Thursday, December 6, 2012

{locked & loaded}

The boys informed me a couple weeks ago that it's important to keep a gun loaded and ready right by the back door.  That way, they adamantly explained, you are ready to protect your home and family in an emergency.  This site above has been by our back door up until a few days ago. Then, of course, merry militant Mama made her Grinchy way through the house mandating the pick up of all boyishness around the area.  Toys are like Waffle House hash browns in no time at our house:: scattered, smothered & covered.  The boys argued it needed to stay for safety's sake. Ultimately, I won the battle of toy retrieval.  But, I want to remember that it was on their hearts to protect what was theirs.  They wanted to be ready to defend those in which they loved.  Locked & loaded are their hearts.

I see signs of some great future husbands by that back door.  

.mac :)

{week 20:  my 2 in 52}

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