Monday, February 18, 2013


Places and people.  Dang, God is good.  The above is an image of a place the boys and I adore.  We frequented our little heaven hideaway on the regular and in all seasons too mind you.  Just a 10 minute stint from our old home, this was a place of freedom and natural bliss.  I've written about this spot here and here and here and here.  Yes,  this spot has a history of happy.
This place is not perfect. It's a public state park.  Hence, from time to time, you may spot an individual with a house arrest ankle cuff monitor. You will most definitely feel, at times, that you are literally inside a tattoo catalog browsing for your next ink.  On several occasions, I have stepped in as an unbeknownst volunteer lifeguard/stand-in attentive mom to the handfuls of little ones left in the water with 100% accident proof will protect you from anything arm floaties.  Yes, this place may just be considered a nose-in-the-air to those with country club pool passes.  But, not for us.  We like it.  Maybe it's because it brings me the same kinda feeling that the place I adored when I was I little girl gave me.

{Summer 2011}

But, the place is just for starters.  The people that were a part of our hideaway are perhaps what made it most magical.  We.miss.these.people.  Above is the last trip we made to our lake before moving 2.5 hours away.  Arlene and her kiddos, Brayden & McKenzie, were our rock steadys.  They lived just a street over from us.  She and her husband, E.K., have a huge chapter written in our lives on Hillcrest Road.  Arlene and I were all the time heading out on adventures.  This post is just tiny example of the impromptu goodness we had being neighbors and great friends.  My boys miss their Brayden.  His silly antics and his happy heart.  I miss Arlene.  Her huge ticker and her hilarious ideas for fun are irreplaceable.  The green ball.  Christmas night dinners.  Easter egg hunts.  Devotion times.  The back porch.  Yes, I miss her.  Then there's Sarah.  She and her little ones, Garyn & Ansley.  I've written about her here when the most wonderful thing had happened for their family. And, again here as a memory of great times together.  Sarah's heart is precious. The boys love Garyn & his world renown Wii games.  Sarah, Arlene and I were a trio of good deal finding.  The first Saturday of the month it was guaranteed that we were together and creating a great ruckus of fun for 1/2 off weekend at the ever infamous Goodwill. Don't believe me?  Check out our good times for yourself.  And, on the topic of together, who can forget the Batstreet Boys?
{Summer 2012}

Last summer, the boys and I made a trip back to our magical. We were fortunate enough to have all in tow for another great memory to mark in our record books.  Silly things like time and miles stand in the way of what used to be our regular routine.  I'm thankful for trips back.  I'm thankful for friendships that make you better.  For out loud laughter that secures you in times when a smile is so very missed.  It's these memories that let you know you are loved by a heavenly Father who's in the spoiling business.

Spoiling business is just exactly the case.  I am thankful for these people.  For this place.  For the memories that minimize the miles between us.  {missed}.  Most certainly.  

.mac :)

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