Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This Kiss

He's done it again.
Laid a BIG SMACKER right on my life.
7 years ago in June,
I'll have been his wife.

His words; I beamed.
His sneakiness; his schemes.

Busy with life,
A sewin' and a stitchin',
Racin' trucks and playin' outside,
Meetings and schedules AND cleaning the kitchen!

Has left me NO time to unwind and relax,
No fingers tap-tapping,
Words are but faded footprints found on my blog tracks.

Little time for snuggles and spending my time,
With the one who holds my heart forever in his hands,
Secretly he watched,
As I met all my life demands.

His perception,
His patience,
His rightbymyside,
Pen words on my soul; to his care I do confide.

I am a lucky one.
For my reality and bliss go hand-in-hand,
This kiss: my weakness and forever my strength.
The sweet and the salty,
Kenny Cobble, YOU make MY life complete.

Amazing you are,

your wife :)


April said...

What an absolutely GORGEOUS picture of the two of you...wowza! You make a great couple! There is absolutely no doubt after reading your posts to each were meant to be TOGETHER and you are deeply in love! Just you only gets better and better through the years!

Nicole said...

I have been missing ya on here MAC..but I knew you had to be workin hard, playin hard and sewin hard!

Love those Cobbles...


Ruby Red Slippers said...

What a gorgeous girl you were/ are!!!@
That poem was the coolest thing EVER-I am so impressed. Mine always begin with...Roses are red...
Glad to see you again!

pam said...

Beautiful picture!

Carlene said...

Though she calls me Cruella
And took my sweet little fella,
She brings joy to our lives
by being his wife!
She's a beautiful girl,
with her life all awhirl.
Though she gives me a fit,
she was born not under my heart but in it.
Love you Meg!

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