Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Be Bunny Ready.

Because that's what Peter Cottontail wants.  And, it's the right thing to do really.  One should not hunt for eggs with a bland, barren basket.  With this in mind, we will not even begin to mention the new soft object shaped "baskets" or the ahem, nifty tub-like buckets.

No, no. Unacceptable.

It's a basket.
It's a tradition.
And, it's yours.

So, I say make it just that.


And, I'll be glad to help too!

Beginning now thru April 2nd, k.Mac is hosting its first annual "Build-a-Basket" celebration. Large honey brown baskets are all piled up and just waiting to find a happy home.  These baskets measure 6.5" high by 9" wide and 11" long.
Included in your "build-a-basket" price, you will design your Easter basket from start to finish.  First begin by customizing your basket liner from 12 different gingham shades.
Then, you may choose 2 different ribbons to serve as bows for little misses and ties for little misters

Finally, you make your font and thread color for the personalization your would like on the basket.  Go here to see the fonts offered.

And, there you have it.  One absolute knock-out Easter basket that's 10% less than Pottery Barn Kids Easter Basket Prices.

Pottery Barn Kids small basket + liner + personalization = $43.00
Pottery Barn Kids large basket + liner + personalization = $55.00

k.Mac Easter baskets are not only larger than the large Pottery Barn Kids baskets, but they also offer more font and gingham color choices. And, k.Mac Easter baskets are CHEAPER too!

So, I think it's time you do what the basket says or else the bunny's gonna get you.

I'm bunny ready, 

.mac :)  

p.s.  Conact for ordering.

p.p.s. Want to order more than one "build-a-basket"? Ask about k.Mac's discount on multiple basket purchases.

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