She bought me a JEEP for Christmas....can you believe that???? I mean we go from cutting corners and not doing Christmas gifts for each other for the past few her finding a way to get me a JEEP...seriously????
- She has an absolute PASSION for is contagious!!!
- She really cares about the point that she almost tortures herself over things sometimes!
- She has a GREAT work ethic (if you ladies had any idea how many times she has burned the midnight oil after spending a FULL day with a 2 and a 4 year old so that she could make these creations and try to help our family out....TRULY AMAZING!)
- She has a faith in God that is growing and maturing's like she's getting wings in this department and really spreading them to fly!
- Did I mention that she is the mother of my two FAVORITE BOYS on this Earth? What an amazing gift that has been to both of us...and what an amazing experience to share with the woman you love!
- She makes my lunch!
- She makes our bed! (these last two may sound small...but they are truly two of my favorite things!)
- She loves to DANCE (bless her heart I do NOT love to...and this has limited her some...but you should see that million dollar smile when she does!)
- She buys me gum...because I am always freaking out about my breath!
- She is, without question, the MOST creative person I know!
- She so often reminds me of my wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, grandmother Ruby....whom I miss VERY DEARLY!
- She fills my bucket up!

- She has taken my life...for the last 11 years....6 of those married....and helped me make it better....helped me make myself better....helped me make our family better....

I am forever in your debt wife....I can never repay it....but I will walk with you EVERY STEP OF OUR WAY!

I Love You,


Ruby Red Slippers said...

That was the sweetest thing ever! Miss Mac-you got a keeper!!

TateandLily'sMom said...

KC: I'm not going to say anything about the fact that right now you should be WORKING...because quite honestly so should I. I am blessed to have met such a wonderful couple...continue to let your light shine!!!

April said...

Wow...that blew me out of the water! Hang on tight to that man of yours...he's a winner!

Anonymous said...

Nice post, brother! I think you have definite blogging potential! ;-) I feel just as lucky as you do to have such a wonderful girl in our family. She is awesome...and so are you.
Love you both!

Silly Sample-s said... have now made my mascara run at 9:45 a.m....but I love you for telling it like it is... always. :) It is quite a journey to be a witness to the growth in a marriage and it makes me so happy for you both. Thanks for being sneaky and sharing your LOVE!!


Carla said...

Here we go with the leaky eyes. Goodness that was sweet. This morning when I read it, it was only a paragraph. Now it has turned into a wonderful tribute.

Sarah said...

Kenny--that is awesome and I know Meg is in tears and has that wonderful smile on her face over it! You guys are great!

Stella Blue said...

Kenny, you've posted and said what ever woman wishes her husband would do! No doubt you have a very special, wonderful wife who well deserves such a post! Kuddos to both of you for being in it to win it!

Julie Shaver said...

Wow! That was amazing! In a world where people consider marriages expendable, it is so nice to witness what God truly meant marriage to be. Thank you for your example!

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